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22nd Apr 2002, 22:37
After watching a rather old episode of Airwolf it brought back memories of another "cool chopper!!" called Blue thunder.

I put a post in the Q&A forum asking if anyone knew what happened to them. A suggestion was put foward after some debate about which one was better to put it to A POLL!!!!!


Which one was best?

AIRWOLF - The sleek and sexy chopper which could blow up migs and foil every dark plot the russians could throw at it. Piloted by the suspectly named Sringfellow Hawk (Aloof Chello playing Jan Micheal Vincent) and Domonic Santini (Tubby jumpsuited Ernest Borgnine).


BLUE THUNDER - The hard core police helicopter that looked a bit more HARDCORE!! Armed with a "whisper mode" amoung many things and my personal favourite a MINI GUN!!! (nothing mini about it!!!) that was mounted on the front to aid with crowd control and helping old ladies cross the road at rush hour. Piloted originally by everyones favourite hardcore shark slayer Roy "Sheriff Brodie" Schneider (Don't remember screen name) and co-piloted by another dodgy named pilot called Jaffo (Don't know real name). Schnieder was replaced by James Farentino in TV series.

So - There you have it!

My personal favourite is Blue Thunder because....well....THE MINI GUN IS TOOOOOO COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLL!!!!! and I like the hardcore looks as well.

Also Jan Micheal Vincent was a dick!!!

Clarence Oveur
22nd Apr 2002, 22:57
Blue Thunder must be number 1 choice.

It was JAFO=Just Another ****ing Observer, played by Daniel Stern. You have probably seen him in 'Home Alone' and 'City Slickers'.

And his name is Roy Scheider. Playing Frank Murphy.

22nd Apr 2002, 22:59
Gotta be BLUE THUNDER!!!!!!!! :cool:

"Airwolf" was crap:

1. No helo could ever do Mach 2 :eek: due to retreating blade stall, not enough power, tail rotor would be torn off etc etc...... :rolleyes:

2. Not even an autohover would be that precise...... :rolleyes:

The "Blue Thunder" machine was modified Gazelle - a fairly quiet machine anyway, due to it's tail rotor being replaced by the fenestron (ducted fan), so whisper mode is at least plausible.... :cool:

As to the cyclic/collective/pedals operator, IMHO Roy Schnieder at least tried to look like a helo pilot. And made an attempt to make his 'piloting' look realistic. :cool:

......Jan Micheal Vincent just posed in shades...... :rolleyes:

23rd Apr 2002, 05:32
Airwolf!! At least the rotors turned the right way! Must be because it was made by bell!

23rd Apr 2002, 10:24
Hey there's no contest in my books - it had to be Airwolf!

Religiously watched at my mates house on a Saturday lunchtime and then used his Dad's old Fiat126 parked in the garage as a token Airwolf simulator (from which we also flew several successful missions against the Ruskie's!).

Incidently I was alot younger at the time!!!, mind you my car has alot more buttons and fiddly widgets than that did - excuse me I've just had "flash traffic"!!, looks like there's damsels in distress down the pub, now where's my shades!!!!!!!!!!! :cool: :cool:

23rd Apr 2002, 15:01
Definately AIRWOLF


23rd Apr 2002, 16:28
Blue Thunder by a long shot. Coz the Gazelle was half-British and even half-British is twice as cool as the Yank 'wolf.

23rd Apr 2002, 17:38
Never saw Blue Thunder, but the guy in Airwolf was very cute, so that gets my vote :D

Send Clowns
23rd Apr 2002, 17:46
You ever tried an autohover, Swashy? Not sure how good Airwolf's was, as I never watched, but the SeaKing Mk 6's is pretty damn good. Agree about high speed though!

Has to be steally Blue Thunder though I never watched either, just for the look.

old boy
23rd Apr 2002, 18:17

Never trusted that jessie Stringfellow Hawk

23rd Apr 2002, 19:32
Damn, for I liked both, so I'm not polling.

BT: Whisper mode was way out there, but not as fantastical as pushing in force trim in airwolf to hit the "turbos".

AW: Yes, sleeker, designed to be "hidden" as a corporate heli when not out hunting. They could have done a better job of graphics, etc, the missiles were just blobs of light. But the heli had to be the most expensive item. Forget the Canada season 4 on USA though, all stock footage of heli...

Of course, AF had Jean Bruce Scott .... who was hot, though thin.

