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27th Feb 2013, 20:02
Air NZ Half Year Profit Soars | Stuff.co.nz (http://www.stuff.co.nz/business/industries/financial-results/8363153/Air-NZ-interim-profit-soars)

Nice work team

27th Feb 2013, 20:50
Rob Fyfe----Not Alan Joyce
If Air NZ can do it why not Qantas?
New Zealand is in the same "end of line" situation

27th Feb 2013, 21:13
And unlike Joyce, Air NZ seems to fancy the 777. So much in fact, they want to lease 2 more for next year.

Eastwest Loco
28th Feb 2013, 12:45
Yep NZ - well done - BUT - the Airline has the most unuseable and "designed by marketing" system of any Airline for travel agents to navigate.

The system has a psuedo LCC model of fares that go from seat only to seat and bag then seat wth bag and food and on to seat with bag, food, booze lounge and a spare seat next to you in pretend business on the shark patrol narrowbody A320s.

Small problem though. If you book the Works Plus Deluxe which is the dearest fare, you are not guarnteed getting a seat. Yes- the dearest fare is booked in a class that is in a similar coding like J I Z C and D can represent business class but a lower fare and service level also at the back of the aeroplane also occupies the same class code. The only way to figure out availability and in fact actual price is to force the fare basis and you don't know if you have the seat until ticket issue is attempted.

I personally had the major drama with a loyal high end corporate where I had the flight booked and when I went to ticket the booking. Seats weren't there in the front cabin but were in the cheaper rear cabin with all the back end options, but not what the punter ordered and the mug Travel Agent told them that they had.

NZ needs to get some of the TEAL pre computer mindset out of the system and work with the still current basis of their revenue base. Web is grabbing a larger slice of business each year but it is no reason to act like a hick backwater airline to the majority of their revenue base.

Best all


28th Feb 2013, 20:03
They won't be getting any more Business Class from my Family unless they smarten up the B767 or better still replace it.
We flew 6 Business Class AKL-HNL on the B767 and the seating and IFE were appalling.
Never again would we sit in their B767 for 9 long uncomfortabl hours.
The B777 Business Class from PER-AKL was very good.
With service on old aeroplanes like the B767 it's a wonder they make such a good profit.
If they replace the 767 with the 777 we would use them again.
The profit margin would be better with a more modern fleet.
Apart from our 6 Business Class Tkts. my niece had a works Deluxe Ticket and it was the biggest mistake she made.
It was a terrible waste of money , very little value for the fair bit of extra cost . A complete waste of money.
If other passengers feel the same way and according to conversations I had with other 767 pax they did , then Air NZ could make more money by addressing these issues.

28th Feb 2013, 20:29
Try flying on a QF 767 to HNL.Its Uber Crappe
Well done Air NZ.Rob Fyfe:Love your work!!

28th Feb 2013, 21:25
That's why they have a whole heap of 787s on order. The ones that were supposed to be flying years ago......

28th Feb 2013, 23:15
That's why they are leasing extra B777s....

aluminium hail
2nd Mar 2013, 01:02
Does anyone know if the latest round of pilot hiring is partly in anticipation of the 2 extra 777's or if there will need to be further hiring to meet that crewing requirement?

2nd Mar 2013, 03:28
I like Air New Zealand and I travel with them a lot, however it can be akin to a box of chocolates. Inconsistent! Jesus! Nothing is the same two days running, from the 45 minute boarding calls for people in aisle rows A,C E and windows B,D and God knows what to present now. And ALL the sheep line up anyway

Next day different

Boiler hosties having uninterrupted convo's with each other between slinging slinging the nosh is not good. But its just a job.and they are generally efficient in a work to rule type way.

Regarding the booking system I am in two minds. It has worked for me several times but fell down badly on a Cairns-Auckland. The seat selection, three days prior to flight showed as Eastwest Loco mentioned the front of the aircraft fully booked. Okay! Row 27 left on the seat plan showed only two seats and a gap at the aisle, a bit odd but having a passing acquaintance with narrow body airliners I weighed up the pro's/cons of being last off, near the toilets, one row in front of crew rest seats etc and confirmed Seat 27B

Long story short: Row 27 left was three seats and I was in the middle. KIWIED.

Nice people either side and a pleasant trip. In flight entertainment and ability to order food virtually were big pluses. .

Note to add. This was an A320, my least favorite aircraft to passenger on.

5th Mar 2013, 08:33
I have nothing but consistantly good experiences with AirNZ. Last flight with Ghettostar was Jan 2010, never again. AirNZ, across all the routes that I have flown, have been great experiences. Will always fly with them.
Great to see at least one NZ business doing well.
Too bad the zoo in wellington is ruining everyone else's chances.

