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22nd Apr 2002, 23:39
Music Quiz 15

a. Questions posted today.
b. Original Artist preferred. Cover versions may be accepted, however.
c. Judges decision final.
d. If any doubts, see rule d!
e. For Lyrics – 2 points for title or artist, 5 if you get both. For trivia, 1 point (but
some will allow a bonus point for additional information) For song of the
week, 1 point per question unless advised.
f. No editing posts.

(For everyone’s enjoyment, please don’t post until you have a significant number of answers. Note that the new software only shows the last edit. SO Rule f is now in force.)

Lyrics Questions (Note – clue is first line or lines of the song)

1. “Smile an everlasting smile”
2. “I remember all my life”
3. “If there’s anything that you want”
4. “Well I know it’s kind of late”
5. “Tell me when will you be mine”
6. “At first I was afraid”
7. “It’s rainin’ it’s pouring”
8. “Are you gonna take me home tonight”
9. “Turn off all life support systems”
10. “You see the world through your cynical light”
11. “You always won every time you placed a bet”
12. “Girl to be with you is my everything”
13. “You wanna be with me”
14. “God is the Love and god is the dance”
15. “Long ago high on a mountain in Mexico”

Song of the Week – Where Do You go to my Lovely - Peter Starstedt

1. What other languages does the lady speak?
2. What Brandy does she drink?
3. How old is she?
4. Where does she live?
5. In which city did the two children grow up?
6. Who does she talk like?
7. What records does she keep?
8. Who sent her a racehorse?
9. Where does she speak the other languages?


a. According to Boney M, who was Ma Baker?
b. Who is the new kid in town?
c. Where did Steve Miller go? Be specific. Bonus for song title.
d. What can’t Gloria say?
e. What time is Zero Hour? Bonus for title and artist
f. What was the first name of Miss Safka?
g. Which Beatle’s first solo hit after their split was 1971’s It Don’t Come Easy?
h. Who separated himself from his Shadows in 1967?
i. What electric rock group titled their 1975 debut album High Voltage?
j. What was the name of the Beach Boys’ first album?

Kenny Carter
22nd Apr 2002, 23:56
Morning scran

3... From me to you - The Beatles
9... Shut Down Turnoff - LRB
11.. Still the same - Bob Seger

1... Russian & Greek
2... Napoleon
8... Aga Khan

a... gangster
c... New England Town . Jet Airliner
g... John Lennon
h... Cliff Richard
i... AC/DC


Kenny Carter
23rd Apr 2002, 00:10
some late ones and thats it

8... Fat Bottomed Girls - Queen

e... 9am, Rocket man - Elton John

KC :)

23rd Apr 2002, 00:12

1...Words Bee gees
2...Brandy or Mandy????
3...From me To you Beatkes
4...I'll Have to say I love you in a song Jim Croce
6...I will survive Gloria Gaynor
11.., Still the Same Bob segar

1...Russian & Greek
6...Marlene Dietrich
8...Aga Khan


Have to get back on the others
Ciao :)

23rd Apr 2002, 00:23
Song Of The Week.

1. Russian and Greek
2. Napoleon Brandy
3. Between 20 and Thirty
4. On the Boulevard Saint Michel
5. Naples
6. Marlene Deitrich
7. Rolling Stones
8. Aga Khan
9. Embassy Parties

a. Ma Baker: “The meanest cat from old Chicago town”

23rd Apr 2002, 01:32
Aaauuuggghhh! Cooda beat me to it!:D

7...Vanity/Girl Next Door
8...Fat Bottomed Girls/Queen
11..Still The Same/Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band
15..Angelo/Brothershood of Man

23rd Apr 2002, 03:16
We still got a few to sort out pigboat :D
(Brotherhood of Man?????:eek: )

2...I think is Mandy by Scott someone

Jet Dragon
23rd Apr 2002, 03:38
6. I will Survive - Gloria Gaynor

b. Johhny Come Lately - New Kid in Town - Eagles
e. 9.00am Rocket Man - Elton John



Jet Dragon
23rd Apr 2002, 03:46
5. "When" - Showaddywaddy


23rd Apr 2002, 04:06
Keep going guys - still plenty of opportunities there.......;)

2,5,7,10,12,13,14 and c still available......

Hey Cooda - following on from discussions a few weeks ago - Eric Bogle is doing a Lunchtime show here in Canberra on Anzac Day.

Would love to go, but doubt if I could control myself if/when he sings And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda.........
:( :( :(

23rd Apr 2002, 04:14
No.2 Mandy, Bary Manilo
No.7 Raining Again, Supertramp
no 11. ??Winner takes it all, ABBA?? (God I'm Old!)

Jolly Hockeysticks
23rd Apr 2002, 04:27
You're all a bit quick again...

5. Quando Quando Quando - Engelbert Humperdinck


Kenny Carter
23rd Apr 2002, 04:37

c.. is Steve Miller going to Mexico?


