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24th Apr 2002, 21:43
Latest news has it that the mid-management led “buy-out” clique at Kuwait Airways may have done a bit TOO GOOD a job at dragging down productivity. Since the sale of the 747-200s to ALAFCO last month and the sacking of half the 747 crews, no new contracts have been considered for those venerable beasties. Perhaps that makes sense when you consider current bosses.

A “Plum” deal, charter for Air Pacific, apparently was “still-born” due to mid-management’s reluctance to allow the Jumbo’s to make any money for the severely ailing Kuwaiti national airline. This, an obvious, if misguided ploy, to drive down productivity and revenues prior to their, “the clique’s”, engineered “buy-out” when KAC goes private sometime later this year.

My sources tell me that the birds are still flying but “just”. They’re still bailing the Airbus fleet(s) out for the time being. KWI-DXB-KWI is hardly a Jumbo load now is it?

From the wrench turner’s, we hear of exceptionally low morale on the shop floor, at not being allowed to do their jobs properly….in both the Boeing AND Airbus sides of the house. Perhaps the Safety Gestapo of the Kuwaiti DGCA should take a very close look at this aspect.

KAC can’t afford a mishap, or worse, a crash, just because a few gents with “Wasta” want to buy the airline on the cheap. The new DD Ops would be a good one to interview, for a start.

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24th Apr 2002, 22:01
Good to see someone else has clocked this problem.

KAC top brass seem gloriously unaware of what's transpiring. I heartilly agree with proposed DGCA involvement. My friends tell me it's going to get a lot worse before it gets better down there.

Any Comments from IJP or Faheel? :eek: :mad: :eek:

24th Apr 2002, 22:39
hear, hear! Apparently no one still employed has thought it important enough to bring this whole "buy-out" to anyone's attention.

Fiji Bill and that little Ferengi Nong, TA, are supposedly hanging in there in hopes of an Airbus ticket at the end. Hope they can hold their breath. Since I left last year, I know of no-one who's survived this type of Putsch, at least not in Kuwait.

Good luck to the guys who're leaving! They're probably the luckiest by far.

24th Apr 2002, 23:25
As for Fiji Bill and TA, I bet no Airbus deal, Bill turned it down flat before, and as for TA, he did a runner, surprising that he came back, but he hated Air Atlanta worse.
Things look grim. How sad.
Anybody heard if the old DO is in Kuwait jail yet, and who went with him?
I bet Sami N. is shaking his head

27th Apr 2002, 20:17
This has been going on for years now - the slow decline that is.

I have watched the airline come together after the gulf war with great aspirations and look like it was going somewhere. Then as soon as the government (if you would call it that) announced the airline was to be privatised things changed and the decline commenced. Its a pity because the airline is basicly very sound with all the infrastructure required and good routes, unfortunately overstaffed and burdened with too many types. All the Company needs is good management.

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27th Apr 2002, 23:22
I bailed out about 15 months ago,all the info I have is second hand now.
As for the DO and his alleged smuggling episodes, its all gone quiet.
maybe Rabbit has a bit more info.

28th Apr 2002, 01:51
My last post triggered some nasty and insulting email. I offered to retract if anything I said was wrong, didn't get a reply.


Why do you suppose the airline did so well after the war? I bet we would agree on the answer.

catch 22
28th Apr 2002, 05:42
Some things never change! After 15 years of service I departed in 1990. Reading your posts is like a time machine.

28th Apr 2002, 08:55
Hi Faheel and ijp, long time no speak.

Yes ijp, you would have to be blind with a limp not to see what the reason for the decline. Its unfortunate.

Faheel, in answer to your question, the gang of four are all in Kuwait and out on bail and unemployed. I believe the ex DO is not going to do very well when the case eventually gets to court. We shall see.

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28th Apr 2002, 22:45
Hope Wasaan is treated lightly, he was good to work for.

Cabin crew on the 747 flight to Cairo tonight think the two 747's left, ADB and ADD are to be sold back to Boeing in part exchange for a squeekie clean, new 777. We all know the CCMs have all the pertinent info, but, hell who knows?

29th Apr 2002, 19:38

Apparently not - he appears to be one of the ring leaders and is likely to do badly. All will depend on who he might be protecting.

Re the 747's, I think you will find they are on their way to Afganistan. I believe the Amir is giving them away. You mention the 777's, it is likely they are to go as well and be replaced by Airbus's-only a rumour though.

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8th May 2002, 14:48
latest news is that there is now to be a "NEW" airline in Kuwait....
Hmmm, can't seem to come to grips with the one they've got???

Arab Times last week outlined talks on creation of a new company. presumably to fly the "regional" stuff to take the pressure off the mainline.

No word yet as to equipment, but must presume they'll be Scare-busses, or something smaller.