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4th Mar 2013, 12:54
Recently we ditched our cable company (way too expensive) and went with a well known US-based telecoms company. (Used to be known as Ma Bell.) So instead of having Internet access via cable we now have DSL. Plenty fast enough for what we use it for.

However, I was informed by our new ISP/phone provider that our monthly DSL usage is capped at 150GB. They also claim that less than 2% of all their customers ever go over the 150GB cap.

I'm not too concerned about this cap BUT I'm wondering what kind of dent in the cap a service like NetFlix would make? 150GB seems like plenty but it also seems that streaming a couple of movies per week might put us over the cap. (Once of the cap you then pay an extra $10/50GB)

spInY nORmAn
4th Mar 2013, 21:34
I believe that streaming an HD movie runs about 2Gb/hr or roughly 3-4 Gb/movie. At a 150Gb monthly cap you should get you about 37-50 HD movies a month (precluding any other data usage). Sounds like plenty to me! YMMV

4th Mar 2013, 22:32
I don't stream movies, but stream a lot of music. I run about 35GB/month. A friend who streams movies (not daily) blows his 250GB limit regularly.

We'll get you one way or another.

5th Mar 2013, 09:15
Yet another reason why you should get your arse over here to Thailand next Winter rgb. There's none
of that bullshit download limit pm around here (I pay the equivalent of US$43 pm and average about
550-600GB...missus about 20-30). So if you want to download a terabyte or ten of porn and/or other
shit then bring along your laptop too with a spare disk - it won't cost a baht extra. :)

5th Mar 2013, 13:39
On the one hand we have Dushan's friend who streams movies (non-daily) and blows his 250GB cap regularly.

On the other hand we have spinY's calculation that an average movie uses about 3-4GB per resulting in 37-50 movies per month which falls within a 150GB cap.

37-50 movies per month would average out to 1-2 movies per day! So, Dushan, I'm not quite sure how your friend exhausts hist 250GB quota.

I figure the Mrs. and I might stream 3-4 movies per month or, on average, 1/week. We do stream a lot of music though. We subscribe to Spotify and use it daily. I'm hoping we stay within our 150GB cap.

Oh. And when my kids come over the Xbox 360 is on and playing online games for several hours per day.

spInY nORmAn
5th Mar 2013, 21:42
It's never easy to calculate actual data consumption because of all the different types of usage in any given month. Your carrier should have some sort of usage monitor so that you can keep an eye on actual data use during the month and change things if you're getting close to your limit.

The numbers I provided were from several sources but the actual estimate from Netflix (from their user setup page) is that 1 hour of hi-def streaming will use up to 2.3 Gb. The math is fairly straightforward from there on.

5th Mar 2013, 21:57
He also has an online gamer, but I cannot see how that uses any significant amount of data. It's not like images are transferred between players, only meta data. Anyway, I'll check again with him, but seem sto me he may do about 10 movies and oes blow the 250 limit. Maybe the rest is other data. Who knows.

Risky bringing porn from Slasher back into US, I'd say, on a disk.

5th Mar 2013, 22:10
Well I did say "and/or other shit" Dushan - torrent downloads perhaps.

6th Mar 2013, 05:54
Hey Slash...who is your provider and which package?.... Am currently on 3BB and paying 600 ish Bht per month. Ok for streaming generally but downloads are restricted.

6th Mar 2013, 06:05
Much much further North than you. Phucket is expensive! :bored:

6th Mar 2013, 07:35
average about 550-600GB Where do you find the time to download that amount and "watch it"?


6th Mar 2013, 15:43
I download and store it and might have 3 or 4 torrents running at the same time.
And not just porn but other stuff too. I watch whatever later when its convenient
then delete if I don't want to keep it. I don't have enough time for streamed stuff.

Just worked out Feb's load was 293GB. Averaged 550-600 since 2009.