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22nd Apr 2002, 19:21
You're all going to love this one! Well, it'll give everyone a chance to let off some steam....

Daily Mirror - Saturday 20th April
Brown in 50,000ft Concorde Terror
Panic as engine fails

Gordon Brown was involved in a dramatic air scare yesterday when a Concorde engine failed and the plane plummeted 20,000ft.

The Chancellor was on a flight to New York when the supersonic jet experienced major mechanical problems and plunged from 50,000 to 30,000ft.

Passengers gripped their seats in terror as the alarmed British Airways captain alerted air traffic control. But Mr Brown stayed ice cool despite the panic.

etc, etc, etc
This was accompanied by a graphic depiction of the plummet - with the text..
1) Concorde was cruising at 50,000ft

2) A power surge in one of the engines caused the plane to plummet 20,000ft before the pilot regained control and landed safely on three engines.:rolleyes:

22nd Apr 2002, 19:30
Well it's true. Airplanes do plummet when an engine fails. I've seen it in the movies, straight into a nose dive as soon as the engine fails.

And who left three engines on the runaway anyway?.

22nd Apr 2002, 19:32
Makes good headlines doesn't it?

It just would not look the same if they told everyone the try that Concorde cannot maintain 50,000ft on 3 engines and has to descend....

On another note I notice that no papers have asked the question of WHY he was on Concorde when he could have taken a cheaper subsonic flight.

At least now I know what my extra taxes are paying for....

Gary Williams

22nd Apr 2002, 19:35
Why did the crew not ask him and some of the other passengers to state their view piont on something. The EURO/ Increased TAXES/ etc.
The hot air produced would more than make up for the lost thrust.
Walking freight always a pain in the neck, to much paperwork.

El Grifo
22nd Apr 2002, 20:04
Look on the bright side.

Had it been Good Ole Duncan Donut flyin in Concorde, goodness knows what kind off mess would have been left to clean up !!!

From the Flipside


22nd Apr 2002, 21:35
Cue for the old gag ?

" I say Carruthers, is adrenaline Brown ? "

Who knows, who cares ?


Keep the blue side up !

brown trousers
22nd Apr 2002, 21:47
Thought this thread was about me for a minute. :p

Only exciting thing that happened to me this weekend was a free sample through the door from 'Bodyform' and thats no feckin use to me!! ;)


23rd Apr 2002, 00:22
Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and Alastair Campbell are all travelling to an EU junket on Concorde. An argument breaks out as to who is most popular and would therefore make the best Labour Party Leader and therefore Prime Minister.

Tony Blair says

"I'm already PM, but to maintain my popularity I'm going to toss a few fivers out the window to the people down below"

Gordon Brown says

"Well, I would have been Labour Leader and PM if you hadn't stitched me up you bastard - but I'll soon fix you - I'm Chancellor and can afford to toss some 50's out the window to make myself even more popular than you"

Alastair Campbell pipes up

"I'm the one who got both you ungrateful bastards into power, so I should be PM. However, just to ensure my popularity I'm going to toss some Railtrack Shares out of the window"

The Captain, who had had enough of this childish nonsense and couldn't help overhearing this argument seeing it was conducted at full volume, turns round and says

"Tell you what, I'm going to make myself extremely popular and toss all of you ******s out the window!"

23rd Apr 2002, 00:28
Hey you have forgotten to mention the sound effects, usually something like the wind driven siren mounted on Stukas.:D :D :D

23rd Apr 2002, 08:18
HA HA HA....
Oh my. Is it Comic Relief Day again? :D

23rd Apr 2002, 09:20
Wonder how many taxpayers had to be milked all year to pay for the Spendmaster General to go on this junket ?

They'll be putting 40% on the QNH next.

Apologies for repeating myself but it's definitely time for a change of Tone.


Tricky Woo
23rd Apr 2002, 11:16


23rd Apr 2002, 12:07
What starts off as a laugh at the usual Fleet St sensationalism and its relationship with all things winged inevitably turns into a right wing diatribe.
How it must really p#ss off the higher-rate tax payers to see a populist non-tory government doing well- with sound economic policies which are providing a good standard of living for many Brits.
I know theree is still much to do NHS, railways etc.. but these are things that have been neglected for decades and can take decades to sort out.

