View Full Version : Warning - At Melbourne Airport Int'l...Margarine an in-flight safety hazard!!

16th Mar 2013, 17:29
WTF? Mate of mine emailed me this an hour ago - here is the relevant part -

So I went through passenger security screening prior to boarding. Now I had in my cabin bag
six plastic containers of low cholesterol margarine that I was taking back to XXXX because they
are unobtainable there. I hadn't loaded them into my cargo bag as the loaders would've ensured
the containers would be crushed by the time I arrived at XXXX. After my bag passed through the
scanner, the screening ape told me to open the bag and said I could not take on board my six
margarine containers therein! And had the audacity to remove them!

I confronted this jerk and asked WHERE is it gazetted that margarine constituted an inflight
safety hazard? It is liquids and gels. Don't forget Rod I was in partial uniform and showed him
my crew ID. I would not knowingly bring on board anything not permitted under S&S. As it turned
out HE declared margarine a gel and not permitted on board! Again I asked him to show him
written gazetted proof that margarine is a non permissable item! If he did this I will immediately
cease my confrontation. All this droob could do is say he knows how I feels and he sympathises
and what could he do? In the end I gave up and as it was too close to the boarding time and I
was obviously dealing with a total idiot. If that's the current intelligence and audacious level of
what security screeners are at Australia's Melbourne airport, I will take New York's TSA any day.
Feel free to pass this email on to those who you see fit including pasting it on to any website. I
think Australian screeners are plain uneducated fools, and, like you, I will avoid travelling to
Australia unless I absolutely have to. What pack of morons!!!!

What a bloody joke! Are these idiotic screeners taking lessons from the TSA? :ugh:

Rwy in Sight
16th Mar 2013, 18:25

Few years back when the liquid restrictions were brand new, I was discussing with a friend about what is considered a liquid, since in my country we have a kind of sweet that is very soft but not as soft as margarine. He pointed out that sweet was considered liquid thus not allowing on passenger cabin.

I emailed the EU authorities about their definition of liquids, I got the main part of the decision but not the annex indicating what is / defining liquids. So the mail you attached does not surprise me since margarine being softish can be considered as liquid by a security agent (if he is on a bad day).

If you want comments about security agents not respecting air crews what can I say. They don't respect pax who pay their salaries.

Rwy in Sight