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Tartan Gannet
23rd Apr 2002, 06:32
Okey, Im Scots born, of Ulster descent, but I have lived in England for the 30 years of my adult life.

I wish all Englishmen and Women a very happy St George's Day where ever dispersed over the face of Earth and Water, (or in the Air).

:) :) :)

23rd Apr 2002, 11:00
Thanks TG

When I hung a St Georges cross from the office wall this morning, I got quizical looks from most of my team. One other guy also appreciated the need to acknowledge our patron saint, and had already sent out an e-mail inviting everyone to a pub lunch at 12.24 today. It would be good if all the other English PPRuNers could try to do something to acknowledge the date.


23rd Apr 2002, 11:15
FFF - Myself and some of the other chaps will be raising a glass to you and Saint George at 1124 zulu.
I must be mssing something though, why so precise with the time?
Thanks to you TG.

23rd Apr 2002, 11:37
angels, it seems my colleague was mis-informed. He'd led us to believe that 1224 was the year in which St Georges Day was declared a public holiday. But, on trying to find a reference to post in answer to your question, I discovered that the actual year was 1222. Either way, it's also pretty close to lunch-time :D

There are several references, such as this one from the BBC (http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/state/church_reformation/george_st.shtml) , or this one from the website of the Hampshire village of Nether Wallop (http://www.hants.gov.uk/wallop/george.html)


You want it when?
23rd Apr 2002, 11:39
FFF - I'll raise a can of pop to you and St. George at 12:22 and at 12:24 that should cover all bases :D

23rd Apr 2002, 11:48
Great stuff FFF!
Consider it done two minutes earlier!
Cheers. :D

23rd Apr 2002, 13:53
Knew it had to be St George's Day when I woke up next to the dragon.

23rd Apr 2002, 14:22
Very kind of you to remember the Sassenachs, TG; by way of thanks we'll not mention Culloden day on the 26th!!!!!!!!!

23rd Apr 2002, 14:30
FFF - Happy to report that glasses duly raised at 1122 zulu. The toasters included several Englishmen, an Irishman and a grumpy Scotsman.
I'm sure there's a joke here somewhere....

23rd Apr 2002, 14:51
Well, I'm back, and just about merry enough to ensure that not much work gets done this afternoon! :D What a beautiful day for standing around in the sunshine, with a beer in your hand, watching the girls go by!