23rd Apr 2002, 04:42
Go anyway.....lucky buggra. Who needs to keep control on ANZAC day? (CoodaKid #2 is seriously depressed over not being able to march with his AF Cadet Sqdn 'cos they can't find a new uniform to fit him. He's only 13 but 6'3". :rolleyes: )

Wizofoz - Thanks - I think I've just found a deepseated neuroses. Can never remember barry wotzisname :o
Then again, is that a bad thing? :D :p

23rd Apr 2002, 04:47
2 and 5 now gone (well done Jolly - both to get 5 and be brave enough to admit you knew it!!!:D )

Kenny - no.........at least, not in the song I'm after.....:p

Up for grabs are 7, 10,12,13,14 and c..........;) :D

Jolly Hockeysticks
23rd Apr 2002, 05:02
10. Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man) - Styx

12. Boogie Shoes - KC & The Sunshine Band

23rd Apr 2002, 05:07
OK - 10 and 12 now gone.......

Jolly, can you e-mail me via the system please?

23rd Apr 2002, 05:26
No.7 Enough is Enough Barbra Steisand (Not just old, but a Latent homo it would seem!!)

Jolly Hockeysticks
23rd Apr 2002, 05:33
scran - email sent.

7. No More Tears (Enough Is Enough) - Donna Summer

Jolly Hockeysticks
23rd Apr 2002, 06:34
c. Mexico. Four or five hundred miles down that southbound highway - Going to Mexico - Steve Miller Band

23rd Apr 2002, 06:54

I'll give you and Kenny a point each for the Mexico answer.

However, that's not the one I'm after.

In another song, the lyrics state where he went............:D

Jolly Hockeysticks
23rd Apr 2002, 07:19
OK another possibility

c. He went to see the doctor and had his my fortune read. The doctor told him he’d better stay in bed
My Dark Hour - Steve Miller Band

Kenny Carter
23rd Apr 2002, 07:23
last try

c...he went from Pheonix Arizona all the way to Tacoma etc etc

Hows That


Jolly Hockeysticks
23rd Apr 2002, 07:26
Or two more possibilities

He went from Phoenix, Arizona all the way to Tacoma, Philadelphia, Atlanta, L.A. Northern California where the girls are warm, so he could be with his sweet baby
Rock 'N Me - Steve Miller Band


He went to see his woman way back down on the farm
Behind the Barn- Steve Miller Band

just noticed Kenny got one.

23rd Apr 2002, 08:31
It's Peter SARstedt.

Any points for that?

Was he a one hit wonder?

24th Apr 2002, 02:48


1. Words – Bee Gees - SFly
2. Mandy – Barry Manilow – Cooda/Wizofoz
3. From Me to You – Beatles - SFly
4. I’ll Have to Say I Love You in a Song – Jim Croce - Cooda
5. Quando, Quando, Quando – Engelbert Humperdinck - Jolly
6. I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor - Cooda
7. No More Tears – Babara Steisand (with Donna Summer) - Wizofoz
8. Fat Bottomed Girls – Queen - Kenny
9. Shutdown, Turnoff – LRB - Kenny
10. Fooling Yourself – Styx - Jolly
11. Still the Same - Bob Seger - Kenny
12. Boogie Shoes - KC and the Sunshine Band - Jolly
13. Falling in Love - Rocky Burnette - Cooda
15. Angelo - Brotherhood of Man - Pigboat

Song of the Week

1. Russian and Greek - Kenny
2. Napoleon - Kenny
3. In between 20 and 30 - Sprocket
4. Boulevard San Michel - Sprocket
5. Naples - Cooda
6. Marlene Dietrich - Cooda
7. Rolling Stones Records - Sprocket
8. The Aga Khan - Kenny
9. Embassy Parties - Sprocket


a. “The meanest cat in old Chicago town” – Ma Baker – Boney M - Sprocket
b. “Johnny come lately, the new kid in town” – New Kid in Town – The Eagles – Jet Dragon
c. “I went from Phoenix, Arizona all the way to Tacoma” (and etc) – Rock’n Me – Steve Miller Band – Kenny/Jolly
d. “I never can say goodbye” – Gloria Gaynor - Kenny
e. “Zero hour, nine AM” – Rocket Man – Elton John - Kenny
f. Melaine Safka – Branch New Key - Cooda
g. Ringo Starr’s - SFly
h. Cliff Richard - SFly
i. AC/DC (Go Aussie Rock!!!!) - Kenny
j. Surfin’ Safari - Sfly

So far:

Kenny - 24
Jolly - 17
Cooda - 15 + 5(for 13) = 20
SFly - 13
Wizofoz - 7
Sprocket - 5
Pigboat - 5
Jet Dragon - 1

As you can see - the answer I was after for c was the line from Rock'n Me. Point each to Kenny and Jolly.

Now, it would seem that Kenny has the game sown up, unless Jolly or Cooda can sneak up for the win by answering 13 and 14 (10 points on offer).

A clue I hear you say?

