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Ted Nugent
5th Mar 2013, 08:32
It was only a matter of time.

Jetstar Asia boosts flights to Perth

04 March 2013

Jetstar will add up to six additional weekly services between Singapore and Perth from 31 March 2013, offering an extra 2,000 seats per week between the two cities.

Jetstar Asia CEO Bara Pasupathi said the airline’s new schedule of up to 13 return flights per week will give more Singapore travellers the opportunity to fly to one of their favourite Australian destinations.

“Singapore travellers are the third biggest group of visitors to Perth*," Mr Pasupathi said.

"Last year, Jetstar Asia carried more than 100,000 passengers between Singapore and Perth. We expect to grow this number significantly with these additional services, giving passengers greater convenience in travelling between the two cities.

"The additional services from Perth will see a 40 per cent increase in connections from our Singapore hub to Southeast Asian hot spots like Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Phuket and Ho Chi Minh City along with Greater China cities in Hong Kong and Taipei, making these destinations more accessible.”

Jetstar Asia is the first Singapore-based low cost carrier to offer twice daily flights between Singapore and Perth.

* Tourism Western Australia Report, 20 September 2012.

Sale information

Jetstar Asia is celebrating the launch of additional Singapore - Perth services, with a one-way Economy Starter sale fare of SGD$128 / AUD$129. The sale commences 4 March and ends 9 March on Jetstar.com. Seats are subject to availability and may not be available on all flights. Terms and conditions apply, see Jetstar.com for details.

Jetstar’s all day, every day low fares from Singapore to Perth start from SGD$214, one-way.

Flight Number Route Departure / Arrival time (local time)

3K133** Singapore - Perth 0210 - 0730

3K134** Perth - Singapore 0810 - 1345

3K131 Singapore - Perth 1750 - 2310

3K132 Perth - Singapore 0005 - 0535

**Additional service, except Sundays

5th Mar 2013, 12:20
And QF dropped 1 daily Per to Sin why?


5th Mar 2013, 12:32
The new Jetstar Asia service leaves Perth less than 2 hours before QF does. And the new QF SINPER flight leaves at the same time as Jetstar's SINPER. What on earth are they trying to achieve here?

5th Mar 2013, 12:37
Any update on Hkg-Per-Hkg???

Last time I looked, with Qf pulling out.......


Dash 42
5th Mar 2013, 12:46
What on earth are they trying to achieve here?

At a guess, I'd say QF PER SIN PER flights will become "economically unsustainable" and JQ Asia will operate the route under QF code share with more agreeable labour costs...:ugh:

5th Mar 2013, 15:57
Hang on Jetstar Asia is a separate company controlled by a Singaporean who bought 51% of Jetstar Asia for a dollar Singapore..........All funded by Qantas...Doesn't that breach the Sale Act.....Does anyone care...no! More Australian jobs gone. Jetstar Asia is only in existence by the good grace of Newstar (a Qantas owned company) otherwise it is bankrupt. Liabilities exceed it's assets according to the 2012 accounts.

schlong hauler
5th Mar 2013, 19:52
It's blatant and disgusting to think that J*Asia can only make money by subleasing aircraft to the Australian J*. Abuse of the intent of QSA requires further investigation by Senator Xenaphon and the Senate. These subsidiary companies are in breach of the act. The whole thing is a con set up to circumvent out tax laws, the Qantas Sale Act and sails very close to transmission of business laws. Let me just guess what aircraft they'll be using. A subleased Qantas owned A330 or 787. The latest engagement survey results if ever released should make interesting reading! More lies more bullshit more spin more deceit. Is there any pride left in QF?

6th Mar 2013, 00:29
Can't say your engaged if you don't do the engagement survey !

6th Mar 2013, 09:15
JQ Asia will operate the route under QF code share

Yep, they are 3K flight numbers.

Let me just guess what aircraft they'll be using. A subleased Qantas owned A330 or 787.

No, according to the schedule it'll be your standard Jetstar A320.

So what has happened here is that the 'Qantas Group' has simply taken out 1 x A330 worth of J-class seats (and a few economy seats), by replacing the full-service A330 with a Jetstar A320.

Thus dumbing-down the offering as a whole. :ok:

It's consistent with the re-config of the A380: reduce J, add a handful of W, and ramp up Y capacity.

6th Mar 2013, 10:53
Can't say your engaged if you don't do the engagement survey !

That's a common misintrepration/belief of statistical surveys. Its EXACTLY how those who don't do the survey are viewed by manipulative managements.

If you don't respond, you are viewed as being happy with your lot.

6th Mar 2013, 22:24
Lord help me !Only an idiot would think that by not engaging in an engagement survey are the staff engaged !