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Jolly Hockeysticks
24th Apr 2002, 13:26
Questions are a mix of History and Geography or thereabouts.

1. Questions posted on Wednesday about midday UTC. Answers posted on Sunday or whenever I feel like it.
2. 2 points for each correct answer. Multi-part questions require all parts answered correctly for the 2 points. 1 point will be awarded for answers that are significantly on the right track. The 2nd point will be awarded to the first person to “fill in the gaps”. Bonus points may be awarded additional relevant information.
3. There is no Rule 3
4. Judge's decision final.
5. Do not edit your posts. If you want to add or correct something post a new reply. The points go to the first person to get the correct answer. "First" is taken as the posting time. If you edit a post, the editing time will be used.

Where a question asks about a “State” this means a country, nation, principality, any territory wholly independent. If the question refers to one of the United States of America, then it will say “US State”.

1. Which 2 US Presidents were elected without winning the vote of their home state?
2. Who sneaked into who’s bedroom in July 1982?
Michael Fagan, Queen Elizabeth II - FlyingV
3. What is Northern California’s most popular place visited by tourists?
Alcatraz - SLF
4. What was the planned target of “Fat Man”?
Kokura - DeepC
5. Sir Francis Drake set off in a ship named the Pelican. En route he changed the name to the Golden Hinde. Where did he rename it, and what is it named after?
On reaching the Magellan Straits Drake renamed his ship the Golden Hinde after (something to do with his patron – see Bonus question) - DeepC
Bonus: what particular aspect of his patron, and the name of the patron?
the crest of his patron Christopher Hatton - McD
6. In January 1908 what did the Aero-Club de France offer a prize of 500 francs for?
The inventor of a device to indicate horizontal level in flight. - ORAC
7. Where is the largest known volcano?
On Mars: Olympus Mons is 370 miles wide and 79,000 feet high, nearly three times higher than Mount Everest. - btmtdi
8. What event began with an accidental discovery during construction of a sawmill?
The California gold rush - pigboat
9. Who said, "One of the extraordinary things about human events is that the unthinkable becomes thinkable."?
Salman Rushdie - DeepC
10. When did 700 Church of England clergy leave and join the Roman Catholic Church, and why?
11. What and where was the first public museum in the world?
Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, opened in 1683 - Rollingthunder
12. Who traveled 24,986 miles in 216 hours in December 1987?
Dick Rutan and Jeana Yeager - pigboat
13. What did the US Department of Agriculture set standards for on 02 Jan 1953, that allowed them to be smaller?
Holes in Swiss cheese - Rollingthunder
14. In what country would you be greeted with "Top of the morning to you," and what should you reply?
Ireland. "and the rest of the day to yourself." - SLF/FlyingV
15. Which city’s name means “Traders” in the language of the original inhabitants of the area?
Ottawa. Derived from an Algonquin word meaning "traders." - HugMonster
16. Who was discovered, and where, on 24 January 1972 after spending 28 years hiding in the jungle not knowing World War II had ended?
Japanese soldier Shoichi Yokoi, Guam - DeepC/Rollingthunder
17. What do Rudyard Kipling, Winston Chuchill and Ernest Hemimgway have in common?
Nobel Prize for literature. Kipling 1907, Churchill 1953, Hemingway 1954 - FlyingV
18. Which are the four largest islands in the world (in order) that are not considered to be continents?
Greenland, New Guinea, Borneo, Madagascar - CargoRat2
19. Why is the Red Sea so called?
The Red Sea got its name from the occasionally extensive blooms of algae that, upon dying, turn the sea's normally intense blue-green waters to red - Rollingthunder
20. What inadvertently reached 18,000 feet over London in December 1976, and what was its original purpose?
A 40 foot pink pig. A helium filled prop for the front cover of the forthcoming Pink Floyd album "Animals" - HugMonster

Who arrived in this life on:
a. 24 Jul 1897
Amelia Earhart - HugMonster
b. 19 Aug 1946
Bill Clinton - CargoRat2
c. 18 May 1920
Pope John Paul II (Karol Wojtyla) - CargoRat2
d. 14 Dec 1503
Nostradamus - HugMonster
e. 22 Apr 1870
Vladimir Lenin - HugMonster

Who departed from this life on:
f. 29 Dec 1170
Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury - CargoRat2
g. 29 Oct 1618
Sir Walter Raleigh - HugMonster
h. 04 Nov 1995
Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin - McD
i. 24 Jan 41 A.D.
Roman Emperor Caligula - HugMonster
j. 12 Sep 1977
Steve Biko, South African black civil rights leader - CargoRat2


24th Apr 2002, 14:03
9. Salman Rushdie

24th Apr 2002, 14:06
Morning, JH.

