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23rd Feb 2013, 14:17
Is there some kind of chemical or electronic ( la mole repellent) solution to keep cats away from a smallish patch of garden?

We have two dogs who, when not out in the fields or woods for walks, are let out into the garden to do what must be done. I am often on turd patrol which is fine, this is part and parcel of the whole dog ownership thing.

However, when picking up the Giant Economy Family size contributions from Trixie the JRT, as well as the Holy Roman Empire Size efforts of Kimba the RR, I find myself also picking up bags and bags of cat efforts, which is NOT part of the deal.

Any ideas for keeping the moggies away, other than leaving the poor hounds outside all the time?

Many thanks,


23rd Feb 2013, 14:20
Silent Roar Lion Manure - Cat Repellant: Amazon.co.uk: Garden & Outdoors

This stuff seems to work.

23rd Feb 2013, 14:33
They don't like citrus or mothballs apparently.
I'm surprised you're getting cats with two dogs around. My Newfoundland is an excellent deterrent. :E

23rd Feb 2013, 14:45
Small pieces of lead, 0.22 inches in diameter and a bit longer are usually efficient.

23rd Feb 2013, 15:23
The dogs will be happy to see off any and all creatures:E

23rd Feb 2013, 16:02
Cats look for smooth loose areas of soil.

Covering the ground with plants or wire netting will stop them.

Anything that prevents the cat from scooping earth.

23rd Feb 2013, 16:49
Cocktail sticks inserted in the soil can work quite well.

23rd Feb 2013, 16:54
Twigs cut from (especially) prickly bushes, though any twigs will probably work, especially if 'branched'.

23rd Feb 2013, 17:56
Define "garden"

If it's a bit with flowers and dirt, not grass, then put tree bark down. Keeps weeds at bay too.

If grass, you're on your own, for unless you are willing to pave it over there ain't diddly you can do.

23rd Feb 2013, 17:57
Twigs cut from (especially) prickly bushes, though any twigs will probably work, especially if 'branched'.

Dogs will be happy walking on that too............

23rd Feb 2013, 17:59
Lengths of barbed wire . . .

23rd Feb 2013, 18:07
Dogs will be happy about walking on that too.....

Milo Minderbinder
23rd Feb 2013, 18:10
Most dogs usually eat other animals crap. Yours are obviously not operating efficiently and need training. Or maybe you are feeding them too well, so that they ignore what is normally a crappy treasure diet highlight.
So, put them on a diet, and train them to eat the cat crap

23rd Feb 2013, 18:22
Get or make a Larsen trap and place Kit e Kat or some other suitable feline delicacy inside. You might need to use pieces of wire coat hanger to anchor the trap to the ground. Cats can thrash around a bit once trapped although they are in no pain of course. It's all entirely humane up to this point. Whether you then release them in the vicinity of your friendly shotgun armed game keeper, throw them in the river, shoot them on exiting the trap or have them used as play things for the dogs is another matter and one with which one's imagination should roam free as a bird.

Fish and Wildlife Service (http://www.fws.gov/pacific/lawenforcement/Sam%20Stuff/October%202009.html)

23rd Feb 2013, 18:34
Garden shops do a soft green plastic mesh, inch square holes, which is easy to embed in lawns and borders.

Or use my patent pending land mine filled with essence of lady cat on heat. One squirt of that and the cats get chased away by the local virile Tom. Works on both genders. :p

23rd Feb 2013, 19:39
In this situation the problem is obviously caused by the stupid dogs.

Get rid of them and adopt the cats.

23rd Feb 2013, 20:46
Fire at the cats with a water pistol. They hate it and will stop visiting.

You can get some extremely capable devices. The 'Super soaker' is one.

Not expensive either and good fun for your weans too, if you have any. :ok:

23rd Feb 2013, 21:10
Fire at the cats with a water pistol. They hate it and will stop visiting.Cats are crafty - they creep in and crap, and you don't see them doing it.

If you want to go the water-route you need motion sensors and mains-pressurised sprinklers (I believe that the subject has been covered elsewhere in JB).


24th Feb 2013, 02:50
Being the Man Servant to three Felines....I find the video to be really funny!

Hearing the victims of this foul device running into walls and garden sheds....really gets a laugh.

In the end....the poor fellow will wind up with Bird Droppings all over his car....which is almost as bad as Cat Pee.

24th Feb 2013, 02:54
Who owns the cats?

Plant a lot of catnip in their yard and see if that keeps the cats home.


24th Feb 2013, 06:29
Or use my patent pending land mine filled with essence of lady cat on heat. One squirt of that and the cats get chased away by the local virile Tom. Works on both genders.

Not quite, you put that in the garden of the most annoying neighbour in the street as they will be the ones who have every male cat in the area "visiting" them, and they can suffer the howling, spraying, fighting, etc...

Actually, mike, you may have something in that there concept which could be used to great effect on various people....... :E

24th Feb 2013, 06:37
Would kitty be so gullible? :E


24th Feb 2013, 06:46
In a word, yes.

24th Feb 2013, 07:13
Morning folks! Thanks for all the replies and suggestions. Cat jobbies problem temporarily fixed by 5 cm of global warming which is still falling steadily.

In no particular order: That essence of lion stuff looked promising, bur the reviews are... Mixed- "Works brilliantly!" "Doesn't work worth a damn"

Lead pellets:confused: what do they do? Poison the cats? Must take forever, and result in neighbours retaliating and poisoning the dogs, not the way to go, I think :(

The part of the garden which has been fenced off for the dogs is pretty much a work in progress, ie weeds, shrubs, unkempt grass and lots of cat jobbies...

My dogs will eat cat crap with gusto, given half a chance- We don't want them to, is the thing :yuk:

My life isn't yet quite drab and wretched enough for me to be on 24 hour duty armed with super soaker, and the high tech motion sensor and mains pressure setup seems a little OTT (but an interesting project, though :E )

Nope, I reckon cats are as inevitable as death and taxes, so I will keep picking up the neighbourhood's cats offerings as well... If only there was some use for the stuff!

24th Feb 2013, 08:48
It is very, very easy to keep cats out of your garden.

Cats will only walk on a surface that is steady and secure.

You say your garden is fenced? If so, acquire some chicken wire, and nail it to the top of your fence (granted, not 'pretty', but it works a treat).

The chicken wire should add about 12-18 inches height to you fence. Bend it slightly in half, so that it 'flaps' around.

When the cats are on the other side of the fence, intending to jump over it into your garden, they will look up, and see this bendy flappy surface at the top of the fence - they won't touch it.

24th Feb 2013, 12:04
As usual, the solution(s) to cat nuisance involve spending money and time on other people's pets.

Why should we have to put up with that?

24th Feb 2013, 12:12
Lead pelletshttp://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/src:www.pprune.org/get/images/smilies/confused.gif what do they do? Poison the cats? Must take forever, and result in neighbours retaliating and poisoning the dogs, not the way to go, I think

I struggle to believe he (assuming) hasn't got that :ugh:

24th Feb 2013, 12:23
A 7.62 lead pellet kills betterer than a .22 one Maxbert.

Here's the easy to use applicator -


24th Feb 2013, 14:43
I bought one of these last year PestBye Battery Operated Cat Repeller - Ultrasonic Cat Scarer: Amazon.co.uk: Garden & Outdoors and found that it took 2-3 weeks for it to become effective but since then it has kept all unwanted cats out of my garden. I've watched a cat sitting on the neighbours wall staring into my garden at the spots where it used to crap but it stayed where it was which was very pleasing. The effects are very short lived though so if the batteries wear out or if the sensor gets covered up, the effects immediately stop allowing cats back into the garden.

24th Feb 2013, 17:13
But how will that affect his dogs?

It's all good thinking about things to deter cats, but he has two dogs and stopping the cats crapping is no good if the dogs are to scared to dump in the designated area so they leave a log in the house...........

24th Feb 2013, 18:30
Oh dear... Can I claim a "senior moment" WRT the pellets suff? I am embarassed... :ouch:

That being said, Slasher your pellet machine looks like its stock needs a good cleaning :E

Hellsbrink, heb je recht!

On an unrelated note, on a tinternet search for uses of dog poo, I did come accross a total lunatic who turns the stuff into coffee, gawd help us :=

24th Feb 2013, 18:43
Yer right, everyone knows the best coffee is in cat shit..........

24th Feb 2013, 18:45
Maybe you all should welcome stroking a pussy when you get the chance.....?:p

Just a thought!