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8th Mar 2013, 22:05
Hey all,

I am currently preparing the 2013 Aviation Employee Engagement Survey. I hope as many of you as possible will take the 10 minutes to respond. So this year will it be bigger and better? No. It will be exactly the same as last year so we can compare the trends. It may show us whether -

The Qantas pilots love in lifted moral.
Virgin employees are reasonably content with many contract negotiation discussions due.
The chopper sector and if the Bristow/CHC scores have lifted post EA certification.
Alliance is still the place people like to work.

To refresh your memories here is a link to the final product of last year's survey. cheers Steve


8th Mar 2013, 22:35
Ok all we are away. There are 54 questions and don't forget to hit next at the bottom of each page to move through them. Follow the link below to start.

https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/2013AusAviation (https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/2013AusAviation)

8th Mar 2013, 22:55
Just when you are filling out guys, if your employer is not listed, send me a PM or msg and I will add to the list. Our Kiwi friends of course more than welcome to respond. Air NZ is listed. Be nice to know early of other major Kiwi employers if someone could list them here.


imperial shifter
9th Mar 2013, 00:06
Do the recently redundant get a say? I have many positive things to say about my previous employer!

9th Mar 2013, 00:39
Just a few minor things Steve,
Q 48 spelling error (company)
Q 39 going... ? seems an unfinished question.
Thanks for the opportunity.:ok:

9th Mar 2013, 02:05
Wouldn't be my work withiut a spelling error.

9th Mar 2013, 02:57
Cobham is missing and they are probably the 3rd largest employer in Australia, actually 4th if Jester is separate to Qantas.

QantasLink 717's
Regional Services 146's
Surveillance Aus

9th Mar 2013, 03:23
Cobham is there attached to Nat Jet. Has Nat Jet completely gone now with all staff rebranded as Cobham?

9th Mar 2013, 05:08
So it is. I used a Mac the first time and it only showed the first vertical line, I went to a PC and as you say its all there.

Cobham includes NJS, Surveillance, Jetex and the PNG ops.

9th Mar 2013, 18:59
"..... CASA FOI's ...... still fly aircraft, plus they too have feelings and an employer!!"

Who'd have thought that? Learn something new every day! :ooh:

10th Mar 2013, 00:46
What happened to the management-filter question?

10th Mar 2013, 04:37
Questions all the same. Managers can be filtered off at the analyze page.

10th Mar 2013, 05:14
Great idea, only comment I would make is just be careful about using photos/pictures from the various company websites and reports.

Those pics are usually copyright and using them suggests a level of endorsement by the organizations that could provoke a reaction that dilutes the usefulness of the message delivered by the survey.

It would be sad to see the survey results devalued because of a side issue.

10th Mar 2013, 07:54
No pics taken from the airlines websites in fact some sent us pictures to use (Virgin). ALAEA also held a members photo competition last year on the understanding that pictures may be used by us. They look fantastic on the webpage too for those redirected there on survey completion.

10th Mar 2013, 08:53

The end result looks very professional so well done..

10th Mar 2013, 09:49
All good.

400 have completed survey in first 2 days which is bloody great. Hope we can get a lot more.

10th Mar 2013, 22:13
Steve I congratulate you on the work you put in and the coherent and transparent way that you use Pprune to try and effect real change in the industry.:D

10th Mar 2013, 22:21
Thnx lookleft. I just wish I had more time to do everything I would like to.

11th Mar 2013, 02:01
I concur. Steve you are a good man, if not slightly unhinged :cool:

12th Mar 2013, 00:54
750 responses and counting.

Thank you.

12th Mar 2013, 02:16
Against the Grain

Stock options are the most egalitarian force in the US economy.

To find out why, take a look at:We the Owners (http://www.wetheowners.com/index.html#)

If you think the idea has merit, use this forum and the Qantas 2013 Survey to make it known.

14th Mar 2013, 01:12
Creeping up to 1000 responses now.

We have had a good response from employees at Air Services.

18th Mar 2013, 10:15
Survey slowly ticking along guys. As many responses as possible would be good. Makes results more legit.

19th Mar 2013, 00:49
I was once a vocal supporter of your work Steve but after your stunt here defaming the professionalism of QF short haul pilots you personally lost forever the large support base amongst us.

No links to your survey amongst our email groups or qrewroom this time round.

19th Mar 2013, 01:33
Personally, I saw this as an opportunity to balance that other survey promoted by my employer.

Despite the fact that both groups will use the gathered data to their advantage, I feel that the published statistics of survey promoted here will give a more accurate indication of the health of the industry than the other one will of the health of the airline Capt CB and others including me, call our own.

19th Mar 2013, 04:03
I was once a vocal supporter of your work Steve but after your stunt here defaming the professionalism of QF short haul pilots you personally lost forever the large support base amongst us.

Thank you Cloudbuster for your honesty. I did make a mistake by posting a tech log coupon with a flt number and date attached. I was unaware that pilots could check the rosters of others to see who was flying that sector. It was de-identified immediately and reposted. That debate however was over a different issue that is very important to our member's employment and can be followed on that thread.

This issue is a different one and I hope in conducting the survey I can create something that makes our industry better. I am certain Pilots and Engineers don't agree on everything, most of our members would not even agree on every single thing we do. I hope you can take each issue on its merits and accept my apology for the first posting, agree to disagree on the issue and understand that my interests rest firstly with ALAEA members closely followed by what is good for all of us.

Steve P

19th Mar 2013, 05:37
I am not aware of the incident referred to, but try to give Steve a break. Everyone is out to 'get' him - he is bound to make a mistake once in a while. On the one hand you have an incompetent lunatic doing everything s/he can to destroy and pillage an icon the country used to treasure and on the other you have a guy who has clearly worked extremely hard under extremely difficult conditions to try to achieve something - not just for his members, but his industry in general.

It's not like he tried to shut down the airline...

The last thing we should be trying to be is the People's Front of Judea...

19th Mar 2013, 07:00
As far as I am concerned the best Politician we have is Nick Zenophon. He works his nut off and supports Aviation workers without even being asked. I don't agree with his policy to cut shift penalty rates for small businesses but I sure as hell wish I lived in SA and had a chance to vote for him. I wouldn't pull support for what he does because of one thing I did not agree with.

19th Mar 2013, 10:12
Well, Steve, Xenophon is spelt with an 'X' and I couldn't disagree more with you about small business penalty rates - and I would guess the 12.5% super penalty for employers (paid for of course by ALP mining levies) but I STILL wouldn't pull my support of you because of those few things. In fact, though I could assure you we are on completely opposite sides of the political fence, I would vote for you - even though you are politically misguided:) I just wish the incompetent rabble in charge in CBR had one person with your intentions, ability and work ethic. I might disagree with you on almost anything, but I would respect your opinions. And that, my friends (I think) is really the point.

I've never met Steve and almost certainly never will. I am as anti union as it would be possible to get, but I think people like Steve should be on the board of major corporations to keep the incompetent thieves from trashing the joint - and eventually the country ... No one is perfect, but he really cares. And that is rare.

19th Mar 2013, 10:44
Yes it is a bloody X. Unfortunately I type from my mind. I really like the idea of Independents and think all issues should be considered on merit. On that note, the survey is your opportunity to have a say about these companies we work for. The results are not swayed by political alliances or promises of promotion. :)

20th Mar 2013, 16:15
How's the survey going Steve....looking forward to seeing the results.

Went to the rowers meeting the other day and thanks for all the info. Seem to get more info from you guys then my current great employer:yuk: Like most guys in my section it's so disheartening to see what's going on. What was once a proud workplace is now just a horrible place to work. What ever you do please keep the information flowing especially the face to face meetings.

Keep up the good work mate and keep the bastards honest.


Ps. As a suggestion maybe you could distribute those pens again....worked wonders last time:ok:

2nd Apr 2013, 03:27
Survey is ticking away nicey thnx all. Last year we produced comprehensive results for 12 employers who had a large enough participation group. This year a few more have already met the criteria. Some others on the verge include - CASA, Air North, Toll Dnata, SkyTrans, Air NZ, Network, AMSA and Hawkers.....

Here is the link again -



15th Apr 2013, 10:32
Mines in. Heavily influenced by the way some company management are allowed to swan around and oppress their staff and cause as much grief and uncertainty as they can. That tosser bouncing from QF BNE to CNS is doing more damage to workplace morale than anything I have ever seen before. Has to be endorsed by higher up. There will be a riot soon.

hannibal lector
15th Apr 2013, 11:06
I agree. Must be gifted at something

15th Apr 2013, 11:10
I reckon he costs that company a fortune through the trail of damaged morale he leaves behind.

hannibal lector
15th Apr 2013, 11:18
Yes Fed Sec. Can't believe it is accepted by management.

That's how come engineering costs so much. Carrying bloated
Wanna be managers

15th Apr 2013, 11:31
All the more reason why we need to get as many to complete the engagement survey and let these companies know how much damage they are doing to their own bottom line by employing fools.

15th Apr 2013, 12:31
Again we are slowly ticking away after the Flight Attendants union FAAA sent links out to members.

Getting close to having enough responses from CASA employees to have their employment analyzed and published. Would love some more CASA people to respond.


16th Apr 2013, 10:35
He is protected by Gavin H But I hear he is in for some legal trouble soon. You can only harass, victimise and discriminate for so long before it catches up with you. Lets see how long it takes before management distance themselves from this narcissist .