View Full Version : Moritz Suter in Flight International?

24th Apr 2002, 06:41
Check out the latest edition, he gets a mention in the Straight & Level section.

So who knows more ... ?

24th Apr 2002, 06:42
... and perhaps more to the point, if they're going to do that, how do we get Tony Draper a job writing for them? :)

24th Apr 2002, 09:25
You didn't know? Draper is Uncle Roger! ;)

24th Apr 2002, 16:32
the REAL moritz is alive and well and was concerned with Crossair et seq.

I doubt ours is the same.....:p

edited for a silly spelling mistake......

24th Apr 2002, 19:48
(At the risk of sounding bonde)

Is Uncle Roger real, and if so could IFR get as Guest of Honour for the GatBash? I know that he's aslo known as Roger Bacon, but it could be a nom de plume....

25th Apr 2002, 01:11
Uncle Roger isn't real he's a usurper.

What I'd like to know is what did he do with Capt.Speaking, First Officer Here, Rollo Freelunch, Monty Orangeballs and last but not least, the man who taught me all I know about aeroplanes, George Brownfag? I believe these honourable gentlemen were all made redundant for no good reason, have never worked again and are now living in a Salvation Army shelter somewhere near Kings Cross railway station. :(

Lets have a campaign to bring them back...

Through difficulties to the cinema

25th Apr 2002, 03:03
And lets not forget the 1941 Pilot Prune.