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20th Jul 2001, 16:34
OK, my website is finally up. Contains info on sponsorships and private flying...will be expanded as the weeks go on...

AWA Home (http://www.stickymicky.co.uk)


Mike :)

Patsy 001
20th Jul 2001, 19:42
Congratulations Mike, an excellent site indeed!

20th Jul 2001, 20:38
Mike, a nice site you've got there. Its going in my favorites anyway.


PS - how's it going Patsy???

20th Jul 2001, 22:40
Is PPRuNe lacking in something for you MikeSamuel? :confused:

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20th Jul 2001, 23:35
PPRuNe satisfies all of my needs VFE, but when I first joined I found it all a bit daunting...I didn't really know how training was structured etc... Think of my site as a halfway house between knowing nothing and being an addicted PPRuNer!
Thanks for your support everyone :D



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20th Jul 2001, 23:50
I think your site is commendable MS, good luck to your efforts. But, I do have to say that the elements that PPRuNe offer a wannabe to advance a few strides in his/her chosen career, are based upon the availability of a vast array of talented people with a willingness to participate in helping them. It has taken years for PPRuNe to achieve so do please be careful what you offer.

I would hate to hear of someone who was given a false trail.

But as I said, good luck in your endeavours.

21st Jul 2001, 00:06
As you are both a "Tenuous grasp on reality PPRuNer" and a "PPRuNe Bashmeister" I value your comments greatly IFR, thanks for the insight. In no way am I trying to contend with PPRuNe on any level...

The site will just let me practice my web design skills, and also allow newbies to PPRuNe looking for answers to the old, old questions - e.g. "Who does sponsorships?" "When do I apply?" "How much does it cost...?" etc... and will save us all from constantly having to type answers or recommend a forums search.



Mike :D

PPRuNe Towers
21st Jul 2001, 02:31
Mike and I discussed the direction his site could take a while back.

I suggested that the 'killer app' wannabees needed was for the very initial stages - the ultimate FAQ.

There's such a throughput of people interested but confused and daunted by people already in the system spouting all the jargon and TLA's it seemed the obvious way for Mike to go. Just think of the constant repetition we have here of all the basic questions.

A very attractive and professional site Mike. Our congratulations mate - we'll be trying to poach you onto the team here next :D :D :D

Regards from the Towers
Rob Lloyd
[email protected]<hidden>

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