View Full Version : The most un PC people... are?

23rd Feb 2013, 09:09
Are probably Australians... ;)

Kevin 'Bloody' Wilson - Diesel Dykes - YouTube

What do PPRuNers think?


23rd Feb 2013, 09:31
I'd agree with that :O

23rd Feb 2013, 10:02
things have changed a bit since then, we've caught the "don't offend anyone" disease and lawyers are lurking everywhere.

Flap 5
23rd Feb 2013, 10:12
I think ...... occasionally.

23rd Feb 2013, 10:18
Some of the old SA comedians and satirists did pretty well, before the days of PC and thought control.

Gary and Spider
Robert Kirby
Eddie Ecksteen

A few others whose names I've forgotten. The only one who seems to have survived/adapted is Pieter Dirk Uys.

23rd Feb 2013, 10:45
I thought Gary and Spider were terrific!!They were often on the Holiday Inn Circuit in Bots/Swazi and Lesotho and I had many fun night stops with them.I played a round of golf in Geberone with Spider one time and that was a laugh a minute!!

23rd Feb 2013, 11:01
The most un PC people... are?

Mac users?

Well, somebody had to...

23rd Feb 2013, 12:01
Too subtle. Try the late Lenny Bruce. He pioneered this kind of thing, and even did time for that, telling a story about some square little town in the American mid-West where his homo friend's mother was complaining about how the young men he was so nice to kept beating him up, and a raving diesel dyke Girl Scout leader went unrecognized as such despite being an obvious "troop-fresser." The judge found Bruce indecent, not funny, but what did he know?

Barksdale Boy
23rd Feb 2013, 12:16
The Cantonese take a lot of beating.

23rd Feb 2013, 12:22
Liberal Democrats because if you don't agree with them you are an evil, selfish, racist fascist and you're not allowed to kill foxes, even though they're eating urban babies.

23rd Feb 2013, 12:23
I've always been a fan of the US's Sam Kinison. Says (or rather yells) it like it is!

Sam Kinison on Marriage and World Hunger - YouTube

23rd Feb 2013, 12:28
Liberal Democrats because if you don't agree with them you are an evil, selfish, racist fascist and you're not allowed to kill foxes, even though
they're eating urban babies.

Liberal Democrats eating urban babies! :eek:


wings folded
23rd Feb 2013, 12:44
The most un PC people... are?
Mac users?

I found that quite innovative, drole even.

23rd Feb 2013, 12:46
Posters in the US Politics Hamsterwheel thread ?

23rd Feb 2013, 13:08
May one mention the one, the only.......Bill Hicks ?

The funny thing is, the 'victims' of un-PC comments and behaviour in modern times are often themselves so intolerant, racist, prejudiced, etc that it would make your toes curl :rolleyes: It would seem that these attitudes are forgotten by the right-on crowd in their rush to be offended on behalf of others.


23rd Feb 2013, 13:59
Liberals....they get up half the nose of more than half the population!

Taras B
23rd Feb 2013, 14:09
Duke of Edinborough

23rd Feb 2013, 15:16

What do PPRuNers think?

Bloody ripper mate!!!!!:ok::ok:

23rd Feb 2013, 16:30
People who can't spell Duke of Edinburgh (I'll get me coat . . .)

23rd Feb 2013, 20:41
People who can't spell Duke of Edinburgh

So that would be all Scots then...........................

23rd Feb 2013, 21:59
You want un-PC? See if you can find any of King Billy Coke Bottle's stuff online. (His 'map of Tasmania' skit is a classic, and may be in the first link below.) He's so un-PC, he was kicked out of Perth (WA) and about the only place that would have him was Far North Queensland (Australia's "deep north").

Why casino dethroned 'racist' King Billy

By Gabriella Coslovich
July 10 2002

Harmless larrikin or loathsome racist? Townsville comedian Louis Beers, a white man who wears black make-up, affects a thick accent and tells Aboriginal jokes in the guise of King Billy Cokebottle, insists he is only playing for laughs. But for many, there is nothing funny about his racially tinged humour.

Beers, who enjoys a strong following among police in Western Australia and Queensland and counts Aboriginal actor Ernie Dingo among his fans, was to perform at Crown Casino next month. But Crown yesterday cancelled his show after hearing from Victorian Aboriginal and ethnic community groups.

"We are not making any value judgments on the quality of the act at all, we are simply saying that there were a number of views expressed to us from community groups that we hadn't anticipated," said Crown spokesperson Gary O'Neill.

Beers, who has been playing King Billy for 30 years, was disappointed with Crown's decision. "Maybe Victorian people are a little bit precious in their outlook on certain things," he said in Townsville. "The Territorians have a more open view on life than people down south - who don't even see the problems."

What makes him even funnier as you listen to his near perfect Ozboriginal accent is that he's a Dutchman.

The Best of King Billy Coke Bottle - Gollan - YouTube



24th Feb 2013, 00:27
I guess when it comes down to kick ass Aussi intelligence you can't do better than this man (he doesn't come from Goulburn the heart of sheep, well)

I mean it...

PAUL HOGAN Part 1 (Australian Comedy) - YouTube


24th Feb 2013, 00:38
You have to love Aussie girls...

(and the bloke in this video)

Australian bike gangs war .Hells Angels and Comancheros - YouTube


24th Feb 2013, 00:54
Delvene Delaney - aah....now there was a boner! :E

r3M_k9kaHWE . yjO0PI9I9IM

24th Feb 2013, 01:49
Not un-PC at all, but the lady's Australian, and very funny - as well as being spot on in her observations. There are even nuns and what look Like Salvation Army ladies in the (American) audience laughing their ***s off.

Why woman are different from men and vice versa By Amanda Gore - YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=sbF-4LOOC5c)

26th Feb 2013, 02:42
This is a very sad ballad. :{

Terribly un-PC I know but send it to your sweetheart
if she leaves you and you miss her terribly. :(


After shedding many tears she's certain to come back.... :\

ramble on
26th Feb 2013, 07:32
Bring him back!!


Seven Periods with Mr Gormsby S1E1 Part 1 - YouTube

26th Feb 2013, 07:59
+1 for Mr. Gormsby. Very un-PC, but not offensive and actually had a lot of common sense, despite being very funny.

26th Feb 2013, 12:33
The most un PC people are:

US Army Infantryman!!!!

Hoo-ahhh and f**k all the rest.

26th Feb 2013, 14:23
I'll give Gormsby a thumbs up though he could've been a tad more non-PC.

26th Feb 2013, 14:52
David Allen Coe's Underground Album (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Underground_Album).

You might (or might not) like to peruse the track listing. Posting it here would get me a life ban.

26th Feb 2013, 15:25
Half the good Aussie comedy wouldn't be allowed on TV now IMHO.
Or not before 10 pm :O

Some great clips above, thanks :ok:

Rather be Gardening
26th Feb 2013, 15:43
ramble on, thanks for the Mr Gormsby clips. Have just ordered the series 1 & 2 DVDs as a result. Brilliant :ok:

4th Mar 2013, 10:29
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