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24th Apr 2002, 20:18
So then, fellow PPRuNer's, what's the best beer snack?

Currentley having crackers, with cheddar and mashed chilli :eek: spread on em!!!!!

Makes the Waitrose Bitter go down a treat!!!!! :cool:

Over to you...... :D

24th Apr 2002, 20:30
I find a great snack to accompany beer is another beer. They compliment each other superbly.:D

24th Apr 2002, 23:33
Namis : Strips of marinated raw fish.

Best fish type is from the emperor family or snapper.

Marinate the strips with : Vinegar, lemon juice (just a squeeze), topped with chopped pieces of onion and chillies and a sprinkling of brown sugar.
You may have to experiment with the quantities above to suit your taste. But use only just enough to be absorbed by the fish and donít drown it. The fish needs only 20 minutes in the mixture (when cut thinly) before it can be eaten. It will change colour to the white cooked look when ready.

Excellent for those who like fish.

Washing it down with and icy cold XXXX on a hot day makes for a pleasant session.


Hagbard the Amateur
24th Apr 2002, 23:50
Any real Spanish tapa found usually in the bars of the south of Spain (ie - obtained automatically and absolutely free with your drink and ranging from boquerones to jamůn serrano.)

Tartan Gannet
25th Apr 2002, 00:24
A nice chilled Lager with the outside of the glass misting up, with a large bowl of peeled King Prawns. Otherwise some smoked cheddar cut into cubes of about 1 inch. Cold Chicken or Turkey Breast Fillets also good.

henry crun
25th Apr 2002, 00:32
Can only be one thing, a large bowl of shelled oysters.

25th Apr 2002, 01:05

25th Apr 2002, 02:02

But good Pizza, a nice subtle, minimalistic, real Italian style pizza.

None of this pepperoni, sausage, salami, green peppers, anchovies, double cheese and pineapple type stuff.

If at home, it has to be delivered within 30 minutes, whatever it is.

25th Apr 2002, 02:57
:D :D :eek: :eek: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :) :)

25th Apr 2002, 03:11
Christ, wouldn't that ruin the taste of the beer?:p

25th Apr 2002, 03:20
No, Pizza does go quite well with beer.

Feeton Terrafirma
25th Apr 2002, 05:09
A scotch chaser is the best. In fact you can even dispense with the beer and just have the chaser ;) (a few times)

Oh alright.... a lot then!!! :eek:

25th Apr 2002, 08:44

In this case DEFINATELY beter to recieve than to give!!!

25th Apr 2002, 19:54
Sorry Wiz, I couldn't resist.:D

Swinevessel?? Not bad!! Wish I'd thought of it.:D

25th Apr 2002, 21:24
I have to vote for the Norwegian T RRFISK, which could be air dried cod the way they prepare it in the northern parts of Norway. Probably should have posted this on the Scandinavian section:)

25th Apr 2002, 22:13
Geezzzzz guys, what a bunch of wimps.

Itís got to be fire hot Buffalo wings.

(walks away muttering to himself)

:cool: :cool: :cool:

Hugh De Payen
25th Apr 2002, 22:49
Hot black peas with vinegar and white pepper, alond side a glass of Glenmorangie.

26th Apr 2002, 00:54
Connie, if you ever get the chance, the absolutey best wings I've ever had was at a bar called "On The Fringe" near the airport in INT. Added bonus, you have to drive right by the original Krispy Kreme outlet to get there.:)

27th Apr 2002, 04:13
con-pilot -

Wimps they are, that's a fact. Has to be "buffalo" style Mountain Oysters. No ranch dressing or celery though. Super ice-cold Coors or Corona, lime on the side to look at!

27th Apr 2002, 12:39
Thinly sliced biltong or dried boerwors go down a treat

27th Apr 2002, 22:40
A fiery vindaloo. Induces the drinking of at least seven more beers to damp down the heat.

Not really a snack though.

27th Apr 2002, 23:24
yeargh, way too much fish crap.
youre more likely to get to taste the beer a second time.

lets see, cocktails suasages on wee sticks with honey mustard dip. you can never be bothered to make those, so they taste better when you do.

chilled vodka shots are also good.
but dangerous.

28th Apr 2002, 00:55
Mini Cheddars or Bacon Fries, or both if you really want to push the boat out!

Standard Noise
28th Apr 2002, 01:29
I can't believe nobody has owned up to that venerable artery clogger - Pork Scratchings. There's nothing like a bit of fried and dried pig fat to induce a beer thirst.

Or how about Dulse - sun dried seaweed, mmmm!

Capt Vegemite
28th Apr 2002, 02:31
Survived for two years in the East Midlands on sosage baps.

Hoss Cartwright
28th Apr 2002, 13:04
mussels or as mrs hoss calls them " fannys in a jar"

any good cheese and/or a good salami or pork sausage

28th Apr 2002, 17:49
I'm partial to a bag of pork scratchings personally :)

28th Apr 2002, 17:58
Nachos, potato skins, hot wings, pizza, cheese sticks. Typical Superbowl type stuff. But substitue the Superbowl for NHL playoffs.