View Full Version : say you had a million pounds from winning the premium bonds

9th Mar 2013, 07:18
what would you do?

we can all dream......

eastern wiseguy
9th Mar 2013, 08:15
Stick a tenner to it and pay my debts:}:}

G&T ice n slice
9th Mar 2013, 08:28
Not a lot

a million isn't really that much. At the moment it would probably generate an investment income of about 25,000 per annum which after tax would be closer to 18,000.

I'm not sure I'd be bothered enough to get of my behind & go & collect the cheque

9th Mar 2013, 08:32
Buy a house for each of my two sons.

Probably at the moment buy £500,000 worth of commodities such as gold silver or platinum.

Travel the world first class making my next million!

9th Mar 2013, 13:27
Keep very quiet about it and buy some apartments in Belgium where rental income from letting out flats is tax-free and can be paid directly to your Luxembourg bank a/c.

Erwin Schroedinger
9th Mar 2013, 13:36
you had a million pounds from winning the premium bonds


9th Mar 2013, 13:44
If I won a million quid?

Convert it to 44,395,810 Baht and then bribe Yumlick
to spend a whole week with me in the cot! http://serve.mysmiley.net/tongue/tongue0024.gif

9th Mar 2013, 13:59
Back when the UK Lottery first started, and someone won 9 million, I thought about how I might spend that amount.

I was content with my home, and, apart from arranging some 'security' to dissuade intruders, and engaging staff to maintain the grounds, I considered what vehicles I would like to own.

A vintage Le Mans Bentley, a current Bentley Continental, a Porsche 959 and a few lesser makes and models, together with a 'motor house' and a manager thereof.

I have no desires for a yacht, though a helicopter would be nice.

In the end, I had run out of realistic ideas at 2million.

No doubt today's prices would inflate that figure, but, with interest rates as they were, there was more than sufficient income from the residue to sustain the lifestyle that I aspired-to.

9th Mar 2013, 14:20
A million quid? I used to dream about those kind of riches.

Nowadays the couple of properties that I have in Perth, plus what else I have put me way over that figure - and I still think I'm hard up (well, not really, but you get the drift).

So I'd probably splash out and say, "Hang the expense. I will have a second coffee!"

9th Mar 2013, 14:24
Wonder what happened to that yob who won several millions some years ago?

He was heavily into drugs, wild parties, expensive cars and upsetting the neighbours of the fancy property he bought.

Probably on the dole/inside now.

9th Mar 2013, 14:37
Don't mean THIS (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/asia/kyrgyzstan/7933013/Lee-Ryan-loses-last-of-lottery-winnings-in-Kyrgyz-revolution.html) guy do you?

9th Mar 2013, 14:40
I loved the case of the family that won 148 million recently (http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/euromillions-daughter-of-jackpot-couple-adrian-1260435).

They celebrated with a trip to a pizza restaurant and turned-down the offer of a trip to some exotic location in favour of Scotland.

The guy determined to continue with his hobby (selling secondhand music from a small shop), but he's given up due to being pestered for handouts (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/howaboutthat/9784698/Lottery-winner-shuts-down-music-shop-after-too-many-people-ask-for-handouts.html)!

9th Mar 2013, 14:45
2 Chicks at the same time - YouTube

9th Mar 2013, 14:47
I was going to say he's probably dead, but living in Krygyzstan might be worse than death.

A million, wouldn't really touch sides, would it?

Seriously, I've often thought about this when I watch 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire' and I sit in front of the TV and either get knocked out on the 50 question because it's about some knobhead footballer or a soap opera 'personality', or I make it to a million.

I win the Bonds nearly every month but of course it's never more than a 25 prize but I keep hoping for the biggy.

I honestly don't know what I'd do. The first thing would be to liquidate any debts (if I had any). Liquidating one or two people I can think of might be a worthwhile use! I might put it towards a house but the question is where. I can't see the point of a fast car as there are so few places you can use it and have fun without the dreaded flash.

I am sure that if the situation arose I'd find uses for it.

