View Full Version : Warning, another addictive game!

la fresher
23rd Apr 2002, 11:12
Wave goodbye to any productive work for a few hours...


Top score so far - 173,227

Feeton Terrafirma
23rd Apr 2002, 12:52
Only half way thru level 4 and it crashed on me :(

Big Tudor
23rd Apr 2002, 17:12
Very addictive

Top = 388461 - level 9

Leaving it alone before I go mad. :D

23rd Apr 2002, 17:48
Briefly played before guilt reassumed captaincy.
Finished level 2 with a score of 36,700. Is that some kind of a record for a first-timer? :D

itchy kitchin
23rd Apr 2002, 22:52
very addictive. lost track of score. Cat needs feeding. gotta go.
....well, just 1 more go...

23rd Apr 2002, 23:11
I can't top 185,000-ish

24th Apr 2002, 11:34
Damn there goes the work time…. Level 7 - 140’000 ish.
Gotta beat Big Tudor!! Next try then!!

24th Apr 2002, 11:37
Darn it. OK, BT, what's the trick?

Flying Duck
24th Apr 2002, 12:07
Ah yes - I know how addictive this game can be - I have it on my Palm Pilot and play it all the time on the train whilst commuting into London....

24th Apr 2002, 14:20
level 9, 130000 ish

dry eyes, carpel tunnel syndrome (spelling ?) and broken mouse.... :(

off to find a new mouse for the next round... :)


24th Apr 2002, 14:44
363,031! Yee ha! Still doesn't beat the Big T, though. :(

24th Apr 2002, 14:49
A whopping 387,238, level 9.

The trick to getting loads of bonuses is to concentrate on clearing all the colours bar one, which you then zap with much gusto when it fills half the screen, garnering loads of points.

Well that's my theory and I'm sticking to it.

Big Tudor
24th Apr 2002, 14:54
If you clear the screen totally you get a bonus of 10,000 x the level you are on. Soon bumps the score up.

P.S. 410,385

24th Apr 2002, 15:16
sod it, just realised the bombs where good

Jolly Hockeysticks
25th Apr 2002, 18:40

Never ever EVER EVER EVERpost anything like this again.

You've virtually ruined my life.....:eek:

So far 437,198 but still trying:mad:


Flying Duck
26th Apr 2002, 15:07
Only managed 384,156 - but got to level 10 - scarey level !!

26th Apr 2002, 15:14
My mouse has 5 buttons AND a wheel - you'd think there would be some way to get one of them to switch to rapid clicking without wearing my index finger out! ;)

29th Apr 2002, 05:00
Darn it, she borrows my computer and blasts straight past me to 234,192! Gotta keep trying!!!!!

There goes my sleep for tonight........:D

29th Apr 2002, 06:09
I will let y'all into a secret - go to Macromedia website download the trial version on to your puter and...you, like me, can achieve scores more than 1million!! My best so far is 1.3mio :D

6th May 2002, 11:16
Darn it!!!!!! I got up to level 10 at 358191 points and still behind Big T!!!!!!
I figured that I could forget about this silly time wasting game but apparently not.

King Kee
6th May 2002, 20:38
You bastards....I was going to do some work tonight, but now I'm hooked!

7th May 2002, 07:39
You can download the trial from here : http://www.shockwave.com/sw/content/collapse


la fresher
7th May 2002, 11:10
I'd like to take this opportunity to apologise to UK Plc (and any other industrial nation) for the downturn in productivity over the past couple of weeks. God I wish I never came across this game!

PS: 952,307 level 9! :cool:

Jolly Hockeysticks
7th May 2002, 15:33
The trick is in clearing a VERY large number of the same colour at the same time. The bonuses, in the higher levels, are astronomical.

Pick a colour and don't blow them away until absolutely necessary.

My highest so far (after a certain amount of practice) 2,285,676.


The Greaser
7th May 2002, 17:43
I think of myself as a bit of a games 'buff' but I can't work this out - it seems to me that you just randomly hit blocks that are in groups of the same colour - sometimes they disappear, sometimes not. Very very stupid game, maybe I have not found the point of it yet - seems like you just randomly savage mouse around screen rapidly depressing left button and accumulating scores in the 000,000 with no idea what the hell you are doing.

Think I get it now - 3 blocks need to be together before they disappear.

Tcas climb
25th May 2002, 06:51
My wife's irritating look at her score :eek: (4.803.110)
I'm at about half her score, just can't figure out how she does it :confused:


Tartan Gannet
25th May 2002, 08:06
I read through the comments here and considering that I find Jet Blast addictive enough in itself I wont even go and look. Besides, I have plenty of unplayed computer games, some I have bought and not bothered to install yet! Anyway, I HATED Tetris, (and for that matter the Rubik Cube), when it came out so if it is anything like that, count me out folks!

25th May 2002, 08:21
Mrs Brizzo got to 588,030.

I can't get on the PC.

I shall need a new mouse quite soon.