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24th Apr 2002, 06:52
The Music Quizmeister is being forced to travel!!! The big, bad company is making me go away for a couple of weeks!! To avoid everyone having withdrawal symptoms while Iím away, I have asked Jolly if he will do the Quiz in my absence. (But I do hope to drop in on the site while Iím away and check on his efforts!!)

For info, arriving London AM 4 May (flight ex Sydney to be confirmed Ėeither BA16 or QF31), London area till AM 9 May then train to Paris, staying till AM 16 May, then BA305/BA223 to Washington DC, and there until PM 21 May when its QF3086 (an American code share)/QF108 home.

Anyone want to catch up for a drink and a chat, e-mail me please.
:D :D

24th Apr 2002, 07:47
So someone else will be forced to drink [email protected]#s with you overseas, eh!! (been there done that).

Can you get Sam Adams in Washington? :D