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uffington sb
25th Feb 2013, 08:08
pinched this from mickjoebill's post on R&N

BT Tower 360 Panorama of London (http://btlondon2012.co.uk/pano.html)

incredible images.

tony draper
25th Feb 2013, 08:32
Incredible picture,pity that advert is stuck in the middle spoils the zoom,which is also incredible.

25th Feb 2013, 09:08
Thanks for sharing but I am sorry to say I have not seen "incredible pics" there, unless I have missed something.
The weather is particularly bad and grey, a bit sad.
I have seen many better pics of London, 360 degres or not. Just google London and you'll have better immediately.

This website doesn't make London any good I am afraid to say, sorry to be frank.

25th Feb 2013, 09:12
Alright, I have to admit the zoom fonction is powerful.

tony draper
25th Feb 2013, 09:13
I meant the technology is incredible Mr KAG,all right thinking Englishmen despise London and wish Boudicca had made a better job of putting it to the torch.

25th Feb 2013, 09:22
No doubt they had just one opportunity to do the shoot and were stuck with a crappy day, which pretty much sums up the UK weather in 2012 - pity as it is an otherwise truly superb effort. I hope BT can have another go this year and be rewarded with a clear sunny day.

25th Feb 2013, 09:39
That's pretty bloody good! :ok:

Flap 5
25th Feb 2013, 10:00
Information about this:

World's largest panoramic photo taken from BT Tower (Wired UK) (http://www.wired.co.uk/news/archive/2013-02/21/world-record-panorama-photo)

BT Captures London In A World Record 320 Gigapixel Panoramic Image - Tech Hunter (http://www.techhunter.co.uk/technology/bt-world-record-panoramic-image/03636/)

tony draper
25th Feb 2013, 10:05
Buggah!! I found one of they hidden buzbys straight away,by accident though.:rolleyes:
I win the first twenty points

Big Hammer
25th Feb 2013, 10:28
I found that one fairly quickly as well Mr D. Just wasted an hour looking for the other two!

25th Feb 2013, 10:35
This might be the first and last time, but I agree with KAG. London on a sunny day - they do have them once in a while - can look glorious. I went on the London Eye a few weeks ago and the view was superb.

There is a 360' panoramic view like this of Cape Town, if I can find the link I'll post it here. Now that is a beautiful sight!

This isn't the one I wanted but it is quite impressive :

"Virtual Tour of Cape Town, South Africa" - ()AIRPANO.COM - Project by Oleg Gaponyuk (http://www.airpano.ru/files/Cape-Town-Tour-South-Africa/2-2)

green granite
25th Feb 2013, 10:35
You don't want a sunny day for such photographs, it produces deep shadows in the street areas leading to loss of detail, overcast days are best.

tony draper
25th Feb 2013, 10:39
That makes sense Mr Granite.:)

25th Feb 2013, 10:55
Wow! That zoom is unbelievable, I have just spent a happy half hour visiting many, many places I'm familiar with. I've peered into the windows of two of the offices I worked in for several years, where I spent a lot of time looking out at the views. I spied on a keen undergrad in a hoodie sitting on the top of the classical portico steps of UCL working with his laptop, in a spot where in better weather I used to sit mugging up on my lecture notes. I spotted and zoomed up close to Lord Snowdon's famous aviary in Regent's Park Zoo, next to the small mammal house that my firm designed, with close at hand a couple of rugby and soccer matches in progress on the sports grounds, where we used to play cricket in summer against other consulting engineering firms. And over to the south, the tall lattice steel Crystal Palace and Beulah Hill transmitter towers, both of which I have climbed for inspections. The National Theatre, with which I have some connection, is completely hidden by the Centre Point tower, and I believe many would say that's definitely a good thing ...

Thanks, uffington sb, you've made my day! :ok:

25th Feb 2013, 13:02
Lovely, thanks for sharing. What is a buzby?

tony draper
25th Feb 2013, 13:09
This is Madam Limeygirl,tiz a adverizing logo used by British Telecom.:)

uffington sb
25th Feb 2013, 13:10

Buzby was the name of the yellow canary that was used to advertise British Telecom (the telephone network) in the '80's.

I thought this site was too good to stay in R&N.

25th Feb 2013, 13:10
Has anybody found any nude sunbathers yet ?

25th Feb 2013, 13:14
No, but I am sure Slasher is on the case!

Thanks for the info guys. Drat, I am getting a bit obsessed with this. What a wonderful website. It is amazing what people have on their roofs. I feel like quite the little spy. :)

tony draper
25th Feb 2013, 13:29
Imagine what the technology will be like fifty years from now,they will probably be able to zoom in on you five miles away and take your fingerprints or a sample of your DNA.

wings folded
25th Feb 2013, 13:56
Found another of them daft birds; aim NW and point down.

Fitzroy Square

25th Feb 2013, 14:06
I think that is the same one that Tony found! Addictive isn't it? Do we know for sure that there are 2 more of the little boogers? :ok:

Big Hammer
25th Feb 2013, 14:07
There is another one due north of the first one in a park near the aviary.

tony draper
25th Feb 2013, 14:21
Doesn't seem to be many people on the streets I recon must be early Sunday morning.

wings folded
25th Feb 2013, 14:27
Bugger, so it is.

25th Feb 2013, 14:37
Last one must have nipped into the boozer for a wet!

uffington sb
25th Feb 2013, 14:39
Not many people in the orifices either. Might have to zoom into some of those bedroom windows to confirm it's Sunday:)

wings folded
25th Feb 2013, 15:01
I read somewhere that it took em three days to do it, so was either three sundays on the trot or not always sunday.

There's a rugby match going on in Regents Park, and Westminster clock says it's harf pas wun.

The streets are suspiciously uncrowded however.

25th Feb 2013, 15:27
A quick pan around shows the time at Westminster as 1:30 and Marylebone Parish Church as 2:35. No doubt other clues are out there.

tony draper
25th Feb 2013, 17:16
Someone once posted a photo in the local rag of a anonymous victory street party(1918) in my town and asking if anybody could name the street,said streets long demolished and covered with new buildings of course.
Took two days using me old ordinance survey maps and Google Earth and much head scratching to track it down by measuring angles and such from still existing landmarks to positively identify it, with a feeling of triumph I looked again at the newspaper article only to find someone had identified it further down the page on the same day.
Just one word entered in the diary that night,Buggah!!

spInY nORmAn
25th Feb 2013, 22:48
Here's another:


spInY nORmAn
26th Feb 2013, 00:27
Wouldn't want to have been around when this happened!


26th Feb 2013, 01:28
Spiny That's the one identified by Big Hammer

The one that Drapes discovered looks like an 'after photo' photoshop addition but the one in Regent's Park doesn't look quite so obvious and appears to be a bloke in a daft suit actually there.

26th Feb 2013, 01:41
Got the little bastard.....London Bridge above the central pier just down and to the left of the bows of HMS Belfast!!


26th Feb 2013, 01:43
It is good and agree, they could have picked a better day.

Surprised this wasn't done some time ago considering
how long the technology has been available for.

26th Feb 2013, 01:53
No, but I am sure Slasher is on the case!

..Started with the Travelodge but all I saw was a fuzzy image of what looks like a naked lady lying
on a couch with her bra pulled down to her navel. Since another nearby room had similar I suspect
its a window reflection of other buildings.

There's a largish black bra sitting atop a pile of washing not far from Crispins on Foley St (W1) but
the owner was out. :(

The search continues...

uffington sb
26th Feb 2013, 09:52
Blimey bit intrusive this, but addictive none the less. Not sure i'm too keen on the bamboo furniture and floral seat cushions in No 78, and it must have been a Sunday morning judging by the amount of empty wine/beer bottles on some of the roof gardens and balconies.

26th Feb 2013, 10:31
Just enjoyed another look-see over my favourite city, still marvelling at the capability of that zoom. I found the notorious "wobbly bridge", and was able to examine its structural details, even spotting the diagonal telescopic dampers which spoiled everyone's fun by stopping the pedestrian-induced wobbling. Damned spoilsports, these civil engineers!

Nearby, the superb re-creation of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre can be seen, a marvellous testament to the dogged determination of the great anglophile Sam Wanamaker, the American actor who shamed us Brits into doing something marvellous to commemorate the world-famous playwright.

Sam Wanamaker - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sam_Wanamaker)

Behind the thatched roof of the Globe on the south bank of the Thames is the modern intrusive spiky monstrosity of "The Shard", looming hideously over the low-rise higgledy-piggledy but likeable Southwark neighbourhood. It makes even the starkly functional concrete tower of the adjacent Guy's Hospital look like the Taj Mahal, by comparison ... :eek:

And also nearby lies the huge red-brick bulk of the former Bankside Power Station, still with its (non-smoking) chimney, now designated the Tate Modern art gallery. Heartily recommended as the best free laugh in London, for concentrating the most outrageously pretentious clap-trap called "Art" by its "Artists" in one easily reached location for those in need of cheering up. No admission charge, because they wouldn't dare to!

Oh, I do love this website panorama ... ;)

Low Flier
26th Feb 2013, 11:10
WTF? (http://bit.ly/13kev4N)
What is this superimposed image all about?

Has the site been hacked?

Edited to add:
Pitch down about five degrees from the left face of the Shard.

26th Feb 2013, 12:41
This isn't the one I wanted but it is quite impressive :
Can see the building I was born in, but rather sadly, I understand that the former Peninsula Maternity Home is to be demolished next month to make way for a new Health Centre.

Too old to stand, no doubt I'll be the same before too long. ;)

green granite
26th Feb 2013, 13:25
There is a whole load of Gigapixel and High Resolution Panoramas at this guy's site:

Gigapixel Panoramas by London-based Panoramic Photographer | 360 Panoramic Photographer London (http://www.willpearson.co.uk/high_resolution.php)

Loose rivets
26th Feb 2013, 15:25
That's impressive. I'd never really scaled the office size of the Gherkin.

My dentist once asked me to fly his au pair to LHR. It was c 6 AM when the Rivetess and I left the airport and the clearance was to Polstead (Suffolk) direct, not above 500'. The viz was a thousand miles.

We looked down into the streets we knew well, everything it exquisite focus. It really was one of the most breathtaking flights of my light aircraft flying days.

500' would be a bit iffy these days. What's more, about that eara of my life, I was cleared out of LHR same height to my field in Essex AT NIGHT IMC in heavy rain. What a different world. (10/6 landing fee. That's shilling and pence.;))