View Full Version : MEL closed?

18th Mar 2013, 20:42
Not thats it's a reliable source but 7 News is reporting that the tower has been evacuated due to "a computer fire and fumes". Apparently runways are closed with aircraft queuing up on the taxiways. Feel for you guys!

18th Mar 2013, 21:06
Back to normal now!

Howard Hughes
18th Mar 2013, 23:29
Sounds like a normal day in Sydney! ;)

19th Mar 2013, 00:12
I heard it was downstairs, consequently BNE took over ML CTR

19th Mar 2013, 11:31
Would have been easier on the ground controller if everyone had just kept quiet after they'd asked for pushback , and were in the queue , rather than calling every 5 min restating they were ready to go.

Pointless and jammed the frequency. Once you were in the queue, let him do his job!

19th Mar 2013, 13:27
And he did a great job at that! Well done to the SMC chap !

Jack Ranga
19th Mar 2013, 14:03
Fark, was it closed? Some prick could have told me :ugh:

Willie Nelson
19th Mar 2013, 21:57
How did everyone that was airborne go with TIBA?

20th Mar 2013, 05:52
Can anybody post the time this happened - in UTC is preferable but I'll accept EST too :)

20th Mar 2013, 06:19
about 7.30am EST