View Full Version : Way back in 2007 when the Airbus 340....

1st Mar 2013, 18:03
A non aviation minded friend has just asked me something about the 2007 A340 accident at Toulouse when the engines were run up against the brakes which were released by the system and etc etc.

But i was wondering what happened to the remains of the aircraft. Giggle didn't help - anyone know ?

1st Mar 2013, 18:06
I think it was written off and ended up as a hangar queen but not sure.

1st Mar 2013, 18:08
I seem to recall that it was either chopped up and used in the manufacture of other aircraft as parts/sections OR fixed up and reborn. (These might be both inaccurate).


1st Mar 2013, 18:12
What do you think you shaved with this morning?

Probably sold to some obscure CIS airline and now flying as the аеробйжкй 339 with someone's teenage son at the stick.

1st Mar 2013, 19:55
The tail fin was used in an exhibition at Place de la Concorde for The Green Airliner in October 2008