View Full Version : Winter Storm Saturn Hits Northeast, Cancels Thousands of Flights Friday

8th Mar 2013, 13:29
Saturn is at it again

Winter Storm Saturn Hits Northeast, Cancels Thousands of Flights (http://www.frequentbusinesstraveler.com/2013/03/winter-storm-saturn-hits-northeast-cancels-thousands-of-flights/)

The winter storm which dumped as much as three feet of snow in Montana and resulted in thousands of flight cancellations and delays is now pounding the New York metropolitan area and New England.

Snow will continue in the region, including northeast Pennsylvania and New Jersey and Delaware, ...

green granite
8th Mar 2013, 13:41
It's all these wind turbines modifying the weather, innit. :)

8th Mar 2013, 13:41
Thank you, Manicouagan High, for keeping all that crap to the south. :ok:


galaxy flyer
8th Mar 2013, 15:25
17" here at Schloss GF, miserable stuff, too. Wet, heavy and far more than expected. The airport I fly out of is 22 miles away and 600' lower--only an inch or so there. Snow's like sex, don't when you'll get it and how many inches you get, when you do.


8th Mar 2013, 15:43
I realize that a lot of focus is on the East Coast, but last evening we had a pretty severe storm move through Southern California. I managed to pop out this morning during a break in the weather to survey some of the damage.


Pretty tragic. I expect that the Red Cross will be setting up soon.

DX Wombat
8th Mar 2013, 15:44
Oh! You mean that North East. I thought you meant Mr D's location - the real North East. There are lots of places in he world with an area called "The North East". ;)

galaxy flyer
8th Mar 2013, 16:13

Oh, the humanity!