Loved them both,

brown trousers
23rd Apr 2002, 19:33
No way....its gotta be Airwolf but cos they had that bird that flew it.

Even at the age of 12 I thought she was a little minx :D

Of course I think were all neglecting that Helicopter out of Riptide...(christ I'm showing my age!!) :(


23rd Apr 2002, 21:27
No mate, I've never been lucky enough to try an autohover :D, but the in episode I saw, the Bell 222 was literally rigid - obviosley on a trailer or something!!! :rolleyes:

Anyway, can't believe we are losing to airwolf..... :eek:

Come on, Westland Fans, get voting!!!!! ~:cool: :D:D

23rd Apr 2002, 22:56
Well if this is the case - I REST MY CASE!!!!

Vote now!!!!!

Don't forget Airwolf's "management" was a dodgy eye patched, white suited guy called ARCHANGEL!! In my book this is deffinately a MINUS point for Airwolf!!!

Hugh Jarse
24th Apr 2002, 10:26

Frank Murphy's adversary was played by Malcolm "Follow my leader" McDowell?

JAFO's surname in the show was "Limengood"?

I really dug the "Thermal Imaging" camera and special microphone when they sprung Murphy's motorcycle cop mate having a shag on the job. And that they could play the sound back over the ramp hailer was a classic.

I reckon Airwolf was about as credible as "Top Gun". Too wanky IMHO :D

24th Apr 2002, 16:42
Of course I think were all neglecting that Helicopter out of Riptide...(christ I'm showing my age!!)

ahhh..... you miss "Screamin Mimi" too ?

24th Apr 2002, 17:38
That Bell definately is a sexy heli, but then it is in real life too. The music to Airwolf was just awesome though! (like most 80's TV shows)

Does anyone actually remember the Blue Thunder series???

Are we voting for the helicopters or the shows? I think Airwolf would kick Blue Thunder's ass in a battle.

25th Apr 2002, 01:58
What a question!

If the aircraft alone is the deciding factor, then it has to be Blue Thunder. Imagine, through empathy if you will, that you are a 'bad guy' and one of the two were closing you down. Which would precipitate the faster moistening of the knickers?

Blue Thunder, in a purely brutish and ugly way, looked like it had escaped from the third corner of hell, a point proven delightfully when the mighty Schneider surprised those police officers on the bridge and chopped their car in half. Had Airwolf popped up unexpectedly, the said officers would merely have directed it to the nearest business helipad and reported it to the relevant authorities for discipline.

Which is more scary? Roy Schneider staring down on you through that cage of iron with a crazy look in his vengeful eyes, or Ernest Borgnine grinning at you and wearing that mad helmet stolen from the set of BattleStar Gallactica.

You believe then, Pegasus912, that Airwolf would win the theoretical jousting. Well I disagree for two reasons. As stated before, Airwolf's armament appeared to be a forward launching flare dispenser. Secondly, the only things Airwolf could ever shoot down were A-4 skyhawks, presumably because it was the only footage they had.

The only problem with Blue Thunder was an ethical one. The supposed hero, Schneider, was confronted with two heat-seeking missiles launched from a couple of F-16s, one of which was being flown by someone called 'cookie', apparantly. Roy has two options available to him. He can either try to dodge the missiles, fair and square, or hide behind a skyscaper and happily allow them to plough into someone's 9am meeting. I think we all know what he did. What a guy.

However, Blue Thunder remains better because it showed a 'realistic' chopper, a cross between an Apache and Robocop. Unfortunately, Airwolf was simply Knightrider with rotor blades. Although a good cheesey 80's format, you need a cheeky monkey Hasselhoff to pull it off, not a fat, sensitive, organic food eating jessy like Hawk.

28th Apr 2002, 13:47
Look, I know I`m ancient, but "Whirlybirds" beats both of them (1950s, b/w TV....405 lines aaah!)

Chuck and Dave were definitely my heroes and I got truly miffed when the show was replaced by "Champion the Wonder Horse"

28th Apr 2002, 15:55
the only thing with whisper mode was; How did they disperse the 2 million cubic feet of downwash?

What was that series on years ago where they blatted around in Bell 47's ?

Anyway - airwolf. Looked the b*llo£cks and had a snappy theme tune.

Hugh Jarse
29th Apr 2002, 10:33
Skippy or M.A.S.H. :D:D

29th Apr 2002, 11:42
Sootie and Sweep or Bill and Ben ? :D