I suspect many of the previous respondents are the same Daily Mail/Telegraph rabble who are currently hounding our national football team manager for having a slight attraction towards a "busty swedish blonde"-( What hypocrisy, I suspect there are few heterosexual males who would'nt do the same if given the chance!!!!!)

Or is all of this anti foreigner/government stuff is because it is St George's Day

-----no some people are plonkers 365 days a year!!!!

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

(I will now stand back and await the rabid responses- ha ha )

brain fade
23rd Apr 2002, 17:50
Have you got Tonys hand up the back of your shirt?
Spare us for fecks sake!

23rd Apr 2002, 21:47
My, aren't socialists touchy these days! Well, wouldn't you be if your political beliefs were following communism and all those other"isms" down history's plughole.

Fancy a quick riot in Paris these days, Frahzm?

24th Apr 2002, 00:00
It's o.k. having a pop at the 'Mighty One', but half way down (a minor drop) the B****r dreams up a 100-400 (per earner) National Insurance hike!

Bl**dy H**l, guys and gals, keep it smooth up there for our political wonders. Any more 'slight chop' at Fl290 and income tax will hit 30% !!

24th Apr 2002, 09:51
Back to the thread,

Serves you right for buying the Mirror in the first place!

In fact it serves you all right for buying any papers, they're all [email protected] Full of lies, half truths and invention.

It is obvious from the utter political drivel that has been posted on this thread, and others, that all pruners have been suckered in by one politically biased rag or another.

What's the matter, scared of finding the truth?

Try and look beyond your own selfish, xenophobic, political upbringing, (my dad voted labour/tory so I am too).

All papers are garbage, just because you have several hours everyday, (when the autopilots is switched on) to read them, does not mean that you have to!

The truth is out there but it aint in fleet street. :mad:

I am going away now, the nurse has summoned me..........

Tartan Gannet
24th Apr 2002, 10:11
What a load of absolute ball***s! I do wish that newspapers would engage someone with a little bit of aviation knowledge. All we need is that dreadful "Gasring" woman to write an anti Concorde article.

Anyway, surely if Gordon had prayed the hand of Tony would have materialised in the sky and lowered Concorde and its pax safely to the ground, or was HE busy walking on water at the time or feeding the five thousand?

So what REALLY happened. One engine has problems, aircraft descends to a lower altitude. No injures, all the training of the crew comes into play with efficiency and zeal. The aircraft proves what a good design it is by coping with this event. Had Gordon Brown NOT been on board then I doubt it would have gained more than a column inch on page 25 next to the "knicker nicking vicar" story or the likes.

24th Apr 2002, 10:21
Aren't PPRuNe politics wonderful? Nobody likes Tony Blair except the electorate!

The latest opinion poll shows that seventy-odd percent of electors approve of Brown's strategy, and even a majority of Tory voters are in favour. But on PPRuNe? Not a chance.

Does solar radiation affect the sensible bits of the brain, making aircrew swerve to the political Right?

24th Apr 2002, 12:11
Well Frazhm, possibly the reason that this turns into an anti Tony discussion is that pilots tend to be educated people and don't just think what their tabloid tells them to think.

Double hurrumph

24th Apr 2002, 13:35
pilots tend to be educated people

Can we have a poll on that ?

24th Apr 2002, 14:58
Frazhm, you can hardly describe the current government as 'non-Tory'!

El Grifo
24th Apr 2002, 15:27
I am no great supporter of Senor Blair, although I think he is doing a reasonable job in difficult circumstances.

If my confidence in his abilities looks like fading a bit, I simply hark back to the gloomy days of conservative government when practicaly every tory politician had his/her hand in somone elses pocket and scandals both homosexual and hetrosexual were a weekly occurence.

If I really start getting twitchy, I hark further back to the "heydays" of the failed Mrs Thatcher, with her discredited policies of privatisation, the destruction of industries which were sacrificed on the alter of ideology, the hugely expensive and failed Poll Tax experiment, her sacrifice of the coal industry in favour of "clean" nuclear power.
and on and on and on. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - at which point I pour myself a beer,and realise that although things aint perfick, at least they are movin in the right(sic) direction.:cool:

Send Clowns
24th Apr 2002, 15:39

Another of bizarre interpretations of statistics, churning out the Guardian line! The survey said that 70% approved the increase if there was a commensurate improvement in the NHS and other core services. However 80% thought there would be no such improvement, so I make that a gand total 14% approval of the policy.

