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22nd Mar 2013, 07:20
From another thread (posted by Another Superlame), probably worth its own discussion.

Sydney Airport upgrade (http://www.aspecthuntley.com.au/asxdata/20111205/pdf/01249577.pdf)

As a matter of interest what makes an airport a good one from your perspective as a user?

22nd Mar 2013, 07:29
What the Dept of Infrastructure thinks

Dept of Infrastructure Options for Kingsford Smith airport (http://www.infrastructure.gov.au/aviation/sydney_av_cap/files/sac_part_six_options.pdf)

22nd Mar 2013, 11:56
The funny thing about the 'Qantas precinct' that if they want to build it they're going to need to start in about 2016. Which means that the hangars need to be built by then. Which means they should be starting in about three months time to do all the preparatory work for them. Can't see it happening myself. Not in the time frame Mac airports has laid down anyway!

22nd Mar 2013, 13:45
Don't need hangars when you're going to shut it all down.

22nd Mar 2013, 23:45
This whole plan got scrapped...

Jack Ranga
23rd Mar 2013, 00:50
Nooooo, really? Why? Because the 2nd Sydney airport takes care of all the KSA problems.

Australia = The Infrastructure Kings :D

23rd Mar 2013, 05:02
So the current plan is that we have no plan?:ugh:

Or has it been put into the 'to hard basket' and Mac Bank will build a bunch of car parks, with no terminals run the airport into the ground then when it's at maximum gridlock try and sell it, or throw a hospital pass to the government?

Toruk Macto
23rd Mar 2013, 05:12
China building another 160 airports in next ten years . Including one just south of Beijing with 5 rwys .

Potsie Weber
23rd Mar 2013, 20:58
Since privatisation of Australia's 22 Federal airports began in 1997, Not a single new runway has been built.

On Track
24th Mar 2013, 01:12
...and some have been closed.