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23rd Apr 2002, 02:19
So what is the best single ever?.

Must say it depends on what mood I am in.
But I always like 'Stairway To heaven' or ' In A Room' by Dodgy or........

23rd Apr 2002, 05:12
A Seafury

Oh, sorry, I thought that this was an aviation site ;)

23rd Apr 2002, 05:35
Ill certainley give you the Seafury Checkers, but the Spitfire mark IV is the best single I reckon!

23rd Apr 2002, 08:39
I'd a thought the Mk IX a better model.
Although the Mk VIII HF has some fans. :p

Tricky Woo
23rd Apr 2002, 08:53
Can you imagine having a date with Jacqueline Bisset when she was still single?


23rd Apr 2002, 10:20
P51D with Merlin engine.

23rd Apr 2002, 11:09
I'm not entirely sure Stairway to Heaven was ever released as a single, apart from the effort by our animal-loving Australian artist friend Rolf Harris who's Didgeridoo blowing antics ruined a good song. I'm sure you can't mean that version??!:eek:

You want it when?
23rd Apr 2002, 11:43
G-BBCI - A C150 with ever so forgiving super bendy under carrigge . If it's music then it has to be.... either OMD - Electricity or Madness - It must be Love

Standard Noise
23rd Apr 2002, 11:58
Wonderful tonight - Eric Clapton
What else can it be?

23rd Apr 2002, 12:12
Stairway to Heaven was released as a single in many countries - but not in the UK - though if you really want it, it keeps coiming up on Ebay.

Best single ever: Burlesque by Family or Midnight at the Oasis by Maria Muldaur.

23rd Apr 2002, 12:37
Spitfire XIX , a Rhapsody in PR Blue.. Steve Hinton (Warbird Hero) has just rebuilt one at Planes of Fame, and equipped it with a contra-Griffon, it just looks like the last word in sexy aeroplanes
Music? "True" Spandau Ballet


23rd Apr 2002, 13:21

23rd Apr 2002, 13:37
Gotta be the Bell B206 JetRanger!!!! :cool:

23rd Apr 2002, 13:50
Gotta be the XB-70 Valkyrie.

Compression-lift Mach 3 twin-finned six-engined would-be superbomber. And only one left, so that makes it a single :D

Big Tudor
23rd Apr 2002, 13:50
Best single ever? Has to be Glenmorangie. We are talking single malts here aren't we???;)

Hagbard the Amateur
23rd Apr 2002, 15:15
Difficult - how can you name just one best single.

The first two out of my subconscious (maybe down to nostalgia) are "Echo Beach" by Martha and the Muffins and at a pinch, "Everybody's Got to Learn Sometime" by The Korgis.
The bands themselves didn't have much of an overall fame career but those are examples of one off perfectly crafted, non pretentious single format groove - ie a perfect three and a half minutes for a drive time radio show.
For me, the Zeppelins, Floyds and Claptons transcend single status and have become gods and goddesses with their albums.
These days though, I listen to eclectic hip hop and rave.

****** - I forgot "Ashes to Ashes" by Bowie.

A'right - I'll get me coat

23rd Apr 2002, 20:58
Dire Straits:

Sultans of Swing!


23rd Apr 2002, 21:25
Stuck in the OCK hold last week for ages and should have gone before TOD.Best "single "I've had for years before the pax were even off. We are talking Glasgow rhyming slang aren't we ??

23rd Apr 2002, 21:36
Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen; Spitfire - any Mark.........and Kylie Minogue - while she is still single! :D :D

Hagbard the Amateur
23rd Apr 2002, 23:01
...but as a primary choice - Nirvana "About A Girl"

Aaron G. Stryngge
23rd Apr 2002, 23:16
Bryan Adams - "Have you ever loved a woman?"
Oban Single Malt
Penelope Cruz

24th Apr 2002, 02:34
Best single, 'I'm Not Scared' by Eighth Wonder (1988 - Patsy Kensit) Reminds me of the brill' late 80's!

Another great single is G-FAYE (C-150 based at EGGP) This a/c taught me how not to land on quite a few occasions in the late '90's. :eek:

Captain Contango
24th Apr 2002, 11:20
damn, that's a tough one..... i mean, you got your pure pop heaven - "I Saw the Light" (Todd Rundgren), or "No Matter What" (Badfinger), or your classic pop - "Sit Down" (James), or your anthems - "Come Back!" (The Mighty Wah!).....
.... now I have to go and listen to a thousand songs and try and work this out. DJ hell......

Who has control?
24th Apr 2002, 11:34
Procol Harum's 'A Whiter Shade of Pale', (with a Spitfire in the background).

24th Apr 2002, 21:00
The first single I bought was "Midnight in Moscow" by Kenny Ball et al but the best was probably "Telstar" by the Tornadoes.

Sh*t, I`m old

24th Apr 2002, 21:24
it has to be "(Cor baby, that's) Really Free" by John Otway. as of course the lyrics of the B-side of the single was voted as the 7th most favourite lyrics of the last 2000 years and it was none other than.....

Beware of the flowers, 'cause I'm sure they're gonna get you, yeh! :)

24th Apr 2002, 22:56
ME!!! Oh... darn... I'm not single ;)

Mustang then :) *drool*

Can't choose a musical one, there are too many :(

25th Apr 2002, 01:14
Bohemian Rhapsody - obviously
Sara - Fleetwood Mac

Hagbard's got it - Zeps, Floyd, Clapton and of course Zappa :D

Oooh dear - showin' me age......

25th Apr 2002, 01:19
Gimmie Shelter by the Stones.