Now I don't claim this is really a valid calculation, being far to simplistic. However it is not nearly so simplistic as your interpretation, so likely far closer to the truth, and illustrates thefun jurnalists have with 'statistics'.

Send Clowns
24th Apr 2002, 15:42
El Grifo, drifting gradually away from reality, thinking that Thatcher and her proven policy of privatisation failed, when really they saved the country from accelerating economic decline and the butchery of far-left trade unionism ...

Mixing the small handful of junior Tories involved in minor corruption (selling questions in the house!) with the blatant selling of influence and policy (1m for a major policy shift) by cabinet ministers, the PM and the Labour Party itself ...

(can't see howsexual impropreity on either side affects ability to govern, but if you want to see it in New Labour, look on Clapham Common)

Then thinking a PM with a 170 majority, inheriting a stable, prosperous economy is in difficult circumstances ...

What planet are you from, Grifo?

24th Apr 2002, 16:00
President Blah has preached to us through his barely siffled smirk for long enough.
Paying 40% (whoops, 41% soon) when you earn it, a bit more in the unlikely event that you are able to save it, then another 80% if you have to spend it at the pumps is bad enough. But when you find that money that you had to earn, goes on a Concorde flight for the Spendmaster General you don't have to be a Tory to be pretty outraged.

El Grifo
24th Apr 2002, 16:15
Senor Clowns says:- El Grifo, drifting gradually away from reality, thinking that Thatcher and her proven policy of privatisation failed, when really they saved the country from accelerating economic decline and the butchery of far-left trade unionism ...

Send Cowns drifting gradually away from reality even faster,
Remind me my, silver tongued friend, why it was, that dear margaret was unceremoniously Dumped by her acolytes, if in fact she was the wonder woman you describe her as being. :confused:

Tartan Gannet
25th Apr 2002, 00:17
Now here's a funny thing. U_R continues, as a good member of the New Labour Party, to harp on about how his Leader is so liked by the electorate. With no credible opposition it hardly surprising. Secondly, I wonder if he has the same enthusiasm for the electorate in France who have shown such support for Le Pen?

I will be interested to see how the Local Elections shape up on May 2nd here in much of the UK. I'll be watching the Liberal's vote this time with interest to see if they supplant the moribund Tories.

25th Apr 2002, 02:20
TG/Hovis, Spot On!

SC it's obvious which conservative party you support but how do you tell the difference. Presumably you go for the one with the most sexual deviants.

How on earth did we go from Concorde to this???????????????

25th Apr 2002, 04:44
Because Gordon Brown saved everyone from certain death thats how! If the pilot had contributed anything useful it would have just been another boring aviation story...

Through difficulties to the cinema

25th Apr 2002, 07:35
El Grifo - the poll tax, which works very well in other European countries, (e.g. The Netherlands), is a very fair tax on the individual users rather than per house. If you have a house with four wage earners in it then they pay four sets of tax, one little old lady pays once, this is fair given that the services provided do not increase with the size of the property.

The riots that greeted the poll tax were some of the most violent ever seen in the UK and were highly organised by a whole variety of dubious organisations with widely varying agenda.

The UK labour party were against the tax because a large number of the people who would have paid any such tax for the first time, either rates or a poll tax, were labour supporters and such a tax went totally against the labour party's perception of a welfare state that keeps voters captive.

What the poll tax did lack was a lot more research and information being made available to the general public.

And now a short pause before we get another dozen versions of, "What the Poll Tax Really meant"!:D ;)

Tartan Gannet
25th Apr 2002, 08:49
In theory the concept of the Poll Tax was fair enough had it been properly applied but like many of these ideas the Dogma got in the way of common sense.

