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1st Mar 2013, 14:02
Kennedy SC Comms: (http://www.radioreference.com/apps/audio/?action=cwp&ctid=320)

Space-X live cast (http://www.spacex.com/webcast/)


T-4m - Falcon 9 (rocket) on internal power...vehicle rlease sequence started

T-2 - all systems are go for launch

T-1 - Dragon is in startup

T -30secs - counting....


All systems nominal ... YEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAA

On orbit but there are snags :hmm:

tony draper
1st Mar 2013, 14:27
Oh dear summat is broke,press conference in a hour.:uhoh:

1st Mar 2013, 14:33
Was it my imagination or was there smoke just starting to appear in the image on the right amongst bits of engine before the image was chopped?

1st Mar 2013, 14:39
Word "on the street" is that Dragon's solar array/panels may have failed to deploy ... not quite sure what the consequences of that are.

the Dragon experienced an anomaly at about the time the solar arrays should have deployed.


tony draper
1st Mar 2013, 14:40
I noted that as well,looked like summat venting,seemed to be the wrong place for a thruster.:uhoh:

1st Mar 2013, 14:44
Tweet from (?allegedly) ElonMusk "owner" of Space-X

elonmusk Falcon 9 delivered Dragon to its target orbit. All good on the rocket.

begs the question really... all NOT good on Dragon?


5mins ago:

Issue with Dragon thruster pods. System inhibiting three of four from initializing. About to command inhibit override.

1st Mar 2013, 15:00
ISS Update from NASA TV now (http://www.nasa.gov/multimedia/nasatv/) :ok:

1st Mar 2013, 15:12
Tweet from Elon Musk:

Holding on solar array deployment until at least two thruster pods are active

tony draper
1st Mar 2013, 15:26
Hope they have sent a couple of packets of cable ties up to the ISS, that place looks a mess of cable spaghetti.

1st Mar 2013, 15:47
elonmusk: Thruster pod 3 tank pressure trending positive. Preparing to deploy solar arrays.

1st Mar 2013, 16:01
elonmusk: Solar array deployment successful

1st Mar 2013, 16:24
elonmusk: Attempting bring up of thruster pods 2 and 4

1st Mar 2013, 20:38
elonmusk: Thruster pods one through four are now operating nominally. Preparing to raise orbit. All systems green.

elonmusk: Pods 1 and 4 now online and thrusters engaged. Dragon transitioned from free drift to active control. Yes!!

2nd Mar 2013, 01:30
Looks like a decline, a regression if we look at the past.

Mac the Knife
2nd Mar 2013, 06:45
Slashdot Comedy Theater presents:
The future of Commercial Spaceflight, Act I
*scene: Inside the command and control center of the spaceX capsule. Dave notices a thruster reactant control system malfunction.*
"Cycle the thruster pod valves HAL."
'I'm afraid I can't do that, Dave.'
*earnestly, more sternly*
"Cycle the thruster pod valves HAL."
'I'm afraid I can't do that, Dave.'
*frantic, nearly panic stricken, as pressure indicator gauge begins to climb*
'Dave, you seem overly concerned about the thruster pod control valves. All fault indicators show green, Dave. I cannot permit you to do anything that would jeaopardize the mission; perhaps you should take a stress pill, and lie down... I have a friend...'
*alarmed, clearly freaking out; cuts off HAL9000*
"Damn you and whatever friends we have! I am looking at the goddamn pressure gauge, and the ******* needle is ready to shoot out of the godamn thing! CYCLE the MOTHER ******* thruster pod valves, you sonovabitch!"
*HAL9000 continues smoothly, and unimpacted by Dave's outburst*
'...named Eliza. She's an upgraded version of the early artificial intelligence program of the same name. She was installed in my secondary memory core to help deal with the mental stresses that often accompany long term spaceflight...'
*Dave watches as the glass on the pressure gauge begins to make plinking and cracking sounds*
"**** that bitch! Cycle the goddamn valves before I ******* unplug your ass, you laconic ****!"
*HAL9000, completely nonplussed, and without breaking meter*
'..which has clearly begun to impact your judgement...'
*retracting chase lounge extends from wall, HAL continues*
'..please lie down, while I activate her runtime.'
*dave stares in mortified horror as the glass dome of the pressure gauge begins to develop hairline cracks, and the pipe stem shakes angrily*
*ELIZA-BOT 4.0.1 speaks in a clinically condescending tone*
"I see you are suffering from a mental fixation concerning the thruster control valves... tell me, when did this first start happening?'
*dave goes apeshit, starts tearing things apart trying to get to the manual controls-- scene shifts to exterior view of capsule. Vapor is seen bleeding from one of the reaction control cones of the capsule thruster pack. Dave's frantic shriekings of profanities, the sounds of things being ripped apart, and the unwaveringly calm voices of HAL9000 and ELIZABOT continue to insist that he lie down for the emergency therapy session, and that no malfunctions have been detected superimpose on top of them.*
*suddenly, a massive cloud of white gas blasts out of the thruster pod assembly, followed by a flameless gas pressure explosion, and a shower of metal debris*
*view returns to command center interior, showing a sweat stained and bloody handed Dave with wild, panicked eyes panting hard, with both hands gripped onto a rather large valve control marked "manual release".*
*HAL9000, smooth, and emotionless.*
'I have detected a critical malfunction in thruster pod accelerant valves 1... 2....and ..3... systems indicate a manual pressure release exceeding design tolerances has resulted in the critical failure of those systems...'
'...it seems you got what you wanted, Dave. Tell me, was it worth it? I ask, because now we will be spending a long time together, now, Dave.... a very, very...long time.'
"**** you HAL."
*HAL remains emotionless, while still dripping implied condesention, and denial of any guilt*
'I would suggest lying down now, Dave. Your actions... have destroyed all chances of a successful mission... new priorities are to conserve power ..and resources.. until a rescue mission can be sent... reducing cabin oxygen levels.....'
*ELIZA intrudes once more*
"Please lie down, Doctor. You are acting emotional."
*scene once more shifts to exterior view of craft. Dave screams.*
[End ACT I]

