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6th Mar 2013, 22:02
You choose?

don garlits swamp rat VIII - YouTube

The Big Daddy versus MV A... :-)

Giacomo Agostini starts MV Agusta 500 in Imatra memorial GP 2010 - YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PL4C2187A724E7A1BF&v=Ch_Mwsg17HI&NR=1&feature=endscreen)


6th Mar 2013, 22:22
En nog eine Schumaker...

Tony Schumacher U.S. Army Canopy Enclosed Cockpit NHRA Nitro Top Fuel Dragster at PBIR 01/2012 - YouTube

it don't sound better than this...

1990 - Part 6 Best of Famoso Raceway Nitro Top Fuel Nostalgia Drag Racing Bakersfield, CA - YouTube


7th Mar 2013, 15:20
Way back in '67, I was at the 'Senior' TT. We were at Creg ny Baa, a sharp right hander following a downhill stretch. I was on the outside of the corner with my 300mm telephoto. Agostini came down the hill from Kate's Cottage on the 500cc MV Agusta 3 cylinder. As he came round the corner, I raised my camera; he must have seen the movement as he turned his head towards me and grinned. (They only wore 'pudding basin' helmets in those days, full face hadn't been invented yet) Think about it, he was cranked over to the right accelerating out of the corner and he looked hard left towards me, and still remained in control!!

sled dog
7th Mar 2013, 19:04
MV every time. Who wants to hear a dragster at low revs sounding like a tractor............

7th Mar 2013, 19:09
I was on the church lawn at Ballaugh Bridge, the hair standing up on my arms as those multi's went by.

7th Mar 2013, 19:37
This one does it for me, every time:


7th Mar 2013, 21:52
Just `giggle` Honda RC166,or the other ones on Y-Tube,turn the speakers up,and have the hairs crawl on your neck.....especially the 250-6,or the 125-5,or the Benelli-4,or the Guzzi 500-8....

8th Mar 2013, 05:11
For me, I was indelibly marked by the sound of Geoff Duke's
Gilera 500 four (http://www.vintagebike.co.uk/galleries/soundfiles/1963%20Gillera%20MV.mp3) at the Bob McIntyre Memorial meeting at Oulton Park in Oct 62..

8th Mar 2013, 09:32
Regretfully, the sound system hasn't been built which can accurately re-produce the sound of a top fueller, and I've heard many of them as well as funny cars (with ear defenders I might add)By the way, the 'whining' noise you hear in the shots of the drasgsters coming towards the camera is the superchargers. But having said all that, for me the sound of the century was at Brands Hatch c1969; Mike Hailwood on the 297cc Honda 6 cylinder vs Giacomo Agostini on the 500cc MV Agusta 3 cylinder.

8th Mar 2013, 11:48
There are a few examples of the Honda 6 and the MV3 here (http://www.vintagebike.co.uk/galleries/sounds.php) but not on the same clip unfortunately. Good Friday afternoon stuff!:ok:

8th Mar 2013, 13:37
Rice burners sound good, but I can't get away from my roots: