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3rd Mar 2013, 12:47
A couple of weeks - maybe months - ago, someone dared to expose himself for the puny male weakling he is, and posted here about how awful he felt with the manflu.

Well I caught it last week, took it from sunny Spain to freezing grey dull Paris, where it flourished and now I'm back home I feel DREADFUL

I'm not looking for sympathy - no, honest - but want to know why one gets muscle cramps with a heavy cold or the 'flu ? Throat, synus, nose I understand, but what's making my arms legs and back hurt?

3rd Mar 2013, 13:08
My arms, legs, and back hurt whenever I get back from Paris. I guess the "pain the neck" that the French, and especially Patisians, inflict on everyone just spreads to the rest of the body.

3rd Mar 2013, 14:31
you need more liquids, I guess. :E
My daughter asked: "WHat is it, have you got a hangover?" (which was really stupid, one wouldn't drink beer when one's head's stuffed with a pillow) when I asked for yet another bottle of mineral water.
It (=acute symptoms) shouldn't last for more than a week, though. Then it's just miserable for weeks, I'm told.

eastern wiseguy
3rd Mar 2013, 14:49
but what's making my arms legs and back hurt?

That's caused by the burden of sickness that we males have to carry...but you tell that to a woman...they don't believe you:p

Union Jack
3rd Mar 2013, 14:56
That's caused by the burden of sickness that we males have to carry...but you tell that to a woman...they don't believe you

As my current next-of-kin would say, " Men get 'flu, children get colds, and women get going .....":=

Hope you're feeling better OFSO!


3rd Mar 2013, 15:01

hot water, lemon, honey and whisky or brandy. Not too much water. Taken often enough, you won't notice the aches and pains.

Big Hammer
3rd Mar 2013, 15:11
OFSO, currently medicating myself with the whiskey, seems to be working, hic!! :ok:

3rd Mar 2013, 15:33
Hope you get better soon mate. Your wit is
sorely missed in the Limerick thread... :(

3rd Mar 2013, 15:54
I am only just recovering from it after two weeks. Had pains in places where I didn't even know I had joints and muscles, was either too hot or too cold, constant headache, hacking cough, loss of appetite, and nothing seemed to help.

No doubt being on and off trains and 'planes, and going through temperature changes made it worse.

... and you tell the young people nowadays and they think you're exaggerating!

3rd Mar 2013, 16:01

3rd Mar 2013, 18:21
... and you tell the young people nowadays and they think you're exaggerating!

Aye, lad. We dreamed of having trains and planes when I were a' boy. We had to catch colds and flu at church on Sunday. And viruses. Had to get up at 3 a.m. and go down t'blacksmiths to get a bucket of innoculations, drop your keks, lean over t'anvil, and t'blacksmith would get his hairy great fist and.....

You try and tell the youth of today that, they just laugh at you. Time were tough in those days. Tough and hard. And fair.....

3rd Mar 2013, 18:57
Man Flu Home (http://manflu.info/)

3rd Mar 2013, 19:52
Careful it doesn't turn into a cold:)

Worrals in the wilds
3rd Mar 2013, 22:25
Man flu has jumped the gender barrier this season. I got a dose recently and it knocked me flat. :{Aches in every joint, head full of feathers, throat like I'd just swallowed a cheese grater...:(

It lasted a while, too. Get well soon!

3rd Mar 2013, 23:17
It's definitely woman flu. At least, that's where I caught it from!

Horrible, a week wasted because I felt like I was on the verge of death with a pounding head, nose like a tap, sore throat, throbbing eyes, ears and neck, the rest of me aching like I'd been run over. I sat / lay either shivering or roasting hot, nothing in between, totally lost control of my body temperature for a few days. Can't remember the last time that happened (actually I think I possibly can but it was a long time ago and certainly wasn't flu! :ok: ).

4th Mar 2013, 04:32
head full of feathers
that must be the woman-specific factor :)!
Only today does it feel like it might be over sometime, middle of June or so. :E

Worrals in the wilds
4th Mar 2013, 06:26
Actually probes, I think I just plagiarised you. Sorry :\!
Sign of the flu...

4th Mar 2013, 07:16
I got a dose recently and it knocked me flat.

How did you contract the man flu Worrals? Did some infected bloke
have an irresistible urge to french-kiss you or somethin'? :confused:

Worrals in the wilds
4th Mar 2013, 10:19
Never you mind. :cool:
At one stage I thought it was strep throat, and that was going to be a really embarassing medical certificate. 'Generally caught by teenagers, but can occur in adults. Transmitted by direct saliva contact.' And no, I haven't been kissing any teenagers. That would have made it worthwhile. :{

4th Mar 2013, 11:35
Thanks for all the get-well "cards". Slightly better today. My own favourite temporary cure is hot milk with a 1/2 teaspoon of honey and a goodly swig of Powers Gold Label on top. This works so well at night (22:00., straight off to sleep until 6 a.m.) that yesterday I tried an extra dose at 14:00, much the same effect. Tomorrow I'm going to try it after breakfast as well. Wake me up when it's April, please....

4th Mar 2013, 11:42
too early, has to be mid-June, remember? :cool: