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23rd Feb 2013, 13:32
this week we have both had calls from someone claiming to represent a third party involved in "your recent car accident". As it happened, my partner answered the phone on both occasions, the first was claiming she had had a car accident and the second was claiming I had. Neither is true but on the second call she decided to string them along and waste their time. The caller says they are calling on behalf of UK Legal Solutions but they cannot give times, dates, registrations or locations of the reported accident or state who the client is, they are just an intermediary organisation. So, if you want to have a go, watch for the call........


wings folded
23rd Feb 2013, 13:54
Congratulations on being amongst the remaining few who had not yet had that kind of call.

How did you manage that?

DX Wombat
23rd Feb 2013, 14:31
Rans :ok: been there, done that, had them tying themselves in knots by the end of the conversation. :E

23rd Feb 2013, 15:10
After I have strung 'em along for a while, they usually abruptly hang up on me. Then I smile :)


23rd Feb 2013, 17:32
I managed to get to the second level supervisor before I called their bluff when he said he needed to "re-confirm the accident details". I asked him to tell me what he had and I'd correct anything that was wrong or missing. I repeated this three times before he said I was wasting his time. I said "No. I think you'll find you're wasting mine". There was a long pause. He then shouted "F**k off!" down the phone and immediately hung up. I fell about! (I was especially impressed tbat he could pronounce asterisks).

23rd Feb 2013, 18:49
I don't seem to get these scams. I never answer my mobile unless it's a recognised number, and I only plug in my landline phone to make outgoing calls.

If you do mistakenly pick up a scam call, hang up without speaking and list the number so it comes up xxxnuisancexxx on your screen.

If in doubt, hang up and google the number.

23rd Feb 2013, 19:43
and I only plug in my landline phone to make outgoing calls.

But you fully expect the phone, at the other end, to be plugged in at all homes so whenyou make your outgoing call their incoming call would be answered :ugh::ugh::ugh:

23rd Feb 2013, 21:14
I never answer my mobile unless it's a recognised number,

I don't recognise ANY numbers these days. I used Giggle to make the phone show me a picture of the person who is calling. Trouble is, having a problem in my own personal facial recognition program, I don't recognise the pictures either.....

23rd Feb 2013, 21:46
Me too, OFSO. Mild prosopagnosia I think. Can almost never recognise anyone out of their normal context, if that makes sense.

A A Gruntpuddock
23rd Feb 2013, 21:52
"Mild prosopagnosia I think."

At least I am not the only one!

23rd Feb 2013, 21:55
I find the easiest solution to unknown or withheld numbers is to pick up the phone and wait for the caller to speak. They either give up, or say enough for me to determine if it's someone I wish to speak to.

When I have time to spare, if it's a sales call of some kind, I ask them so many questions they usually give up. If I can get them to swear or be abusive then I feel I've scored a victory, after all, they are trained not to lose their cool.

24th Feb 2013, 06:31
WIRE transaction is completed. $3619 has been successfully transferred. If the
transaction was made by mistake please contact our customer service.Receipt of
payment is attached.*** This is an automatically generated email, please do not
reply ***

zip-attachment. Haven't opened, yet. :E

does this say anything to anybody? (links seemed to be 'sticky')X-PHP-Script:vbcfvcvcvfvcigj.buhrmann.com/sendmail.php for
From: "Payment notification system" [email protected] o m
X-Sender: "Payment notification system" [email protected] o m
X-Mailer: PHP
X-Priority: 1
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: multipart/alternative;
Message-Id: <[email protected]>
Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2013 12:44:27 +0000

24th Feb 2013, 06:41
That IP address ( is registered in Ghana.

24th Feb 2013, 06:49
wrong thread, then? :E
The style has become more businesslike, must be tuning in with the trends :).

24th Feb 2013, 07:32
Ghana. Anywhere in Africa should ring alarm bells unless you happen to be dealing with a person or organisation on that continent.

There are lots of scam emails around that ask you to open a zip file to review a document, check a refund, read a compliment/complaint, check your e-ticket, etc. I think that the zip files open up a Trojan - someone else will have better input on that, but I know to NEVER open them.

Milo Minderbinder
24th Feb 2013, 07:40
[email protected] o m

is surely forged with gaps in it like that

24th Feb 2013, 07:44
But you fully expect the phone, at the other end, to be plugged in at all homes so whenyou make your outgoing call their incoming call would be answered

Er, nope. I only make voice calls if absolutely necessary, and that would be to fix an appointment or check a delivery.

I don't make private calls, don't have the temerity to interrupt someone's private life and summon them to the phone. Far better and so much more efficient to reduce the information content to txt sms. Leave chatter for f2f. Waste of bw.

24th Feb 2013, 07:50
Milo - the gaps are mine, the link kept popping back (looked removed and appeared again when I clicked the cursor somewhere else in the pre-post text) and I did not want to post it with the link. Dunno if it matters, though.