9th Mar 2013, 14:52
Michael Carroll: 9m 'Lotto lout' stole sandwich and Strongbow worth 11 | Mail Online (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2102582/Michael-Carroll--9m-Lotto-lout-stole-sandwich-Strongbow-worth-11.html)

and this:-

9 million lottery winner drank himself to death | News | The Christian Institute (http://www.christian.org.uk/news/9-million-lottery-winner-drank-himself-to-death/)

G&T ice n slice
9th Mar 2013, 15:16
One of the Gettys came up with "after the first million everything is just duplication".

maybe a bit more than a million now, but still holds true.

9th Mar 2013, 15:24
You could buy an annuity which would allow you to live out your remaining years on ... a pension equal to the average UK wage.

9th Mar 2013, 15:55
Probably the fastest way to get rid of it would be to restore a steam locomotive.

9th Mar 2013, 16:32
I would start a small bussines, to keep me busy/entertained. Once the bussines was established, I would buy a Cessna 182RG and tour the world in small hops.

uffington sb
9th Mar 2013, 16:39
You could probably buy a wing tip or such on an F-35 and then waste the remaining 2.50.

9th Mar 2013, 16:42
Quote Details: George Best: I spent a lot... - The Quotations Page (http://www.quotationspage.com/quote/31947.html)

9th Mar 2013, 16:44
Thanks for those links. I'd forgotten there were two of them.

Why is it scum so often win?

9th Mar 2013, 18:10
I hope those tax-resident expats who own UK Premium Bonds realise that winnings are NOT tax-free in most countries. So keeping schtum about winnings is a good idea if you live in Spain and so on.

Standard Noise
9th Mar 2013, 18:30
Pay off the mortgage, extend the house, let the wife retire and buy a clutch of rental properties back home 9where they are much cheaper).
Oh, and cash in my Premium Bonds............the money will help me upgrade the Caterham.

9th Mar 2013, 18:33
I win the Bonds nearly every month but of course it's never more than a 25 prize but I keep hoping for the biggy.

Why is it scum so often win?

Thanks a lot!

9th Mar 2013, 18:53
I hope you're in really good shape and just keep praying, if you hope to survive a week in the sack with this:


Mac the Knife
9th Mar 2013, 20:31
Buy a big old house in the Trastevere in Rome

Fill it with good books, good food, good wine and bad women.



9th Mar 2013, 20:32
I'm not sure how I'd cope with the begging letters...
Guess I'd just keep sending them out.

9th Mar 2013, 21:27
Thanks a lot!


9th Mar 2013, 21:35
finish last bits of training, go to work flying the x-bus, by a house for quarter of a million, stick the rest in an offshore (or was it eshure?) calm down dear, then earn 11,333 a month from the flying and bung into the offshore, try and get a 10% deal - with < no risk (haaaa, ha ha ha ha) hopefully avoiding lehmanisation, fly until I dropped or until my writing got too big. Buy disarmed harrier, to go anywhere, slowly, play with the MIL hardware on the ranges without too many airproxies,

Start a small chicken farm and sell the eggs, buy a small brand new tractor and a brand new foxy, delectable Arga cooker, and a brand new functional housewifey, with hot spots and a warm oven who does not know the meaning of the word alomoney (!) - send 10,000 in aid of Slashers tit fund, leave as a legacy 10,000 for Slashers beer fund, because I believe in good causes and helping people - then I`d die and let her (the wifey) cop the lot, including Boeing the yellow canary, the tractor and the chickens.:rolleyes:

9th Mar 2013, 22:43
I'd be surprised if many people at all know the meaning of the word alomoney.

9th Mar 2013, 23:06
Thanks for those links. I'd forgotten there were two of them.

Why is it scum so often win?

And people who say, "the money won't make any difference to us".

THEN WHY BUY THE BLADDY TICKETS? Hand your winnings over to me 'cos it'll make a difference to me.:E

10th Mar 2013, 01:04
....if you hope to survive a week in the sack with this:

Toffeez I've had the pleasure of seeing (but unfortunately not actually meeting) Yumlick
up close in person. Believe me - she could wake up the d!cks of the dead!

If she shagged me to death then it'd be a great way to go - but the hard part is winning
that million quid first... :(

10th Mar 2013, 01:25

Hi. I've got a change for you......

10th Mar 2013, 01:37
I'd be surprised if many people at all know the meaning of the word alomoney.
Not sure about alomoney, but isn't alimony the money a woman gets paid for making a mistake?

