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20th Feb 2013, 22:03
The Train now Departing is available on BBC iPlayer... all six parts
Very nice... IF you like Steam Trains. [I do] :ok:

21st Feb 2013, 10:24
Thanks for this, Chiglet. For those of you outside the UK who are, like, me, unable to access BBC iPlayer, I subscribe to a file sharing site called The Box, from which you can download UK TV programmes, including, in this case, The Train Now Departing. The Box is only available to private subscribers and it is free but to gain access you have to be recommended by a current subscriber. I am able to so recommend, so if anyone is interested, write to my private mailbox.

21st Feb 2013, 10:45
also some episodes on ewetoob.

tony draper
21st Feb 2013, 10:50
Thanks Mr C, great stuff.:ok:
Here's a link to the page.
BBC iPlayer - The Train Now Departing: The West Highlander (http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p011v806/The_Train_Now_Departing_The_West_Highlander/)

21st Feb 2013, 16:56
A VPN will get you the BBC from anywhere you like

Milo Minderbinder
21st Feb 2013, 17:43
shame about the colour washout in the West Highland video. I wonder how many other old BBC films are affected

21st Feb 2013, 18:46
A VPN will get you the BBC from anywhere you like Indeed it will but I always feel a little uneasy about going down that road. I do have the software but have never used it. In any case, The Box is a lot more fun.