24th Feb 2013, 08:13
Can almost never recognise anyone out of their normal context

Or in it......sometimes I peer at someone - "is that who I think it is ?" to see them peering at me thinking the same thing...both of us walk off having thought "not sure, better not say anything" and then get home to wife and say "I thought I saw XXX in the supermarket this morning..." and no doubt he (always a he !) is saying the same thing to HIS wife.

In order to bring this post back onto the subject:

We have one gentleman from Nigeria living locally. He is honest, trustworthy and a perfect gentleman.

(No punchline, no it's not a joke, he's a great guy).

Loose rivets
24th Feb 2013, 08:32
That IP address ( is registered in Ghana.

All together now. Ghana sit right down and write myself a letter, and make believe it came from you. Da di da di da.

Can't see faces? Think yourself lucky. Oliver Sacks writes about a man who mistook his wife for a hat.

The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Man_Who_Mistook_His_Wife_for_a_Hat)


24th Feb 2013, 08:33
The best phrase to use is this:

"This call is being recorded for your protection"

That fcuks them off


24th Feb 2013, 08:41
Three years after I had been in a serious RTA in the centre of Tanzania , involving a subsequent Air evac back to RSA , insertion of a couple of titanium vertebrae, a week in I.C. and a long recovery, I got such a "recent car accident" call. The cold questioning technique used would have done pride to a fake medium. I knew full well that all my bills were well covered by insurance and had been cleared.
This one was skilfully pulled round to aim at "recovery of unpaid hospitalisation bills". Stringing them along I managed to establish that they had no details of the date or location of the hospitalisation -then it was " for the supply of rare blood to the hospital by their client " ( I'm OD pos - like 46% of the white population):D . Finally I referred them to my lawyers and put the phone down. Nothing heard since.

24th Feb 2013, 15:20
I have earned so much in commissions lately that I am set for life. The last one, just yesterday, was $4, 375.28.

I like that "28 cents," the cherry atop the ice cream sundae. All I have to do is answer the emails, I guess, but I haven't got around to that yet.

Then there is the way I won a lottery I never entered, and, of course, Mrs. Abacha still is trying to get hold of me, urgently, something about millions and millions in a blocked account. You know, that woman is worse than Greta bloody Garbo, the one I kept having to knock off my windowsill with a stick!

I read about the man who mistook his wife for a hat, but I know another man very, very well who mistook his mother-in-law for a bitch, after she "accidentally" knocked his motorcycle over onto his new lawnmower. What is it with us and the world and women, anyway?

27th Feb 2013, 17:55
We are getting a lot of these...

In connection with the introduction of a new security system for the purpose of preventing new cases of wire fraud, all the ACH and WIRE transactions of our customers have been blocked until you update your security version in compliance with our new requirements.. In order to restore your account abilities, we urgently prompt you to install a special security software. You may use the link <http://testarea.westsidedentalcare.co.uk/templates/beez/i.php?fdic> below to download all the necessary files and proceed with the installation.

We apologize for causing you inconveniences by this measure.
Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of any problems.

Faithfully yours,

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Security Department

What I love is the "West Side Dental Care" email address.

PS So I Googled that name, and there are lots of establishments called that. But in a serendipitous moment I got to a review of Westside Dental Care in Winnetka CA that started "Imagine how insanely excited I am to be the first reviewer for this terrible place." Moments like that make the Interweb worthwhile.

27th Feb 2013, 18:25
chuks wrote:

but I know another man very, very well who mistook his mother-in-law for a bitch,

No mistaking my mother-in-law for anything, chuks. I know exactly what she is.

27th Feb 2013, 18:31
We recently changed our Internet service provider as well as telephone company. We've had our new number for about 1 week now. Just the other night I put our new number on the national 'do not call' registry. Which takes effect "within 30 days".

Last night's scam phone call:

"Attention. Attention. This is not a sales call." (Of course it is, you butthole.)

"Crime has dramatically risen in your neighborhood as reported by your friends and neighbors". (Oh really? What, they now tip over 30 cows instead of 2 on a Saturday night? Horror of all horrors. Man the barricades and call in the 3rd Armored Division.)

"Watch out. Stay safe. Remain alert. Watch your back and keep your doors securely locked. And for the best investment into the safety of your loved ones we are offering...." (Blah, blah, blah. It's about a home security system.)

I can just imagine a scam call like this being made to some older person causing them to have a coronary due to the "crime" which has "dramatically risen in your neighborhood."

Butt holes.

27th Feb 2013, 18:40
RGB, should have never given up your, you know what. These people obviously scan PPRuNe and know you home is not secure.

27th Feb 2013, 18:43

Alzheimers? forgetfulness? Old age?

