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5th Mar 2013, 03:17
I just completed a return trip overseas on Qantas, won't say where to protect the guilty. I have previously been underwhelmed with the standard of cabin service but sadly this time I just came off the flight angry. Angry that for whatever reason, the cabin staff did not smile at all, there was very little eye contact with passengers, no complimentary "thank you sir/madam", seemingly no interest in engaging with the paying traveller. In fact I would say that the pax were simply an embugerence to be endured between take off and landing and getting payed somewhere down the line. At one point there were no observed attendants in the cabin so I decided to take a look, and found them, curtins drawn, in the galley chatting away, one in a separate galley, head in hands, others dissapearing into the rear upper sleeper. Fine that crew have the opportunity to rest, and on a full flight too. BUT, this was a daylight flight, not back of the clock. I have chosen to not send in a complaint as I don't wish to be singled out as a trouble maker should I have to endure a future flight (though I intend to book Virgin) but I hope to hell this gets read by someone who has the leg with a boot on the end.

It may be a reflection on how staff are being treated by managament, in which case there's no surprise people turn up with scowls for smiles. But, paying pax want to leave a flight with a feeling of appreciation for your custom, and a look forward to flying with you again. Yes you can be professional without being a surly old prick/cow. If i'm asked, I would say that there has to be a complete rethink starting with management. It all starts at the top. Then, getting rid of anyone who is not prepared to put in the work to have the paying public feel appreciated as they leave each and every flight, regardless of any beef they have with management, their husband/wife, milk man etc.... Then lets revisit crew joining a flight TOGETHER, and leave TOGETHER with the Captain as THE BOSS, followed by the F/O, both of whom have probably worked for years to achieve the high standards expected of them on the Flight Deck, and who represent at the very least, senior managers. How about all the crew staying in one hotel, and getting together for drinks during stop overs to generate some comaradery, and team spirit. Lets see some direction from management toward that, and perhaps flowing on from that will be a mutual respect toward the cabin for the job they do.

In one respect Alan is right in that a new broom is needed.

The Captain is in charge of the flight and has ultimate responsibility for ALL the crew. Crew should engage the captain, First Officer with courtesy and respect at ALL times. The CS is the most senior of the Cabin Crew and is responsible to the Captain firstly, then the First Officer in the event of incapacitation of the Captain. Looks great on paper doesnt it!

Well Ive said my bit. Bloody discrace is what it is right now and I feel sorry for anyone trying to make a career in that mess

5th Mar 2013, 03:44
Bloody discrace is what it is right now and I feel sorry for anyone trying to make a career in that mess

Yep, Australian GA has spread its tenticals.

5th Mar 2013, 04:41
I can understand how you feel and it was for similar reasons that I canned Qantas as my airline of choice.

I HAVE recently booked a flight for HKG this month and it's with Qantas.
I have had some favourable feedback from friends who flew Qantas last month and it's given me some hope that things have changed for the better.

Your experience makes me uneasy about returning to our national carrier, so I have hedged my bets and booked another flight I'd planned to HHL but this time with Virgin.

5th Mar 2013, 07:04
Some crews are great, some not. This inconsistently is a big problem.:ugh:
The CSM is vital in leading the way with crews, unfortunately the Pilots are locked away most of the time and out of the loop with what is going on(or not).
We are on the receiving end of questionable service as well.:ooh:

Miles Long
5th Mar 2013, 07:27
And I've had similarly bad experiences on Emirates and Malaysian.
And I've had outstanding experiences at times with Qantas.

5th Mar 2013, 07:39
There are no bad airlines, only bad crew. You could fly on Monday and have a shit experience and then fly again Tuesday and be bowled over by the pleasant crew you meet.

A lot of super old crew are complacent and don't work hard at their day to day. They don't smile and don't care - they just do enough to stay on their sweet wicket and nice pay packet.

Not all crew are like that, believe me. As crew it's often a hard task to get a smile out of a passenger who walks on board with my own smile and hello. But I persist and do the same smile and farewell when they get off. I'm not saying all pax are grumpy and all pax don't even say hello in return when crew say it to them, but I'm also saying don't judge an entire airline's crew by a few flights you've taken.

5th Mar 2013, 08:30
Flown QF many times and to be honest never had a bad crew. Some better than others but no real problems :ok:. Just my 2 bobs worth.

Shot Nancy
5th Mar 2013, 09:58
The crew performance is just one symptom of toxic management.
Best to treat the disease than the symptoms.

Flying Bear
5th Mar 2013, 11:11
Can't say I agree with that one...

If a crew gives an excellent performance, does that mean it is a sign of superb management? I am aware of the "challenges" faced at QF and the bad sentiment that the leadership has created / allowed to develop - yet the other day on a QF flight I experienced a service that was far in excess of what was required or expected by a whole cabin team, well led by the CSM.

At the end of the day, when dealing with customers, a poor attitude or performance is more an indictment on the professionalism of the individual. All jobs have their issues, and everyone has their own stressors - but don't drop those on the paying customer...

There are other ways to "cure diseases"

5th Mar 2013, 12:01
I hear and appreciate the variation in crews. Sadly I have flown this route a number of times now, and my previous trip was with Virgin. The difference was astounding to say the least. Over a couple more trips I will have a greater representation from which to draw a conclusion but it aint looking good for Qantas getting my business.