6...For the first person to fly across the English Channel.
8...The California gold rush at Sutters Mill.
12..Jeanna Yeager and Bert Rutan. First non-stop flight around the world without air to air refuelling.

(Will the English Channel be renamed the EU Channel?):)

24th Apr 2002, 14:07
16. Shoichi Yokoi

24th Apr 2002, 14:13
2. Michael Fagan sneaked into Queen Elizabeths Bedroom.

Pigboat: La Manche :)

24th Apr 2002, 14:19
4. Kokura Arsenal

24th Apr 2002, 14:20
7) Hawaii (Mauna Loa)
9) Salman Rushdie
18) Greenland, New Guinea, Borneo, Madagascar
B) Bill Clinton
C) Pope John Paul II
F) Thomas Becket
J) Steve Biko

24th Apr 2002, 14:24
5. Drake renamed her in honor of one of her financial patrons seeking golden payoffs. (after surviving the straights of Magellan)

24th Apr 2002, 14:41
7 - Mars (Olympus Mons)

24th Apr 2002, 14:48
3 Alcatraz
13 Peas???
14 Ireland, and anything you like!

24th Apr 2002, 14:54
2. Michael Fagan (?) The Queen's bedroom
3. Alcatraz?
4. Nagasaki
8. California gold rush
9. Salman Rushdie
10. 1992 in protest at the decision to allow ordination of women
12. Dick Rutan and Jeana Yeager in Burt Rutan's Voyager
20. A helium-filled pig, intended to promote Pink Floyd's "Animals" album

a. Amelia Earhart
b. Bill Clinton
c. Pope John Paul II
d. Nostradamus
e. Vladimir Illyich Ulyanov ("Lenin")

f. Thomas a Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury
g. Sir Walter Ralegh
i. Caligula

Jolly Hockeysticks
24th Apr 2002, 15:34
I see google’s working well this evening.:rolleyes:

Correct answers from:
DeepC 4, 5, 9, 16 (partly)
FlyingV 2
SLF 3, 14 (partly)
btmtdi 7
pigboat 8, 12
HugMonster 10 (partly), 20, a, d, e, g, i
CargoRat2 18, b, c, f, j

The rest are wrong.

Re 5 - DeepC is right on both counts, but for a bonus point, what particular aspect of his patron?

Re 10 - Huggy got the reason but the date's wrong. Anyway I want dd mm yy

Re 14 - SLF did the really hard bit and got the country. Still need the reply.

Re 16 – DeepC got the name, but where?

btmtdi - 7 was supposed to be a difficult one. Well done for thinking outside the box (or getting the search question better phrased)

Scores so far
HugMonster 13
CargoRat2 10
DeepC 7
pigboat 4
FlyingV 2
btmtdi 2

As an amusing aside on Pink Floyd’s inflatable pig - on the first day of the filming they had a marksman with a rifle on standby just in case it broke loose. On the second day it did break lose but the marksman was on a day off.


(editied cos I can't read properly)

24th Apr 2002, 15:50
14. "And the rest of the day to yourself"

Although, even having spent all 34 years of my life living in Ireland, I have never once heard either part of this greeting spoken (except in old American movies)

In fact I've only now learned of the second part.

God bless, :) (we DO say that a lot)

24th Apr 2002, 18:06
6. The first person to invent a horizontal flight indicator.

10. 1992 when the C of E gave final approval for the ordination of women. (which perversely has lead the RC church into having married priests - go figure).

17. They all started out as newspaper correspondents?

19. It looks red as the colour of the local mountains reflect in it.

24th Apr 2002, 18:12
15. Copmanthorpe

24th Apr 2002, 18:16

15. Ottawa

24th Apr 2002, 20:50
1. One of the Presidents is James K. Polk, elected in 1844, who didn't win the vote of his home state of Tennessee.

6. For the first person to fly an aircraft around a 1 km circuit and safely land. Actually, the prize was 50,000 francs, not 500.

h. Yitzhak Rabin was assasinated on 04 Nov 1995.

