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20th Jul 2001, 16:04
Hey people,

As many other wannabes I'm eagerly awaiting the sponsorship from Airtours. However, I was hoping someone may be able to fill me in on the following questions:

1) I understand you are seconded to a turboprop carrier for 2 years. Is this with BRAL and where can you expect to be based?

2) What are Airtours current bases (Gatwick, Manchester &..?) and are you given a choice of base when you finally join?

Any help appreciated

JT8 :)

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20th Jul 2001, 17:55
Yes it is currently BRAL and based where they need crew, so it could be, Isle of Man, MAN, CWL, or any of their other bases.

When you join Airtours it is a matter of training slots available, where they need crew and what aircraft you are type rated on that will determine your base.

You are asked for your preference but as with all things in aviation, the final allocation will be revealed when you arrive.

Good luck with the application. :)

20th Jul 2001, 18:06
When are Airtours recruiting? How can I get in touch with them?
Thanks and good luck with it.

20th Jul 2001, 18:14

I suspect it will be in August, but keep your eyes peeled from July onwards. The advert will be in Flight International.

Good luck - its a brilliant scheme!


20th Jul 2001, 18:15
Thanks Cuban_8,
What is so brilliant about it comparedto the other schemes?

20th Jul 2001, 18:26
This is how I see it.....

2 years flying TP's into smaller regional airports in winter in a smaller aircraft getting bounced about, will hopefully give you better handling skills and situational awareness. A TP is just that bit slower than the jet so for integrated lads and lasses, it gives you a bit more time to think ahead of the aircraft and really understand what you are doing.

Contrary to popular belief, you dont know everything straight out of flight school. What better place to gain experience than scooting around the UK in a TP. You also get a larger amount of handling time, usually 2 to 4 cycles per day instead of 3 per week if you are lucky on the big stuff. Basically its an apprenticeship that will give you a lot of experience and be heaps of fun.

Then you get to play with the big stuff, modern aeroplanes, varied routes around the world and with xcrew quals you get to fly longhaul and short haul. New company so not so many hangups as a large well established airline and lots of great people to work with. Command prospects 24months with appropriate time, and reasonable pay. Quiet winters and busy summers..

All airlines have good and bad points. AIH flying and lifestyle will suit some and not others. I consider it the best scheme around.

take it or leave it

20th Jul 2001, 18:33

Have to agree with togaroo on that one. The AIH scheme is unique - no other airline offers anything like it. You will have a chance to develop your manual flying skills before they rapidly disappear when you start flying big jets (ask any jet pilot!). Most of all, flying TP's is more fun and you are still guarenteed that jet job at the end - bonus!



22nd Jul 2001, 02:00
Thankyou for the replies. Flying the turbo-props for 2 years before going onto a jet is the main attraction to this scheme. As mentioned earlier it's quite unique in that respect.

Happy flying,

JT8 :)

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