View Full Version : [VIDEO] Freighter pilot's routine in Brazil

Willian M. Soler
4th Mar 2013, 02:56

It's my first video so I decided to call it "The Beginning", hope you guys enjoy it, feedback is welcome, watch in HD.

Best regards,


Loose rivets
4th Mar 2013, 04:13
Ah, makes me want to go flying again.;)

4th Mar 2013, 08:33
wot? 2 crew in a SE C208? with all that electronic gubbins? The you'f of today...I had to make do with an A/H and a DME..no gps, and the ice...oh the ice..:8

4th Mar 2013, 09:05
Haughtney you spoilt brat! You had a DME and an AH!!??

I dreamed about having a DME and an AH! :}

My distance measurement was the odd break in the clouds and a WAC
chart while my AH was a bat 'n ball with a split down the glass! :bored:

SMT Member
4th Mar 2013, 09:13
and a WAC chart

You had a chart? You lucky, lucky, bastard. We were only let out on dark nights in howling blizzards with nothing but the makers name on the dials.

4th Mar 2013, 09:23
You had makers names on the dials? You lucky SOB. I didn't even have dials.

Nice video btw!:ok:

Lon More
4th Mar 2013, 10:43
You mean you got a plane? Our boss just chucked us off the office roof. Three thousand mile legs with two hundred tons of parcels tied round our necks.

Solid Rust Twotter
4th Mar 2013, 10:59
You had string to tie the parcels?

Oooh! Engineer's pet, you are.....:}

4th Mar 2013, 11:29
You had an engineer?? :eek:

My my....your employer must've thought the sun shone out of your arsehole sonny.

Our "engineer" was one socket wrench - and that was speed-taped to my nutsack!

Lon More
4th Mar 2013, 12:47
socket wrench ? you were lucky. We had half of a pair of pliers and a rusty screwdriver

Solid Rust Twotter
4th Mar 2013, 14:18

When I say engineer, I'm talking about the bloke who used to beat us with t' stick with nail in end to extract a few pints of blood to keep the load light. We only called him the engineer because he'd once seen an aeroplane.

4th Mar 2013, 14:19
Really nice vid Willian, I agree with Loose, time to go and do some proper flying!

BTW, what's the music?

4th Mar 2013, 15:33
Sounds like Vanessa Mae playing a Mike Batt compo. Come on Willian, what is it?

4th Mar 2013, 15:46
Sounds like Vanessa Mae playing a Mike Batt compo. Come on Willian, what is it?

The credits are on the YouTube main video


Willian M. Soler
4th Mar 2013, 16:38
Thank you folks, It's a pleasure to share these moments with you guys. The music as sitigeltfel already said, is from Lindsey Stirling - Shadows, all songs from her are really amazing! Listen to Crystallizze too. Sorry about any English mistake :ok:.

4th Mar 2013, 23:00
I liked it William. Not sure why, but Dave Clarke headsets always gave me a headache:(

Willian M. Soler
5th Mar 2013, 01:30
Thanks gingernut :ok:, I bought mine two years ago and have no problems with it, It's not as good as a Boose A20 but for what we need here, he's on of the best options.

Best regards.

5th Mar 2013, 13:45
David Clark headsets? gaw blimey..in my youth we had cup and string..non of this fancy shmancy gubbins, backup was a set of flags and the semaphore alphabet......did I mention the ice?

6th Mar 2013, 13:34
Cup and string:8 You had it good.
In my day we had to throttle back, open the window and shout:ok:

Solid Rust Twotter
6th Mar 2013, 19:39
You had windows? Looxury...

We had one legged carrier pigeons who couldn't spell. Got pretty confusing in the circuit, I can tell you.:}

SMT Member
6th Mar 2013, 20:31
You had pigeons? Lucky bastard, we had to break the window with our bare hands (just once per flight, though), scribble our message on a scroll of parchment using nothing but the dirt under our nails, tie it to a socket wrench and lob it at whomever we wished to communicate with.

Bob Lenahan
6th Mar 2013, 20:39
You had a JOB? You lucky ...

6th Mar 2013, 21:05
Ringway on "Div" day...

Manchester / Ringway Airport | Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=429355463806255&set=a.429355233806278.97172.404974692910999&type=1&theater)

Solid Rust Twotter
7th Mar 2013, 05:10
Dirt under your fingernails? You lucky, lucky bastard! We were too poor to afford dirt. Had to use own blood to scrawl message on passing duck before strapping it to one legged, spleilng challenged pigeon.

Loose rivets
7th Mar 2013, 05:26
Gasp! you had spleilng challenged pigeon(s)

I am outclassed.:(

Solid Rust Twotter
7th Mar 2013, 06:13
Aye. Tell the youngsters of today that, and they don't b'lieve yer....:rolleyes: