View Full Version : Juventus v Celtic

7th Mar 2013, 15:43
Much as I dislike Celtic, they got a rough deal.
When Fulham drew Juventus in the Europa, the first leg was away, and Juve won 3-1. Back at the Cottage for the second leg, it seemed like it was all over in the first few minutes when Juve scored again, but then Fulham scored 4 and won the tie, knocking Juve out having come back from 4-1 down.
I wonder if Celtic had been away for the first leg like Fulham were, could last night have ended differently? Juve did blatant fouls, most of which were 'waved on' by the ref, but Celtic hung on, apart from Lennon who threw his chewing gum on the ground.
So this just leaves Arsenal in the CL (until next wednesday anyway) even Barcelona having fallen by the wayside courtesy of Celtic, who copied the 'method' (blocking with very little attacking) used by Chelsea against Barca the previous season.

sled dog
7th Mar 2013, 19:19
Who really cares ?