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Tartan Gannet
25th Apr 2002, 09:34
Its Local Election day on Thursday 2nd May in many parts of Britain and the first opportunity for the voters to show Blair how they feel nearly a year after the General Election in June 2001.

So what about Jet Blasters? Will you bother to vote at all? Will your vote be influenced by National issues and party performances as many people are, or will you support the candidate on Local issues. Do you vote differently in Local as opposed to National elections?

The Poll will close Friday 3rd when the results of the real elections will be in.


Tally Ho!

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Hugh De Payen
25th Apr 2002, 21:29
TG ,

an interesting yet volatile subject to which many controversial issues will be raised.

I have always been a true Tory but quite hoestly I do not trust any of the blighters anymore, to many hidden agendas. However, I would like the Green party to be a force to be reckoned with but beurocrats and devout capitalists will eventually scupper their destiny, unless the Europarliment has it's way!

25th Apr 2002, 21:56
One of the ironies of the support that sometimes emerges for the Greens is that while most people think that Green policies are a Good Thing, most people also supported the September 2000 fuel protests, which flew in the face of Greenery!

Hugh De Payen
26th Apr 2002, 01:57

I agree completely, it leads me to believe totally that there is not a single party capable of directing and managing the interests of Blighty!

Tartan Gannet
26th Apr 2002, 04:26
Too true, U_R and Hugh. If stopped in the street with a clip board wielding questioner most people take a "Green" stance. Likewise they deplore the building of an airport terminal or additional runway, prison, housing estate (especially Social Housing), refuse incinerator near their home but they still want easily accessable airports with minimal delays when they fly on holiday or on business, all criminals banged up, a Council House at low rent for their pregnant unmarried daughter, and all the trash they throw out removed and dealt with quickly and cheaply. I found this out when I was twice a Local Councillor some years ago. NIMBY should be the motto of the present Gimmie Generation, all take but no give.

Similarly, many will respond to tear jerking appeals for famines etc in Third World Counties showing starving kids, but God help the politician who suggests that some of their taxes are used to fund any relief schemes. "Not while my kids have to use hand me down school books!" etc, etc.

No chaps, most people are hypocrites, pure and simple, and want to have their cake and eat it too. All full of high sounding principles AS LONG AS IT COSTS THEM NOTHING!

26th Apr 2002, 17:01
Feel better now,TG?? :D:D

BTW, hows' TG senior? OK n'est pas?? :confused:

Tartan Gannet
26th Apr 2002, 21:04
Swashplate. Ive just got back from a Lodge Meeting tonight. (Rose Croix actually, but let's not be pedantic).

My father none the worse , a few bruises, injured pride. Next Saturday Im seeing him.

Thank you for asking.


SET 18
27th Apr 2002, 15:59
Well, I ,for one, do not approve of virtually anything the Green party has to say. As far as I can see they are a bunch of do-gooding idiots who, given half a chance, would like to see us all live in a cave and get rid of any man-made comforts.

Almost without exception, I find their "supporters" to be completely lacking in-depth knowledge about any of the issues which the Greens promote. The ability to scratch below the surface on all of the Party's claims almost instantly disproves them.

The Party itself uses scaremongering on a ridiculous scale to engender support, and as I mentioned before, the people who do support them tend to take everything they say at face value and then they try to enforce it on the rest of us, almost always to everyone else's cost. No, I don't think they have my vote. In fact, I think I would vote for anyone else first.

27th Apr 2002, 21:43
As I will have three votes, I am thinking of speading my vote across the three main parties to register my disapproval at the lack of ideological difference between them.

Why vote at all you might say, but I strongly believe that one should exercise one's right to vote, given that many have died to preserve our (so called) 'democracy'. Maybe we should adopt the American system which gives you the option of voting for 'None of the Above'.

There is no 'blue water' between the Tory and the Labour party, just extreme left and right fringes on either side of both parties. I'd seriously consider voting Lib Dem in a Genreral Election if they had a chance of getting in.

