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tony draper
7th Mar 2013, 17:01
What is it with the wig wearers these days?,when I were a lad the jury came in pronounced the quivering miscreant in the dock guilty,the Judge stuck the bit of black cloth on his noggin and sentenced the buggah to the drop or 15 year with hard labour,now they say guilty and the Judge says come back in a month for sentencing when I get back from me holidays.
Time was the jury who have to sit through hours of bullshit from barristers got to hear the end result of their deliberations and guilty verdict.

G&T ice n slice
7th Mar 2013, 17:23
I think it's the effect of the left-wing pinko liberal commie hand-wringing appologists lobby.

There can be no sentence passed until there has be a whole bunch of "evaluations" and "reports" and other bits & pieces that have to be put together by the social services, mental health services, etc etc etc etc.

Usually these come back with the typical hand-wringing-appologist waffle in support of the defendant and these then tie the judges hands up so much that all he/she can do is to pass a suspended sentence, or community service or some other silly, meaningless penalty that means that in effect the defendant has "got away with it" (as usual)

Gone, I'm afraid, are the days when the judge would know the defendant was a wrong'un (having been fully briefed in advance) and could pass the suitable sentence of flogging and/or hanging immediately.

sad really

7th Mar 2013, 17:56
tIt would be OK to have the delay for reports - there is background stuff that affects matters. The real problem is that is no longer possible to:

'It is my very humane endeavour
To make, to some extent,
Each evil liver
A running river
Of harmless merriment

My objecty all sublime,
I shall achieve in time
To make the punishment fit the crime-
The punishment fit the crime
And make each prisoner pent
Unwillingly represent
A source of innocent merriment
Of innocent meriment.'

Sadly, we no longer have parliamentary trains or their buffers...

So sentencing is too limited, and all too often, we don't 'make the punishment fit the crime'. In this respect, the US is somewhat more realistic.

7th Mar 2013, 18:17
G&T, you forgot the "victim impact statements", which are actually aimed in the opposite direction of what you were saying, but nevertheless are a delay and obfuscation IMHO. Hang 'em high!

7th Mar 2013, 20:58
Should depend on the 'victims antecedents'.

G&T ice n slice
7th Mar 2013, 21:13
"victim impact statements"

Good grief:ugh:

In the old days I am led to understand that the judge would be briefed in advance along the lines of "this is a nasty little scrote who we know has been up to a lot of other no good and he is in need of a good kicking"

We need to get this whole idiot system sorted so that we can "round up the usual suspects" and give them a quick fair trial before finding them guilty and hanging them.
Certainly these trials that go on for days on end just baffle me.
should be 10:00 to 12:00 prosecution; 12:00 to 13:00 lunch; 13:00 to 15:00 defence; 15:00-15:30 proseution rebuttal; 15:30-15:45 defence summary; 15:45-16:00 prosecution summary; 16:00-16:15 judges summary; 16:15-16:30 jury deliberations; 16:30 guilty verdict; Hanging at 17:00

all done & dusted.