2nd Mar 2013, 11:26
I don't think this has been on before,I apologise if it has

Q-Line SafeGuard Shelving System - YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=1pYqquG27pg)

2nd Mar 2013, 11:29
if you want to keep something secret - why advertise it in youtube??:confused:

Lon More
2nd Mar 2013, 11:30
:ugh:That has got to be one of the dumbest ideas ever.
Do they think criminals don't watch YouTube?
What next? How to sue YouTube when your partner gets creamed with his own AK47 because the thief recognised it's hiding place?

2nd Mar 2013, 12:12
Not a bad way to hide your GF pics and porn stash though.

As for security the shelving system looks like a good idea. The bad idea as
previously posted was to advertise and explain it in full on a public website!

Not a smart marketing move. This bloke could've made a handsome bundle if
he'd just shutup.

I have home weaponry stashed in various places round the house for instant
use should they ever be needed. Won't say where of course but one place is
in a machine that doesn't only have to contain coldies and last night's pizza

2nd Mar 2013, 12:29
Three questions:

1. How many guns does this idiot need?

2. Where dies he store the howitzer, the 88 mm Flak cannon, the 60/40 Bofors, the trench mortar, and respective ammunition?

3. Does he ever keep a book in his bookcase?

2nd Mar 2013, 12:39
I think it was just to advertise its storage capability Dav. At around 3:00
he did say it can be used to store other stuff like cash and jewelry etc.

2nd Mar 2013, 12:45
Doesn't alter the fact of his stupidity, for now everyone knows that if they see anything like that then there is a really good chance there could be some goodies in it......

2nd Mar 2013, 12:48
True. ..................

2nd Mar 2013, 12:56
Now every dumb burgular armed with a crowbar will start by disassembling evey bookcase in your house whether you own one of these or not.

Meanwhile they'll run out of time or energy to nick the big screen TVs

Loose rivets
2nd Mar 2013, 18:42
This is such a silly subject, the following scenario came to mind. Like the Ghostly DC3 story, I'll leave it to others for completion.

Burglar enters stage left. House owner, raises just one hand.

"Oh, excuse me one moment, I simply have to move a book to another shelf."

Burglar looks taken-aback but then nods agreeably.

House owner frowns. "Now, was it Mrs Beaton's cook book, or Better ways to polish brass?" He looks at burglar, who shakes his head.

"Can't have been any of the Britanica editions." He looks a tad concerned. "Oooo, I do hope I didn't give it to Oxfam."

Burglar lights a cigarette.

"Ah, this is the one!" House owner puts a book tight against the next shelf centre.

Nothing happens and he looks sheepishly at the burglar.

Burglar sits down and rests his gun on his lap.

House owner tries several other books, and then, in a fit of angst-ridden frenzy, shakes the bookcase. All the secret compartments open simultaneously.

The burglar stands up and looks at the four-hundred and twenty-one guns that a moment ago were hidden.

"That's a nice collection you have there." He puts his gun on the coffee table and joins the burglaree.

"You think so? Thanks. Trouble is, I have so many I can't decide which one to use."

"Well, if I were you, I'd use that revolver. Much more reliable than the one I have." Helooks at his empty hands and frowns . "Buggah. I had it a minute ago."

"I'd really appreciate it if you didn't cuss in my house."

Burglar ducks his head into his shoulders. "Ooo, sorry."

"You put the coffee on and I carry on trying to decide."

Burglar stops at the kitchen door. "Two, spoons or one."

Burglaree smiles. "Just one thanks." He picks up an AK47. "Gosh, I seem to have left it loaded."

Burglar sticks his head around the door. "Oh, very nice. Is that the one made of solid metal?"

Burglaree glows with pride. "It is indeed. None of your pressed metal rubbish in this house." He passes it to the burglar.

to be continued.

2nd Mar 2013, 19:49
now here's a useful household item for a ranger turned IT tech..

USB Missile Launcher 2 Pack
http://s3.amazonaws.com/wootsaleimages/USB_Missile_Launcher___2_Packh1cThumbnail.jpg (http://s3.amazonaws.com/wootsaleimages/USB_Missile_Launcher___2_PackqikDetail.jpg)
(clickable link)

Warranty: 90 Day Woot Limited Warranty (http://www.woot.com/user/warrantyinfo.htm)

USB powered, no batteries required
Computer Guidance System, target acquisition controlled via keyboard or mouse
Compatible with Windows XP
Includes 3 foam missles and a target
3 long USB Cable attached
Rotates 360 degrees and approx 45 degrees up/down
Pre-recorded Sound Effects (PC with Speakers Required)
Download your own sound effects and add them to your program
Shoots up to 20 feet at an extremely fast rate
Includes CD with software, user guide, quick start guide
In the Box:

2 USB Missile Launchers
6 Foam Missiles

who's up for whip round for RGB's birthday ?

2nd Mar 2013, 19:57

LOL, that would suit RGB perfectly.

Lon More
2nd Mar 2013, 21:49
LOL, that would suit RGB perfectly.

but only if available with a 7 kiloton or more nuke.

Buster Hyman
2nd Mar 2013, 22:42
You know, it was only yesterday that I was wondering where to put my Uzi...

2nd Mar 2013, 23:18
In your briefcase ? :O

Takan Inchovit
2nd Mar 2013, 23:24
The missus just threw my '101 uses for dead cats' book out, you know, the one with that magnet in it! :\

2nd Mar 2013, 23:58
Slasher - Hope you keep the ammunition for the weapon in cold storage in there as well? Bummer to need it and find the rifle has contracted due to temperature and you can't feed the room temp. ammo!

3rd Mar 2013, 01:18
All already taken care of Para. I done a course in security and concealment of
armament a long time ago.

Only place I won't store a gun is anywhere near my nuts!

Erwin Schroedinger
3rd Mar 2013, 05:45
OK, her arms and legs will fit.

Her torso and head will be a problem.


Loose rivets
3rd Mar 2013, 08:30
Awww, c'mon! There has to be more to a thread than shelves with 'hidden' compartments.

In the old days there would have been a storyline with at least three conveyer belts involved. :*

As is evidenced by:



3rd Mar 2013, 08:37
Must admit that when I saw the title I thought it might be about:-

Fred Wedlock's Handier Household Help


3rd Mar 2013, 09:03
"We all now know every really good teacher must retire...." As written in a school magazine and reported in yesterday's press, due to ensuing furore.
Never knew it was known as an acrostic.
Then you come up with your post UniFOxOs.
Weird how you see/hear a new word and then find it repeated over next several days.:ok: