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BBJ flying spanner
14th Apr 2013, 21:25
This evening heard an Mayday call from either RAK 314 or Iraqi 314 Airbus A320 with L ENG fire and wing on fire with 146 Soles on board. Last i heard was an approach at 1500ft into Tabuk. Hope there was a positive outcome to all involved.
Happy Landings to All.

14th Apr 2013, 21:47
...agree - hope it's a good outcome for all. Having flown a series of charters on behalf of RAK, their call sign was Rak Air, so maybe it isn't RAK?


14th Apr 2013, 22:06
RAK Airways RKM314 flies Cairo to Ras Al-Khaimah 4 times weekly, on Sundays departing 1420 and arriving 2000 (local times).

1a sound asleep
14th Apr 2013, 22:09
Cairo Intl (CAI) - Ras Al Khaimah Intl (RKT) goes very close to Tabuk

Ras Al Khaimah International Airport website shows it as DELAYED, but its now over 6 hours late from original schedule

Photos: Airbus A320-233 Aircraft Pictures | Airliners.net (http://www.airliners.net/photo/RAK-Airways/Airbus-A320-233/2031508/M/)

15th Apr 2013, 03:32
UAE flight diverted to Saudi Arabia after onboard emergency - Emirates 24/7 (http://www.emirates247.com/news/emirates/uae-flight-diverted-to-saudi-arabia-after-onboard-emergency-2013-04-15-1.502600)

...all safe.

15th Apr 2013, 05:47
Any news about the fate of this flight ?

15th Apr 2013, 07:55
Any news about the fate of this flight ? What part of

"The aircraft had an uneventful landing and all passengers and crew are safe" (see above link)

are you having trouble understanding ?

15th Apr 2013, 11:02
The RT 314 flight made an emergency landing in Saudi Arabian city of Tabuk on Sunday after a passenger suspected fire in the A320 aircraft engine. Quoting airport official, Saudi media said the plane was subjected to examination at the airport but there was no fire or any other damage.
There is always a fire in a working engine! No cabin crew to have a look and confirm/deny?

15th Apr 2013, 11:28
Heard all parameters ok, no Ecam and no pilot checking visually. Decision based on a pax opinion relayed by the cc to the pic ...:ugh:

Jet Jockey A4
15th Apr 2013, 11:30
OK... Now the passengers can detect a fire.:ugh:

What the pilots didn't think to check their own warning systems in the cockpit, didn't ask a F/A to double check this passenger's claim or best of all not one of the pilots decided to go back there and talk to the passenger or to see for himself if there was a problem?

15th Apr 2013, 11:54
Bit like the indian 737 that evacuated when an F/A mistook the reflection of the beacon on the engine at night as a fire. Mistakes do happen.

It is easy with hindsight to pour scorn on others. But two crew in the cockpit and the cabin crew tell you the plane is on fire, would you immediately send your copilot to have a look? With no indication of fire I am sure you would ask the cabin to double check. But if the plane really is on fire as we all know you have little time to get it down. Sending your co-pilot for a walk round the cabin would definitely slow things down in such a situation.

This was not an ideal outcome but much better than the other way around.

DX Wombat
15th Apr 2013, 12:15
Last night I went to bed praying for a good outcome instead of what, from the first post, seemed almost inevitable; I am delighted that all are safe. :ok: The tea-and-biccies with the boss may turn out to be a no tea and no biccies event but I hope not. I would far sooner be delayed by a diversion for safety reasons than be donning my wings harp and halo outfit. :ok:

15th Apr 2013, 13:38
OK... Now the passengers can detect a fire.

Interesting to speculate how many lives might have been saved in previous accidents, had any of the passengers had the courage to voice their observations.

15th Apr 2013, 13:44
Interesting to speculate how many lives might have been saved in previous accidents, had any of the passengers had the courage to voice their observations

My wife has saved our life hundreds of tmes with her screaming about my driving.

Jet Jockey A4
15th Apr 2013, 13:54
No I'm not saying you should disregard a passenger's concern but...

