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Bandit *bob*
9th Sep 2001, 12:32
It has just become known that the LMC Dept in ABZ will no longer exist by the end of the year.

All the E-145 Maint issues will now be dealt with by LMC EMA, after ABZ failed to convince EMA that they should look after their own assets.Also with the BAE146 contract ceasing next year,there is no need for the Dept.

The(not trained)Ops Dept in ABZ will now become the first point of contact for crews with Technical problems which will be relayed down to EMA.

I now fear for the rest of the ABZ Depts...are we soon to go as well !!!
:eek: :eek: :eek:

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9th Sep 2001, 12:44
http://www.stopstart.fsnet.co.uk/Gif/WBtazani.gif You sound surprised..... There's only 3 people that won't be affected by all this and we all know who they are don't we?? http://www.stopstart.fsnet.co.uk/Gif/mspig.gif is one of em....

I thought the Ops guys and gals were gonna get proper training ?? http://www.stopstart.fsnet.co.uk/mica/MiscManhack.gif Nah, just slagging I guess when it all goes wrong.

The Groover
9th Sep 2001, 13:48
A very sad day indeed at Howemoss Drive.
Good luck to those LMC's I spent many a great (and bloody awful!!!) nightshift with, in happier Bizzy air times.


-You've got how many tec Saabs ?????-

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fast cruiser
9th Sep 2001, 16:17
where an earth did you here that???

It is very strange then that the Fokker 100/70 at bmi mainline have just recently been put under the control of ops at ABZ, which is a complete waste of time anyway. So why would they close an entire department when they have just been given a further 9 aircraft to look after ish!!!!

9th Sep 2001, 16:51
Well, as was mentioned last year, STN here we come http://www.stopstart.fsnet.co.uk/smilie/smokin.gif I bet things will change when LH pull the stops on the 146's. http://www.stopstart.fsnet.co.uk/flags/germany.gif

Bandit *bob*
9th Sep 2001, 22:11
fast cruiser

I feel you're missing the point, yes ABZ ops do have control over the F100/70's (well some might argue otherwise...) but thats from an Operational point of view, once again the maint. side of things still falls at the big house in Don. for this particular fleet. Whats happening is that the ERJ fleet is following likewise, leaving ABZ LMC with the soon to be "at some point in the future", redundant 146 fleet.

The F100/70 fleet never had anything to do with ABZ LMC, so its all irelivant, they are and always have been more or less entirely seperate. Look at it as ABZ ops control the ERJ/F100's, Donnington maintain them....well thats the theory.....or am i being a tad to cynical there?

....and just out of mere curiousity, why is ABZ and the Fkr fleet a complete waste of time? (not saying i disagree with you at all)

Bob :p

fast cruiser
9th Sep 2001, 23:05
All Capt's on the Fkr fleet will not communicate to ABZ ops because it is simply a separate company. delays are occuring all the till because ABZ will not make a decision and even when they eventually do it has to go through Donnington anyway, (see what I mean) waste of time.

Also can you tell me who is resopnsible for the Fokker 100 in LHR ABZ or Donnington???
being that LHR is a mainline base. :confused:

10th Sep 2001, 00:35
You never expected http://www.stopstart.fsnet.co.uk/Gif/mspig.gif to make a decision did you. Oh dear http://www.stopstart.fsnet.co.uk/smilie/scream.gif Now where are we hiding today http://www.stopstart.fsnet.co.uk/smilie/peepwall.gif

Capt Homesick
10th Sep 2001, 05:30
Now if ABZ crewing were to take over mainline crew, I think that mainline crews would find it a very pleasant change! And I'm not just saying that coz' I want something. :)

Gibbon Tickling Fan
10th Sep 2001, 11:40
So does anyone have any real news about the 146 ? will mainline pick it up or is it a dead duck....
:confused: :confused: :confused:

10th Sep 2001, 12:42
What would mainline want with 146's ??? Let's face it chaps, the 146 project will be dead and buried. LH will no further need for them once the new toys are on line and mainline will not want a bunch of geriatrics (146's that is) http://www.stopstart.fsnet.co.uk/mica/1signprepare.gif

10th Sep 2001, 18:58
Is there an underlying plan here? does anyone think that the whole ABZ operation will move to EMA eventually?

10th Sep 2001, 23:47
Er, yes !! :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

11th Sep 2001, 01:27

Considering the 'rumour' about 'moving' to EMA has been doing the rounds for well over 5 years, what do you think?

The only place we are moving to is a new office in Aberdeen, with LMC in tow.

11th Sep 2001, 13:28
So LMC is to go.
No surprise there.
Remember we must support the effected people through these difficult times!