24th Apr 2002, 22:20
oh yeah ... for #6, Henri Farman won the prize. Ernest Archdeacon and Henry Deutch de la Muerthe (sic?) had offered the prize as early as 1905, but Henri Farman claimed it in Jan 1908.

25th Apr 2002, 00:41
The Museum of Manufactures, London, 1852.
Now known as the Victoria and Albert Museum.

edited for number

25th Apr 2002, 00:51
It derives its name from the explosive growth of a blue algae,
Trichodesmium erythraeum, that notwithstanding its name, every so many years, dyes the normally blue-green water of the Red Sea an orange-red.

25th Apr 2002, 01:09
Shoichi Yokoi, Guam.

What ever became of him?

25th Apr 2002, 01:16
Swiss Holes. Sorry...the holes in Swiss Cheese at 1/2"
Actually, they are the remnants of bubbles.

Current standard is: Under the existing standards, most of the holes must be between eleven-sixteenths and thirteen-sixteenths of an inch in diameter. USDA wants to reduce the minimum size to three-eighths of an inch.

For those in the US - your tax dollars at work.

Jolly Hockeysticks
25th Apr 2002, 02:43
Good morning

More correct answers:

FlyingV has finished off 14
ORAC - 6,
HugMonster - 15
McD - half of 1, h,
Rollingthunder - 13, finished off 16, 19

Other answers are wrong.

Rollingthunder gets a bonus point for all the extra [email protected] about the cheesy holes

Scores so far
HugMonster 15
CargoRat2 10
DeepC 7
Rollingthunder 6
pigboat 4
FlyingV 3
McD 3
btmtdi 2


25th Apr 2002, 07:12
5 (Bonus)

His patron was Sir Christopher Hatton. A "hind" or "hinde" (a deer-like animal) was on Hatton's family's crest.

tubby one
25th Apr 2002, 11:31
Q17 Kipling, Churchill & Hemingway were all at one time war correspondents. In India, South Africa and Spain respectively - I think???

25th Apr 2002, 13:28
17. Nobel prize for literature

Kipling, 1907
Chirchill, 1953
Hemingway, 1954

25th Apr 2002, 13:48
11. Depends on who you ask, but based on my extensive knowledge of the subject :D

Palazzo dei Conservatori, Rome, 1471

25th Apr 2002, 23:45
Well the V&A advertises itself as the oldest...

But so does the Ashmolean in Oxford, 1683

However since you asked "What was" not what is...that's probably wrong as well, although well worth a visit.

Jolly Hockeysticks
26th Apr 2002, 03:00
McD gets the bonus points for 5

FlyingV got 17 and Rollingthunder got 11 – it was indeed the Ashmolean.

Scores so far
HugMonster 15
CargoRat2 10
Rollingthunder 8
DeepC 7
FlyingV 5
McD 5
pigboat 4
btmtdi 2


26th Apr 2002, 04:44
I'm still trying to figure out the second part to #1.

Polk is the first part, but the second part is a bit tricky, and now I'm thinking it might be Tricky-Dicky, as in Richard Nixon. Although his birth state is California, he also used New York as his "election home state" in the Presidential election of 1968. He lost in New York, but won the presidency that year.

So, I'll go for it on that technicality: official answers to #1: Polk and Nixon

Jolly Hockeysticks
26th Apr 2002, 06:19
Sorry McD it's not Dicky

Jolly Hockeysticks
28th Apr 2002, 05:12
OK the missing answers.

1. Which 2 US Presidents were elected without winning the vote of their home state?
McD already got James Polk. The other one was Woodrow Wilson

10. When did 700 Church of England clergy leave and join the Roman Catholic Church, and why?
Huggy got the reason right. There seems to be some confusion over the date.
In 1992 the C of E decided to allow the ordination of women priests, and 700 male clergy threatened to resign.

It wasn’t until 1994 that any women were actually ordained, when on 12 Mar the first 32 women were ordained. As far as I can ascertain, this is the point at which the chaps quit.

Since it’s all a bit murky, I will cancel the date part of the question and give both points to Huggy.

Final Scores
HugMonster 16
CargoRat2 10
Rollingthunder 8
DeepC 7
pigboat 4
FlyingV 5
McD 5
btmtdi 2