If all my engine parameters are normal, if all my bleeds are normal if the aircraft's engine respond normally and the aircraft itself feels normal and if I have no fire warnings going off in the cockpit I would certainly not shut down or declare an emergency just because a passenger said he saw a fire.

An aircraft doesn't fall out of the sky because of an engine fire. In the above circumstance I would certainly delegate a crew member preferably the other pilot to have a look at this passengerís concern.

Just like wing icing/contamination, if a passenger or another crew member felt concerned about possible contamination on the wings prior to takeoff then having a crew member take a look and address this passenger's concern would be totally normal.

15th Apr 2013, 13:54
....as did the passenger screaming that the flaps got forgotten at take-off in a small Dutch Fokker F70....

In a time where everyone can read how to change oil filters and brake linings on a car, such things happen and the knowledge gap between the professionals and the sciolists gets smaller and smaller. In many cases quite right so, in many cases not so right. Sometimes hard to distinguish however.

green granite
15th Apr 2013, 13:57
Interesting to speculate how many lives might have been saved in previous accidents, had any of the passengers had the courage to voice their observations.

Probably quite a few at Kegworth.

15th Apr 2013, 14:06
gg - I think I recall some pax (and c/crew) did, but I think it was said the c/crew were 'reluctant' to pass this to the pilots?

green granite
15th Apr 2013, 15:34
I think that is about right, BOAC, the point being that the SLF had seen which engine it was and had that info got to the crew it might have made them have another look at which engine they thought was u/s. My post was really just a reminder to the self righteous on here, but no-one in particular.

15th Apr 2013, 16:16
Interesting to speculate how many lives might have been saved in previous accidents, had any of the passengers had the courage to voice their observations.
How often does a passenger report an issue to such an extent that it reaches the captain?
I've had three cases, two as a passenger and one as a ground observer (filming)

I reported what I thought to be fuel leaking, observed from the ground at sunrise, message was relayed to the pilot via Gatwick Tower, turned out to be icing fluid, backlit and forming a visible trail from the tail against the clear morning sky:O

I reported a near miss with two (blurred) objects, which I assumed were very large birds, on approach to Canne. Spoke to pilot on landing and he considered that it could have also been an object being ejected from an engine, saying it was not unusual for paint to flake and he would have a look.

But I "bottled out" of calling a steward on a 777 transatlantic flight, landing at Gatwick, when I suspected that the flaps motor had not turned off.
Sitting adjacent the wing I could clearly hear the whirr of the flaps motor and observed the flaps deploy, but the motor did not cycle off.

Sure enough at low level, the pilot decided to go-around, as presumably he was not sure the flaps were fully deployed.

If there is a next time, I won't be so shy.


15th Apr 2013, 17:04
Situation as reported on Aviation Herald:

Incident: RAK A320 near Tabuk on Apr 14th 2013, engine fire indication (http://avherald.com/h?article=460cbfa4&opt=0)


15th Apr 2013, 17:53
Thanks for your sensible comments regarding my post (a rarity for Pprune?!). I do a fair bit of flying as SLF and I am a trained aircraft engineer but it was a long time ago. I worry that I might be in a situation where I think that something isn't quite right and then it's 'Should I mention it or not?'. I appreciate that we've had threads on this and it is a bit off-thread (sorry mods), but it is a worry.

16th Apr 2013, 14:51
To update you regarding RAK314. ,, No engine fire but pax's ( more than 20) with 5 cabin crew saw the fire on the wing and info the PIC
Captain diverted and during approach crew informed pic no more fire , the change from mayday to pan pan and continue to land....
I think he did the right thing , what do you thinks guys... It was wing FIRE

16th Apr 2013, 20:21
I'd say this looks like bull***t ... in this age if 20+ pax are looking at a wing fire ?!? (never heard of any yet, let alone one that does not leave a mark anywhere after landing ... maybe St Elm fire :}) it would be over the news/youtube the second they land (if not faster).