7th Mar 2013, 01:26
Too bad the zoo in wellington is ruining everyone else's chances.

Is that the one at Newtown or the one in Thorndon with 120 or so inhabitants?

Sump Monkey
7th Mar 2013, 22:22
unless they smarten up the B767 or better still replace it.

How can they smarten up the 767 fleet more?? Brand new interiors, Panasonic eX2, winglets... They've done the best job they can with them I reakon.

That's why they are leasing extra B777s....

South America routes to be announced soon....

15th Mar 2013, 05:50
I like ANZ and have used them a lot over the last 30 years, and I will use them again. IMHO they could teach QF, BA etc (but not EK) a thing or two about Y travel. This is their reply to two points raised after a recent 12 hours in the most uncomfortable seat I have ever sat in - with a huge unadjustable lumbar support.


Dear Mr [ & Mrs Hobo],

Thank you for your message regarding your recent travel experience with us in our economy cabin [NRT-AKL late January 2013].

I regret to read you found the seat design to be uncomfortable. I do apologise on behalf of Air New Zealand for any inconvenience this may have caused. I appreciate how important seat comfort can be toward the overall travel experience.

While I note your preferences are more toward ... 747 aircraft, [because they have the older seat design] unfortunately in the near future, these aircraft are going to be replaced by the 777 series [if this is "unfortunately" it begs the question why it is being done?]. I have however forwarded your comments on to our Inflight Design Team for their further consideration going forward.

I regret to read you noted our Hobbit themed safety video frightened two children in your area. This was certainly not our intention. In fact we have created such videos to encourage more engagement from our passengers onboard. I have however forwarded your comments on to our Marketing Team responsible for the creation of these videos.

Mr [ & Mrs Hobo], thank you again for bringing these matters to our attention. It is only with such feedback that we are able to make improvements in specific areas of our operation. We do look forward to welcoming you both back onboard our services again soon.

Yours sincerely

Bevin Tuiloma

Customer Support Specialist

Ph: +64 9 366 2929
Fx: +64 9 256 3531
Email: [email protected]

Air New Zealand

Private Bag 92007

Auckland 1142

New Zealand

my oleo is extended
15th Mar 2013, 11:36
On a serious note (as much as I am tempted to give QF a serve), good on you ANZ. I don't work for them so I am limited to what I can say as to what goes on behind the scenes, but from an industry insiders outside view it seems:
- Staff are generally happy
- The company provides some scope for career advancement
- The airline would appear to get reasonably good reviews from the punters it carries
- The airline is churning a small but legitimate profit
- The airline definitely has some brains about it (operating 777's).

So, quite simply (and honestly), well done. You have kicked a goal. Good for you:ok:

15th Mar 2013, 12:49
Flew YPPH-AKL In January, 777-200, premium economy, VG service and comfort. 41" seat pitch! As for the boiler CC at the front of the plane, I think you get that with the seniority system, don't you? Always fly ANZ to NZ now, flew Q just once, not again, thank you. I'm just six feet tall in the old currency, poor legroom, even the ANZ 767's were OK in economy; I'd rather do 6 hours straight in them than the 3 hours across the ditch in a 737.

21st Mar 2013, 19:37
Air NZ run a pretty good operation but they have the North America and West Coast from NZ all to themselves - at the moment.

I turned on CNBC the other night and Tim Clark, Emirates, was talking about going from Australia and NZ to the West Coast to complete a round-the-world ambition.

When that happens Air NZ may not find it quite so easy to compete with A380's.

In addition Hawaiian Airlines is now flying to NZ and then to North American destinations. Air NZ used to fly AKL-HNL-LAX and AKL-HNL-YVR, but gave them away.

23rd Mar 2013, 00:20
HNL LAX was a buggers muddle. It was a US domestic sector, so was not allowed to uplift pax unless they had an onwards journey on Air NZ or it was part of a continued journey. I.e. they had to be onwards to LHR or down to the pacific. HNL YVR also had similar restrictions.

Air NZ was on a hiding to nothing on those routes.

The land of the free did not want the competition in their backyard.

23rd Mar 2013, 06:48
C100 driver

Air NZ have also given away heaps of other routes where there was apparently no profit, like LAX-FRA, nearly 100% load factor, AKL-SIN, AKL-SEL, SYD-LAX, etc. Now KAL has 7, 747-400 flights a week AKL-SEL.
Then there's HKG-LON, DFW, BKK, PPT, the list goes on.
Shame really.