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Loose rivets
6th Mar 2013, 16:08
Having read Andrew Lycett's biography of Ian Fleming, this unusually comprehensive snippet from the Beeb was of particular interest to me.

Ian Fleming ISBN 1-507036-343-9

"Ionides is an unusual name," he said. "Was your grandfather called Theo?"

"Yes," replied Alexander.

"Did he fight in World War II?"

"Yes," he answered again.

Then came the real eye-opener.

"Did you know he was handpicked to be part of a top secret commando unit set up by Ian Fleming?"

The answer to that question was a resounding no. This amateur historian had opened a chapter of family history that we had no idea existed.

(The letter from 'F', in the famous room 39, clicks open)

BBC News - When Ian Fleming picked my grandfather to steal Nazi secrets (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-21629270)