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Dougie Brimson
9th Apr 2013, 11:24

This is a strange request I know, but I need information for a film I'm currently writing.

Could anyone tell me exactly where the flight data recorder is located on an A320 and how easy is it to access/change?

Chock Chucker
21st Apr 2013, 13:32
G'day Dougie Brimson,

The Flight Data Recorder (Black Box) on pretty much all aircraft are located in the same place, that being in the unpressurised tail area where it is least likely to be damaged upon impact due to a crash. The Black Box is not black in colour but alway orange.

I'm a Licensed Aircraft Engineer & have completed the A320 mechanical aircraft type course & have just looked back through my A320 study books to provide you with the correct information.

The Solid State Flight Data Recorder (SSFDR) stores in a solid state memory located in a crash and fire protected housing located in the unpressurised area of the rear fuselage. It stores the data of the last 25 hours collected by the FDIU.

On most aircraft their is normally a lower access door at the rear of the aircraft that will allow access into the the unpressurised tail compartment just behind the rear pressure bulkhead where the (SSFDR) Black Box will be located.

Their very easy to access & very easy to change also. Normally to change just loosen a couple of avionic mounting clamps & pull (SSFDR) out of its Avionic locating rack, reverse procedures for installation.

Hope this info helps for your movie & if you need any further info please dont hesitate to ask.


Chock Chucker.

21st Apr 2013, 17:18
The Flight Data Recorder (Black Box) on pretty much all aircraft are located in the same place, that being in the unpressurised tail area...
Unpressurised? ;)
Not on B737-CL/NG, B747, B757, B767, B777, DC10, MD11 and i did not look for DC8, DC9 and on... :E

Chock Chucker
22nd Apr 2013, 02:56
Thanks Ifixplanes,

Correction, yes i should have done my homework a little more before posting about Black Box locations on aircraft as they do differ slightly & probably best if i stuck to the A320 Black Box question only.

I should have said most aircraft Black Boxes are installed in the rear tail section zone of the aircraft to avoid as much impact/damage if the aircraft were to crash.

Anyway the question is in regards to the location of the A320 Black Box & how easy is it to Access/change therefore i belive i have answered that to the best of my abilities as per my A320 type course study manuals. You may also be able to find a clip on YouTube of an engineer showing the location of the Back box on A320 & how to access/change it. If not a google search may help you out with info & pictures.

Dougie Brimson i hope your film is a box office hit. I was wondering if you would be willing to put my name down in the credits & pay me a percentage of royalties for assisting with your A320 Flight Data Recorder question. LOL

Chock Chucker. :ok:

Alber Ratman
22nd Apr 2013, 16:36
Please Dougie, none of the "Executive decision" blokes moving around from above the cabin ceiling into the empenage.. It isn't possible with a hemisphere of aluminium aft pressure bulkhead in the way! :E