The first problem was the high annual cost. Had Education, Social Services and Police Costs been moved to CENTRAL Exchequer costs, that is paid for by National Taxes, then the residual annual tax would have been something reasonable such as about 50 or so a year for each adult, working, individual. A pound a week, not a lot. (Im fed up to my back teeth with the "Little old lady wheeled out by the Tories. Many "Little old ladies" are very well heeled indeed and those that arent got benefits to help pay the Rates in the old days. Some families with working children were very poorly off being on low wages.)

Instead the flaws were that the most expensive items as above were part of the bill and people, usually those in the lowest income brackets, were hit with bills in the region of 250 to 300 EACH. What was worse was that there was absolutely no relationship between ability to pay and the amount of the tax. The low wage earner with 3 kids and a non working wife in a council house paid the same as the similar very well paid executive in a lovely 4 bedroom detached house in "Nob Hill". At least the Rates had some connection with the value of the property as does the far more satisfactory Banded Council Tax which replaced the Poll Tax.

If there is any guiding principle about non sales taxes in the UK it is that these are related to ability to pay by the individual.

Thatcher's Poll Tax was inspired more by political dogma than any economic sense. She was warned by various bodies that it would not work, but insisted in bringing it in , against the advice of many of her own Party. It was no accident that it was first imposed in Scotland, an country which even then 1990, was tombstone territory for the Tories.

Poll Tax proved to be the end for Thatcher. It was enough to make me change my political affiliation after many years to what was then still the Labour Party, in the years before Blair made any impact on the Party (I am now a member of NO political party). Across the Political Spectrum, from the architypal Bedsit Brigade of the Inner Cities to the Knights from the Shires as in West Oxfordshire it was universally hated. When Major won the Tory Leadership and became PM it was no accident that one of his first actions was to announce the scrapping of the Poll Tax. Tory fortunes in the Polls shot up from then and he was to go on to narrowly win the 1992 election.

Hubris comes before Nemesis, and the arrogant Poll Tax was to prove that punishment for Thatcher.

El Grifo
25th Apr 2002, 11:31
Thats the way I see it mr gannet.

It was a lousy tax, it failed, it was helped to bring down thatcher and it was dumped. Pure and Simple.

Like me, you are an expatriate Scot, who had a year more than most people to think about the Poll Tax.

For others who had less time to consider the tax, here's what the consequences were.

At the time, the tories held only 9 out of the 72 seats in Scotland, so it was an ideal proving ground for the tax. Oddly enough, after the tax, their holding went down from nine seats to seven, then from seven to none. In a funny sort of way, we Scottish think the experiment was worth it, we got rid of the most unpopular political party Scotland has ever seen

I cannot speak for the protestors south of the border, but in Scotland, there was no such thing as protests "organised by a whole variety of dubious organisations with widely varying agenda"
There was simply a knee jerk reaction by the majority of the population, which brought normal, every day working and retired people out on to the streets. It really unified the country.

I, along with a bunch of seven or eight friends (Upper working class, lower middle class, semi professional, non politically affiliated) for those who need a reference, organised our own protest.

It was along the lines of "Can pay won't pay" It consisted of bill posting, handing out leaflets on the weekends etc, until the first of the visits by Sheriffs Officers to the homes of people who had not paid, started. Things changed a little then. The purpose of the visits was the removing their property for Public Auction. Naturally, they always picked soft targets, working couples on low wages with three or four kids, who had not a hope in hell of paying.
It was quite a spectacle to see the distress on the faces of the kids, when the most valuable of their worldly possessions were carried out of the house into the waiting van, to be whisked off to auction. It looked like something out of Charles Dickens or George Orwell.

At that point, we resorted to more direct action and set up a phone line, available to anyone who was being visited by the sheriff officers. When we got a call, normally from a pay phone on a small council estate or some rural area, whoever was available would roar of to the location and try and reason with the Officers, take a few pictures, cause a general commotion which was usually spotted by passers by and neighbours, who would join in and swell the "ranks" In many cases the operation was abandoned, the family kept most of their possesions and the word spread.

Naturally, and true to form, within weeks, I myself was targetted.
when the Sheriff Officers showed up, they were unable to show me the correct documentation, so I denied them entry. They forced entry into my house and started noting my possesions for valuation purposes. With the help of a neighbour I hustled them physically from my home, (bear in mind they had no legal right of entry, their documentation was flawed), it was being done on the cheap.