Both songs late 70's - One is a soloist, the other a group. The group very much a one hit wonder..........:D

24th Apr 2002, 03:19
Arrrgh the penny drops on #13 but the brain won't get into gear.

Chubby fella, bright breezy tune
"You want to be with me,
I want to be with you
We could fly away out in the sky
out in the blue"

ahhhhh how about

Falling in Love....Rocky Burnett ?

24th Apr 2002, 03:58

Thats Him!!!! Well done - anothe 5 points.

Now if you can just get 14, you win!!!!!!!:D :D :D ;) :p

24th Apr 2002, 04:31
Cooda, that sounds like it was sung by a purple dinosaur.:D
Scran I see pigletboat let me down on #7.:)

24th Apr 2002, 06:07
pb I thought 'ol Rocky was a canuck. :p

At least he wasn't a one hit wonder like #14.

Scran, you sure it was a hit??? ;)

Title ain't 'Lord of the Dance" izzit? :confused:

24th Apr 2002, 06:16

Perhaps "hit" is stretching things. Put this one in as a test I must admit.

Well, I think they were an english group.....one word name.......and "Dance" is the last word of the title......:D

24th Apr 2002, 06:31
gimme a point for getting part of the answer and I'll leave the rest to our northern hemispherean neighbours. :D

24th Apr 2002, 08:55
14. Dance Dance Dance (Yowser, yowser yowser) - by Chic

25th Apr 2002, 03:02
Who's Rocky Burnett? Must be one a them westerner canucks who never made it this far east.:D

SFly, good idea re your news quiz. I missed the first one and was waiting for it to resurface.:cool:

25th Apr 2002, 13:50
Surely you're not that young :rolleyes:

May not have been from north of the border, I could be wrong on that count. Used to wear check flannel shirts....lumberjack wannabe?

From memory(which fails from time to time)he had two hits in Oz in the 70's....Tired of Toeing the Line and Falling in Love.

At least they made compilation hits albums at the time. ;)

25th Apr 2002, 19:59
Cooda, nope still can't place him. The plaid shirt's no help. Around here that's formal attire.:D

26th Apr 2002, 00:28
Probably why I immediately placed him as a Canadian :D :p

Vague recollections of bulky shape and beard...may have been a C&W/pop crossover? :rolleyes:

Kenny Carter
26th Apr 2002, 00:42

wasn't Rocky the son of someone famous ?

I remember the beard etc and the songs but thats about it.


26th Apr 2002, 01:29
Rings a bell KC
Either that or he was a song writer with some past successes.

Might have to find out how to use that google thing...:rolleyes:

Kenny Carter
26th Apr 2002, 02:05

Found him.
Rocky was the son of Johnny Burnette. A rock & roller early 50's - circa Gene Vincent.

KC :)

26th Apr 2002, 02:47

The dreaded 14 is none other than (big drum roll!!!)

Get Up and Dance - Supercharge

"God is the love and god is the dance
We gotta get together make a little romance
**something about being a gift to an unhappy world**
The name of the child will be rock and roll"


Get up, get up, get up and dance
you gotta get up, get up, get up and dance
you gotta get up, get up, get up and dance
you gotta dance

followed by a sax type solo and into it again. Had a reasonable beat, but was the only time I ever heard of the group.

If you search Google for "Get up and dance - Supercharge" you will get a link.

Not really a one hit wonder Cooda, because I don't really think it was much of a hit (but I do have the single!!!)

Anyway, it was a good one to foil the Google searchers!!!!!

SFly, re your protest - Nah, sorry. Quite specific that the clue is the first line or lines of the song...........Judges decision is final!!!!:D :D

I'll do next weeks, then Jolly will take over while I'm away (for those not aware, see the Quizmeister on tour thread!!)


26th Apr 2002, 02:53
But scran it is the first line or lines of the song! :( :( :o :o

I can't believe you'd leave me at 13!!! :eek:

Then again, maybe I can . . . Austrlian Music Quiz administrators on pilot's forum sites . . . they're all the same. :D

Oh well


26th Apr 2002, 03:02
Oh, al right.....a point for being so persistent!!!!!!:D :D :p

26th Apr 2002, 05:16
Thanks KC :D ;)

26th Apr 2002, 05:39
Hey Cooda...well done!!

Almost gave you an extra point for getting the other "hit" by Rocky - Tired of Toeing the Line.

Jolly has disappeared to dust off his CD collection in preparation for the week after next. Please note I intentionally gave him plenty of notice so he can come up with a suitable challenge for all of you.

Based on his Histographic Quiz's, I'm satisfied that I have found a suitable stand in for the Music Quiz..........:D :D

(PS - any of the UK based quiz contestants seen the link re Musis Quizmeister on tour? I arrive in the UK sometime 4 May to stay until 9 May - based in the London area - near Earl's Court. Interested in catching up with anyone interested for a quiet COLD beer - for me anyway!! Scran):rolleyes: :rolleyes: