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24th Feb 2013, 18:48

On in a few minutes. Channel 4 8pm.

24th Feb 2013, 19:03
Interesting play on words in the title :confused:

Lon More
24th Feb 2013, 20:44
The title apart, a real bit of 1960s B movie.
Poignant silences, staring into the darkness smoking a cigarette. Much more could have been made of it.

tubby linton
24th Feb 2013, 21:21
It was a disaser of a programme. Using the BBC Royal history correspondent to talk about an aircraft crash is like using Henry VIII to talk about AF447.
The interesting people(the experts) has a very minor role in comparison to staged shots of people smoking and pondering.

Krystal n chips
25th Feb 2013, 06:35
The interesting people(the experts) has a very minor role in comparison to staged shots "

Very true given the fact they know what they are talking about. Sadly, for "meedja" people, such expertise does not constitute entertainment and hence the lowest common denominator rule applies.

The padding out with multiple shots of a Comet taking off / landing could have been significantly reduced and the air time given over to the above.

CGI...it's a very useful format, but why do the "creative minds"...:hmm: insist on on presenting the format in a manner that suggests the target audience are children.

How difficult would it be, I wonder, to have used CGI to offer a technical insight as to how the cracks propogated, how pressurisation works and how an airframe is constructed.

Instead of which, we got "Kerpow!"...Comet blowing up in the cruise.

Lon More
25th Feb 2013, 06:38
There was a similar programme a couple of years ago about the Blitz. Probably the same creative minds behind it. The hero driving around in an MG TF showed the standard of accuracy that could be expected.

green granite
25th Feb 2013, 07:41
I saw the trailer of the Comet blowing up in mid-air and the fact that "That strange woman" was involved and watched the Mediterranean cookery programme instead.

Lon More
25th Feb 2013, 07:45
"That strange woman"

Wasn't she also involved in a series about restoring old buildings?

25th Feb 2013, 08:09
Does smoking and pondering, help in any way?

green granite
25th Feb 2013, 09:14
Wasn't she also involved in a series about restoring old buildings?

Yes Lon, didn't like her there either.

25th Feb 2013, 10:06
Overall found it very disappointing in oline with other comments here. What happened to the investigator chap after the first crash? He wasn't mentioned again, as the RAE and the Farnborough senior boffin took over and of course, correctly and successfully analysed and solved the mystery of the accidents.

Imho, the best documentary of these events is the National Geographic production of the episode called 'Comet Air Crash', from the series 'Seconds from Disaster'.

izod tester
25th Feb 2013, 12:54
Very disappointed at the portrayal of Bob Nelson as a heavy smoker - he was a non-smoker (and my uncle).

He continued to support the Comet accident investigations after the lead was transferred to Farnborough.

A brief career summary is in his obituary at
Obituary: Bob Nelson - Arts & Entertainment - The Independent (http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/obituary-bob-nelson-1120812.html)

25th Feb 2013, 13:55
Wasn't this program a repeat ? I'm sure I watched it about a year ago. And the cause was the same then......