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21st Feb 2013, 22:52
I took Cherokee Juniors mk1,2, and 3 there on Monday. Mk 1 (Boy, Aged 7) loved the place and can't wait to go back. Mk 2 (Girl, Aged 5) thought the same (!!!). Mk 3 (Aged 2, and therefore only able to dribble, rather than express an opinion) just laughed a lot. And filled 2 nappies (Diapers to the non-English speaking friends over the Atlantic).

We did the "Concorde" experiance, and met the most amazing lady. She was almost crying with the passion she felt for Concorde, and British engineering. I suspect she was ex-Crew.

We also saw a test BAC 1-11. I choked up telling the kids that my father may have been part of the team that built the plane, as he worked in Hurn Airport in the early 1960's. It made for some interesting conversations about the Grandad they never met.

Funny how bits of Aluminium, people that give a sh1t, and a great day out can make you into a sentimental old s0d. Going to bed now, the bottle of Tiger beer has obviously had an effect.


21st Feb 2013, 23:38
One of the best pieces I have read on flying was by an American journalist writing about his experience of sitting in the cockpit of a Spitfire at an air show in the USA.

He described what it must have been like for young men going to fight looking at the cockpit panel that he saw in front of him. Then it struck him, that for many young men, the last thing they saw in their life was a cockpit panel similar to the one he was looking at. It struck me as describing the horrors of war very succinctly.

22nd Feb 2013, 06:54
Brooklands is a great place, there's something there for everyone mechanically speaking and the staff really do love the place which shows through. Visiting thoroughly recommended, especially when the sun shines :)


22nd Feb 2013, 07:12
great struff cherokee driver,

i took a war bird loving friend there, he about filled 2 diapers when he saw the wellington (in his 40's)

and there's a mothercare just down from MBW, if you require a nappy restock.

Alloa Akbar
22nd Feb 2013, 07:14
CD - Thanks for posting, am down that way visiting my kids this weekend, might head on in there. :ok:

22nd Feb 2013, 07:38
CD - Thanks for posting, am down that way visiting my kids this weekend, might head on in there
The track is beginning to seriously deteriorate unfortunately. There are signs saying don't climb the backing, but ignore them. Get to the top, try to stand up and then try to imagine doing 143 mph a couple of feet from the top as Cobb did in the Napier Railton (which you can see in the museum). The track was designed for a max speed of 100mph - they probably couln't imagine going much faster in 1907, so at 140+ the car will be trying to leave the top of the banking. Cobb described it as being like "seeing how far one could lean out of a window without falling out, and therefore somewhat risky".

There are several films of cars going over the top, including the famous one of Dunfee in the Bentley, that show how dangerous it was.

22nd Feb 2013, 09:45
When they fire up The Napier Railton, one can feel it from over a hundred yards. A great day out.

22nd Feb 2013, 10:02
I've posted about Brooklands elsewhere. It's the most wonderful day out for young or old, male or female. Adjacent is Mercedes Benz World which is also fantastic. We often go there just for a meal and a wander.