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Cyclic Hotline
25th Apr 2002, 05:06
The name is probably known by everyone, but I have to confess to never seeing any of her "work"!

Porn star Linda Lovelace dies after car accident
Tue Apr 23, 3:38 PM ET

DENVER, (Reuters) - Linda Boreman, who as Linda Lovelace became the porn industry's most famous star thanks to a 1972 movie that swept the nation, "Deep Throat," has died at age 53 after decades spent campaigning against pornography and trying to live down her past.

Officials at the Denver Health Medical Center said she died Monday of injuries suffered in a car crash in early April when her sports utility vehicle rolled over and hit a post.

Boreman, or Lovelace as she was known, had appeared in a handful of 8mm hard-core loops when she made "Deep Throat" and the film became a runaway hit as porn for the first time went "mainstream" in an America celebrating a sexual revolution. She earned a salary of $1,250 for making the movie.

The film's title, describing a sex act, became a household word and was even used during the Watergate scandal to describe the secret source for Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein's articles.

Lovelace's career soon collapsed as she tried to go from hard-core to softcover porn films, including "Deep Throat II" and "Linda Lovelace for President," both box office flops.

In 1980 after several years out of the limelight, Lovelace reappeared with an autobiography called "Ordeal" in which she claimed she was a porn industry prisoner forced to perform obscene sexual acts, sometimes at gunpoint, by a sadistic and abusive husband who beat her and forced into a life of prostitution and debauchery.

The book became a best seller and her cause was taken up by militant feminists and she testified against the industry before a presidential commission studying the effects of pornography.

Her first husband, Chuck Traynor, whom she left after becoming a big porn star, denied the charges she made against him and later married and guided the career of another major porn star, Marilyn Chambers.

Boreman moved to Denver in 1990 where she raised her two children and lived with her second husband Larry Marchiano until their divorce in 1996. She worked in clerical jobs when not on the lecture circuit campaigning against pornography.

Boreman had a number of health problems including trouble from silicone injections which she said gave her lumps in her breast.

25th Apr 2002, 06:05
Saw the movie in Seattle in 1977 - by comparison to the stuff usually available in most hotels these days it would be considered tame - quite funny in parts though, intentionally.

25th Apr 2002, 07:28
Quite ironic don't you think? The woman that dragged us all out of "boring sex lives" created a whole new world of erotica, stands against it? :rolleyes:

But then, I didn't live in her shoes....I like to think that men today are much more "appreciative." . But do you really want your woman to gag?

Hugh Jarse
25th Apr 2002, 07:30
On her last visit to the dentist for a checkup, the dentist was heard to remark:

"You have the best set of teeth I've ever come across".

25th Apr 2002, 07:51
I find that one a bit hard to swallow!

Tartan Gannet
25th Apr 2002, 07:54
That news really brought a lump to my throat!:D :D :D

Chimbu chuckles
25th Apr 2002, 10:29
I saw the flick in the mid 70s.......first porno I ever watched actually........and Azure I don't remember her gaging:D

It was, by todays standards, quaint and a little 'slapstick' ;) in places.

As to her claims of sexual slavery......well maybe.

The few US pornos I've seen in the last 10 years were anything but erotic as far as I'm concerned.......I find the type of women that 'star' in these movies to be completely unrealistic tributes to the plastic surgeons skills........yeuck!!!!!!


Tricky Woo
25th Apr 2002, 10:40
Must have cum as a blow.


25th Apr 2002, 10:44
I hate the ones who wear tattoos - a complete turn-off:(

25th Apr 2002, 14:10
I had a Linda blow-up doll once...i gave her a love-bite and she went down on me.!!! :eek: :rolleyes:

Back to the loss...what can one say. As a youngster, i lost quite a few Mls to that film......... :D

The Nr Fairy
25th Apr 2002, 14:23
I'd like to say I'm choked . . .

25th Apr 2002, 15:11
It could be said that this is in poor taste.

25th Apr 2002, 19:08
For a "skin" movie, it was funnier'n hell. In the part where she's wielding the shaving brush, the music plays the little advertising jingle of a well known brand of after shave, the last line of which is,
"Fresh as a breeze, yo-ho yo-ho.":)

25th Apr 2002, 20:03
Linda Lovelace...I salute you. You never allowed the past to inhibit your abilities for the future. You stood your ground, proclaimed your truth and did not allow your value and worth be based on others opinions.

..It's not where you been, but where you're going.

Rest in Peace

26th Apr 2002, 02:35
Linda was forced at gunpoint to perform obscene sexual acts? Yeh, well.........sometimes ya gotta do that to get certain chicks motivated! :p

Must say Linda taught a certain 12 year-old (in 1972) about the birds and bees much more than any Searchlight, Penthouse, or Playboy mag, and helped turn him into what he is today! :)

RIP though. :(

Capt Vegemite
26th Apr 2002, 04:08
I believe Lindas grandmother went down on the Titanic.

The Nr Fairy
26th Apr 2002, 09:28
CV :

With or without the seamen ?

26th Apr 2002, 18:09
I feel sad for her.

another case of a lovely woman being abused by men:mad:

27th Apr 2002, 01:09
Suddenly the board is invaded by militant feminazis.

Horrible nasty men...it's all their fault.


Feeton Terrafirma
27th Apr 2002, 07:08
well there goes all hope of me ever getting a BJ :(

27th Apr 2002, 07:37
I had no idea she had such a troubled life, the deatails of her death seemed to just get pushed towards the centre pages in the newspapers.

Capt Vegemite
27th Apr 2002, 20:40
Well she had a major influence in making American women somewhat more useful.