View Full Version : They'll be charging admission at Tesco next

2nd Mar 2013, 23:21
The insurance companies listed below will charge you for the privilege of giving them your repeat business. Clearly they think they are doing us a favour:=

Provider Renewal Fee
Auto Direct 52
1st Central 50
iKube 35
Kwik-Fit 32 (if paying by monthly instalments)
AQuote 25 (plus 15% of renewal premium)
American Express 25
Forces Financial 25
Hastings Direct 20
Peoples Choice20
Correct as of the 26 February 2013
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3rd Mar 2013, 03:32
Yonks ago in Oz a large furniture shop in Melbun advertised in part "admission
is absolutely free." Back then no store was ever stupid enough to try charging
a door admission for the privilege of buying their shit.

The joke was the owner owed payola to the local Mafiosa. It mighta beena ola
Franco Cozzo but am unsura...