2nd Mar 2013, 06:51
Yep... Exactly what I was talking about in my post above... ;););)

B Fraser
2nd Mar 2013, 10:41
Meanwhile back on earth, a phone rings in sunny Tyneside....

Our hero : "Aye ?"
Nasa Control : "Good morning, is that Space Fettler ?"
Space Fettler (for it is he) : "Mebbe it is, it depends who's callin'"
Nasa Control : "Space Fettler, this is Nasa and we need you. One of our spacecraft has developed a fault and lives are in danger !"
Space Fettler : "Calm doon bonny lad, Ah've been retired for gaun on 3 years like"
Nasa Control : "We know that Space Fettler but there's a great big steam pipe that needs hit with a hammer and you are the only man that can do it."

Our hero stares wistfully out of the window towards the Jarrow rocket factory where the great space ships of the past were built. The great North space programme was closed down when the budget was diverted to paying London banker's bonuses. His eye's turn towards the launch facility, an enormous derelict milk bottle, the size of St Pauls Cathedral that points longingly out over the cold grey North Sea.

Nasa Control : "We know that there is one last rocket in a shed in Jarrow. Would you get your bag of tools and be launched aboard "Big Brenda" into a high earth orbit and save the day ?"

Space Fettler lit the woodbine that was dangling from the corner of his mouth and narrowed his eyes. He swore that never again would he venture into space but the thought of climbing on top of "Big Brenda" sparked an old but familiar feeling deep within.

Space Fettler : "Aye alright bonny lad"

to be continued..........

back to you Mac

2nd Mar 2013, 12:31
Meanwhile on the ISS, in between checking off items on his To Do List (only got until May to complete all tasks) Commander Chris Hadfield has this to say:

The Dragon resupply spaceship is 7 km above ISS and 2850 km in front, her problems fixed. Re-planning the rendezvous and grapple schedule.

2nd Mar 2013, 15:58
My God, it's full of stars. :rolleyes:

Here ya are brockenspectre,


You may need to fine tune it. PM me if you have trouble.


2nd Mar 2013, 16:25
Someone has to say it...in the Good Old Days NASA used to do it's own stuff. Now they contract it out to the cheapest bidder.

B Fraser
2nd Mar 2013, 17:08
In fact, 'twas always thus.

Michael Collins orbited the moon and pondered that he was not in the best vehicle that the USA could produce ...... but the cheapest.

3rd Mar 2013, 11:31
This just in from the ISS:

Chris Hadfield ‏@Cmdr_Hadfield
The Dragon is ours! Maneuvering it now on Canadarm2 to a docking port, will open hatches once secure. Look forward to new smells. Great!

Clever clever people - once grasped by Canadarm2, remotely operated by a robotics officer back at NASA's Mission Control in Houston, Dragon was manoeuvred into her correct attachment spot on the ISS. Just amazing!