Within half an hour they were back with the police.

The police were very reasonable and understanding and reluctantly agreed with me, that the Officers were not entitled entry with the documentation they had.

To cut a long story short, there was a extended Court Case which received national press and TV coverage (it was the first of its kind in Scotland) which concluded with my being Admonished.

The upshot was, that the documentation the Sheriffs officers were using was a Blanket Entry Warrant, which in Scotland is invalid. To continue with this kind of operation, a seperate warrant was required for each and every visit they made. The cost of this was prohibitive, the visits of the Sheriffs officers was abandoned. No more Auctioning took place in Scotland.

Funnily enough, when it was all over, I tried to take proceedings against the Sherrif Officers through the Courts, (with the support of the police I may add) but that was step too far.

Thats my little story abut life under the The Thatcher Regime in Scotland during the Poll tax experiment.

When my future Grandchildren ask me one day "What did you do in the war Grandpa"

Dum de dum de dum de dum - - - - - -

Anyway, what were we saying About Concorde again ???

You want it when?
25th Apr 2002, 13:30
Well the Poll Tax made a heck of a lot of sense - payment for services used rather than abilty to pay. Why should I pay more just because I earn more? Or can afford to live in a bigger house? Can you image the fun at the supermarket...

CheckOut: Thank you sir, that will be 67.45
YWIW: Right Oh
CheckOut: I note you have a gold card, that means you're rich, the bill is now 95

Oh yes I can see that going down really well.

Agreed the poll tax failed. It failed because the lousy scumbags who are too thick to get a real job, and think that they deserve something for free, those who take take take realised that their gravy train was coming to an end. TINSFAAFL

Look, now you've upset me. All IMHO of course.:rolleyes:

El Grifo
25th Apr 2002, 16:00
Here's me thinking that VITRIOL was something you put in the tank of yer moped.

I take it your Political Leanings are somewhat to the, Eh, Right YWIW
Could be wrong, its just an inflection I picked up in your text.

Quote :- Agreed the poll tax failed. It failed because the lousy scumbags who are too thick to get a real job, and think that they deserve something for free, those who take take take realised that their gravy train was coming to an end. TINSFAAFL

Correct me if I am wrong. Whilst I agree that every western country has its share of perpetual unemployed, it has long been accepted that that is one of the by-products of capitalism, it simply goes with the territory.

Thatcher's policy of closing down mines, shipyards and the heavy industries to make britain "leaner and meaner" was bound to create a large pool of unemployed. It is not rocket science.

To refer to the end products of this policy as "lousy scumbags who are too thick to get a real job" is, for the sake of politness, a tad innacurate.

We are all different in our views and outlooks, but pure unbridled bigotry never real got anyone anywhere.

You want it when?
25th Apr 2002, 16:19
Er... good point, it does sound a bit right wing.

I didn't mean a pop at the "Unemployed" but those who do not apply themselves. In as you say any society there will be those unfortunates who are unable to find work due to their own circumstances. There are also those who refuse to work as it's a bit too difficult to find a job, and marginally easier to survive on state handouts. There are also those who beg on street corners (A recent survey found that in Birmingham the ones in the centre were making 200 a night over the weekend!).

Re-reading your post - I fail to see how you made the mental leap from "scumbags" to those who lost their roles when the country was forced to rationalise. You blame Thatcher for the closure of the mines and steelworks. So you are saying that you (or perhaps someone else) could open a coal mine in Corby and make it a financial success, thereby giving employment to the ex miners there.

But I fail to see why for the same services I should pay more just because I applied myself in my chosen career. A penalty for success surely?

And a bit of pure unbridled bigotry is refreshing in a world gone mad with PC. :rolleyes:

El Grifo
25th Apr 2002, 17:08
Nice one YWIW,
I usually find on this forum, that if you disagree strongly with somone's point of view, you get bombarded with personal insults.
You had the decency to avoid that.

I also have carved out a career for myself. from humble woodcutter to globetrotting photographer. I have never forgtten where I started and have always tried to defend the corner of the not so fortunate.

I love to let off steam on the forums, sometimes for real and sometimes tongue in cheek, simply to flush out the bad guys.

As for PC, well need I say more !!!