View Full Version : She Stoops To Conquer.

25th Apr 2002, 22:10
Having seen Flaps appointed to the position of moderator in JB I was amused to read the tread that then discussed whether this was a good thing or the end of JB as we knew it. In the thread it was revealed what should have been susected all along, which was an avuncular eye had been quietly kept on proceedings anyway.
We have now wintenessed Flaps moving smoothly into action and it has been a delight to watch. The golden lock clicks on so deftly that no offense could be taken. Firefighting with tact and grace.
Yes Mr Heck you are quite right, we need the light relief afforded by our Mr D, where has he gone. The world can seem a grim place sometimes and it is the lighter moments that raise a smile, the humour that is often found here in JB that makes it a place where we can slip to for a while and chat, have a laugh and a bit of a jaw jaw. Occasionaly the tennis match can get a bit tense but then hey that too is why we pop by. Racket throwing well that's where the lady with the high heel black leather boots and the whip steps in.
Vunce more and you are out she purrs, smacking the thin braided leather over the inner steel core, against the thigh high black patent leather that sheaths her shapley leg. Who, I ask can argue with that?:)

26th Apr 2002, 02:34
Goodness! The things we can miss in the blink of an eye! Has Mr. D. been naughty then???