Loose rivets
10th Mar 2013, 06:07
Once the bussines was established, I would buy a Cessna 182RG and tour the world in small hops.

Why buy a Cessna? :p


Impress to inflate
10th Mar 2013, 11:25
Not tell a fecking soul !! I hear that the begging and pleading letters come in thick and fast

10th Mar 2013, 15:31
BBC News - Yours for hire: A life of luxury in Dubai (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/21732435)

Thomas coupling
10th Mar 2013, 15:56
Divorce the wife and buy an island in the Philippines with a local female staff of half a dozen:mad:

Must go........wifey coming.......

Standard Noise
10th Mar 2013, 16:59
Not tell a fecking soul !!

A few of us were pondering this in work last week. How much could you get away with 'hiding' from others (friends, relatives, begging letter authors etc) before anyone would notice? I reckoned on 1.5 million at the most.

10th Mar 2013, 17:09
How much could you get away with 'hiding' from others (friends, relatives, begging letter authors etc) before anyone would notice?
In some respects the more the easier.

If you moved well away from your original location (maybe overseas) you could establish a 'new life'.

Occasional visits 'back home' could be contrived (change of clothes. vehicle etc )

Some rich and famous people manage - though you'd have to tone-down your appearance.

10th Mar 2013, 17:09
There was a cabinet minister, I can't remember who it was, in the UK not long ago who received a 'payment' of a million or so pounds from Silvio Berlusconi (I think) and 'forgot' to tell his wife and the tax authorities. Apparently he kept it hidden for quite while, but then cabinet ministers are well practised in devious and dishonest behaviour.

10th Mar 2013, 17:31
A million isn't much anymore,( says he who has nothing in his pocket or bank account at the moment :hmm:). But it's a start and if you can't turn it into two million or more. Then you need better advice.

First off, I'd keep it a secret from the person I work for now. He would only try and badger me into investing in his company. Buy an aeroplane? No thanks.

Certainly move to a bigger house, the wife would give up her current job although she fancies opening a tea shop of some sort with her sisters.

I think the main thing I would get from it would be more peace of mind. No more worries about money. Well not as many worries about money.

Having said there's a couple of things to do with it. Driving a racing car on the track is one. Flying in a fast jet of some sort and a warbird and I might, just might buy a Cub.

Now if I had ten million, well that's different.

10th Mar 2013, 17:47
What did Thomas write that needed to be censored?

Virgins (no, none left over here)
Nurses (they're all in the UK NHS)
Nuns (all taking care of the pope)
Masseuse (getting closer)
Schoolgirls (why not?)
Cooks (don't be silly)


Standard Noise
10th Mar 2013, 18:27
GCPTN - we were talking more about staying as you were so to speak and hiding the fact that you had 'acquired' money rather than disappearing off somewhere else.

Capetonian - are you thinking of Tessa Jowell's hubby David Mills?

10th Mar 2013, 18:36
Thanks, Standard Noise, that's exactly right. He is a lawyer married to a politician, so no great surprise there.

10th Mar 2013, 18:50
A million pounds ? Please take note of the price of the new Lamborghini Veneno, currently on display at the Geneva Motor Show: two million six hundred thousand pounds.

Ah well, back to a Ford Fiesta I guess.......

Thomas coupling
10th Mar 2013, 19:24
A question I always raise at dinner parties: How much would it take to significantly alter your life style. IE: Walk away and start elsewhere?

A million is less than what my household cumulative income is in 6+ years. So it's not a lot. At least it's tax free, I suppose.

13th Mar 2013, 23:47
I'd be surprised if many people at all know the meaning of the word alomoney

As in: `Allo Allo`

Allo, as in Hello

Allo money!

What an ex wifey gets when she rips half of your estate away from you.

Girlfriendy, chucking guy

Girlyfriend: "well, dear John, am sorry, but, well, its not going to work, y`see, I`ve met this guy and, well, I have to move on, we are fnished. . .sorry "

>>>big pause (or in the case of alimoney - paws)

Girlyfriend: "well, aren`t you going to say anything . . ?"

Dear John: "Not much to say really, except, I just won 23million on the lottery. - Anyway, bye"