27th Apr 2002, 21:47
I have rather reluctantly cast my vote for New Labour on this poll, and am surprised to see such a strong Tory lead. But I don't think you would see this repeated across the country - PPRuNe is a primarily conservative (small 'C') and middle class forum so I guess you would expect a stronger Tory showing.

27th Apr 2002, 23:01
Neither do I - especially as it is also southern-heavy, hence Tory.

28th Apr 2002, 14:18
47,000 members, 375 views, 57 votes. I think that explaines a lot.

Tartan Gannet
28th Apr 2002, 16:08
So Under Exposed, you dont think much of this poll? Well consider this.

It has only been going for a few days it runs till Friday 3rd.

Not all Ppruners visit Jet Blast.

Many Jet Blasters are NOT English residents able to vote here, so have no interest in the topic.

On Thursday 2nd May apathy and cynicism will be the REAL victors as turnout at Local Elections in the UK are notoriously low. Even last year's General Election had one of the lowest votes for years.

So the so far low vote in this little snap poll is no worse than what is likely to happen in real life.

I cant help but feel that had the figures shown 29 New Labour, 11 Tory etc such protests would not have been made.

I am not so silly as to think that this "result" will be duplicated in England at large, but am sure that New Labour will lose seats from their previous position and that the Lib Dems and Tories will gain.

By all means post and have a good laugh at me on Friday 3rd May should this prove to be wrong and Phoney Tony's lot emerge covered in Glory.

29th Apr 2002, 07:58
TG, I was not trying to rubbish the survey, I am just concerned that we live in a country where more poeple appear to care who the pop idol is rather than who's in power.
Sorry if you thought this was an attack on you, it was not ment to be.

Tartan Gannet
29th Apr 2002, 19:35

Im afraid that is the way of it. Just listen to or watch the news, especially the part where the Front Pages of the Daily Papers are read out.

Now what dominates the papers? Israel Vs Palestinians? Damiola Taylor Verdict? Oh no, Beckham's Bloody Broken Foot or Erikson bonking a fellow Swede or not as the case may be.

Im afraid that people have descended to Bread and Circuses. They have also lost faith and confidence in the political system so whats the point of voting?

I DID vote this time, I have a Postal Vote and it would be wrong to waste it. Not for Phoney Tony though!

29th Apr 2002, 22:03
I thought that's what U_E was trying to say.

The biggest loser on Thursday will be democracy, as voter apathy causes the vast majority of the electorate to stay at home. That's a real shame but it is also understandable - such is the public perception of politics. I think that everybody should vote, even if that means going to the booth and spoiling the paper in protest.

Get out and vote people, or we could end up like France last week.......do we really want BNP fascists in our local council chambers?

Tartan Gannet
30th Apr 2002, 05:02
Fair enough Wedge, but the BNP, like Le Pen, will only get there if ELECTED! I dont see tanks or stormtroopers in the streets of Burnley nor France. Like it or not, people VOTED for Le Pen in a free and fair election and may do so for the BNP.

I blame the mainstream parties for their self centred attitudes and their arrogant disregard of the wishes, fears and needs of the Electorate.

30th Apr 2002, 09:05
There is not 14% support for Le Pen in France, that is my point. There was a huge stay away protest which a lot of French voters bitterly regretted when they realised they had let Le Pen in.

That's why I urge people to get and and vote here - we do not want the same thing to happen to us.

Tartan Gannet
2nd May 2002, 21:52
Thanks folks. Tory lead in this poll but I somehow doubt this will be reflected in REAL life. Still think it will be a nice night for Phoney Tony.

Tartan Gannet
3rd May 2002, 04:36
Well, as I said it was a reasonable night for Phoney Tony and a poor show for the Tories. IDS needn't concern himself about moving to No 10 for a while yet!

The best result? "H'Angus the Monkey" (Stuart Drummond) beating New Labour for the position of Directly Elected Mayor in Peter Mandelson's seat of Hartlepool. :D :D :D :D :D