View Full Version : Did Computer section go the way of Agony Aunt???

19th Feb 2013, 11:45
Funny tonight I was thinking about asking to resurrect Agony Aunt, without giving any thought to the moderation required.....or for that matter having any reason to post anything in AA....

Anyway Jnr Fliegs has a new phone, and he's tossed me his old "Samsung Galaxy ACE" I really don't use phones for much more than being a way to contact people if I need to, receive a txt etc. but I did used to enjoy being able to record the sweet sound of radials etc. and use them as a ring tone...that option doesn't seem to be apparently available on this model phone??Any far more tech savvy that I ppruners know the answer....:confused:

19th Feb 2013, 11:49
Nope, it's right there, where it has been for the last, oh, ten days or so.

This thread could have the unique distinction of being moved out of JB

Ancient Observer
19th Feb 2013, 12:10
ask away at the computery threads. Lots of Samsung "experts" there. Even BOAC and I have learnt to make them work.

Reading the instruction manual may or may not help.

Lon More
19th Feb 2013, 13:19
with the increasing number of personal attacks I see JB going te same way as AA unfortunately.

19th Feb 2013, 13:22
Personal attacks :eek: What have I missed? Linky please!

19th Feb 2013, 13:33
It was the Gay gunmen on horseback thread

19th Feb 2013, 13:43
It was the Gay gunmen on horseback thread Ah, right. I wouldn't dare stick my nose in there.

19th Feb 2013, 15:17
>It was the Gay gunmen on horseback thread <

Was that anything to do with horsemeat burgers/lasagne/bolognaise etc?

Or is the answer to that 'Neigh'?