Yes, I gave up a certain toy. But I still have two others, remember? Therefore, my castle is far from unsecured. Very far from it.

27th Feb 2013, 20:07

Alzheimers? forgetfulness? Old age?

Yes, all of the above, but also teasing.

27th Feb 2013, 21:12
Actually, the original post - is not quite a scam.

It's a fishing expedition (contrary to The Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003) by a third party company, who pass your details on to a real lawyers firm (who are ethically forbidden to troll for clients) for a finder's fee.

Dodgy - yes, but not a "scam" as such.

Flap 5
28th Feb 2013, 06:54
Actually, the original post - is not quite a scam.

It's a fishing expedition (contrary to The Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003) by a third party company, who pass your details on to a real lawyers firm (who are ethically forbidden to troll for clients) for a finder's fee.

Dodgy - yes, but not a "scam" as such.

That definitely comes within my definition of scam. It would also come well within everyone elses definition of scam.

28th Feb 2013, 09:11
This is an Awful Warning not to do as I did......

Third cold call in a day saying "We're calling about your recent accident...", so I said how efficient they must be, only happened last night. "Can you tell me what happened?". Indeed I could, and I wove a tale about how I was driving under a footbridge in the City Centre, where a banner was being fastened, banner fell on to car, couldn't see, swerved into fish 'n chip shop, smashed counter, car a write-off, fled into the night. "OK, I've written that all down, was anyone injured?"

"I think there was a customer or two under the car when I fled, and the owner was frying in the deep fryer. I don't know if they were injured, but I had very severe whiplash. So did my dog, who has been off sick ever since."

"B.o.t.h o.c.c.u.p.a.n.t.s w.h.i.p.l.a.s.h. i.n.j.u.r.y. Yes. I can see that you have a strong claim. Did you report the accident to the Police?"

"Don't be silly, it was a stolen car."

"Was anyone to blame?"

"I noticed that the banner was promoting the Exeter Prostitutes Collective Open Day. So obviously it was their fault."

"Do you have their address?".

And so on. It was fun at the time, because I was trying, and failing to think of something the girl would not believe.

I got a call from the Solicitors next day, so I embellished the tale even more. I then got calls from various Solicitors on a weekly basis for nearly 6 months offering to take up the claim, and that's when the enjoyment ceased.

So the message is, don't go there!

Mr Chips
18th Mar 2013, 18:35
I've just received an email from the bank, which at first I thought was a scam...until I saw how they signed off

This is our last warning attempt that your online account has been temporarily

A large number of failed login attempts have been recorded in your account, as a
security measure had to temporarily limit your account.

To restore your account we have attached a form to this email, please download
and complete the form.

After completing the form, within 12 hours you will be called by one of our
operators to confirm the data sent.

Note: For security reasons we recommend you open the Internet Explorer browser.

If you choose to ignore our request, you risk that your account be suspended

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Honestly, Barclays Security Department.

We advise that you keep this email for future notifications. (E-mail ID: 758821)

Copyright Barclays Bank Plc. 2013 - All rights reserved
____________________________________________________________ __________________________________

I feel bad for doubting them now :E

19th Mar 2013, 00:50
My brother in law got stung last weekend. I already knew he was a complete d!ckhead but this was just compounding confirmation.

He was sitting at his computer, whilst his new wife was at work one afternoon, surfing [email protected], as you do, when an image popped up on his screen with his photo taken from the computer camera surrounded by official looking police logos with text saying that he had been caught by the Federal Police surfing illegal websites.

It then went on that he would be fined $7,500 or possibly jailed for up to 5 years unless he paid an immediate infringement of $100 within 72 hours. Furthermore his laptop was frozen and couldn't be used. They said that they had locked it and when he paid the infringement the computer would be unlocked.

Now I hear you all saying, this is perfectly reasonable and a common example of how Police work nowadays...

So how is he supposed to pay this "infringement notice"? Well the instructions are that he has to go to his nearest Night Owl Convenience Store and purchase a $100 UPay card and direct the payment to a certain number.

When he goes down there, the guy behind the counter says, "Gee, your the third bloke tonight".

I despair, I really do!

Sadly this person is now married and may indeed start to breed. His wife seems passably intelligent but she chose him so I still have my doubts. I swear if my wife wasn't adopted, I would never have married her.

19th Mar 2013, 04:31
He was sitting at his computer whilst his new wife was at work one afternoon surfing [email protected]

A comma or two changes everything.

He was sitting at his computer, whilst his new wife was at work one afternoon, surfing [email protected]

Is probably a truer representation!

19th Mar 2013, 04:40
I agree Cape - I read the original sentence that his missus surfs p0rn. Its not often men
are lucky enough to have wives that do that. Mine does - but only when she's looking for
visual examples of new bedroom ideas I've subliminally suggested to her brain. :E