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bar fly
18th Feb 2013, 20:41
Ooooh, first post on the app!

Anyhow, I'm looking to buy a bottle of Middleton Very Rare whiskey - made by Jameson. Ideally in a store in Manchester. I know there's a load of whiskey lovers on here, so any help would be great. I could get it online but need to have it delivered before Friday...

galaxy flyer
18th Feb 2013, 20:47
If that's a question, yes, please.


18th Feb 2013, 20:50
bar fly, I wish you luck in your quest. If all else fails, try Pippa.

18th Feb 2013, 21:17
Tell me more please - of the Middleton :ok:

bar fly
18th Feb 2013, 21:22
Thanks, I've tried many of the Britons protection's collection, however I'm after a bottle rather than a taste! Do they sell by the bottle?

Cuefaye, this is a limited edition whiskey made by the Jameson distillery. A set number of bottles are sold every year and its tremendous. Would be happy to spend around £100.

18th Feb 2013, 22:04
It sounds splendid - can you send me a bottle to try please? ;)

Um... lifting...
18th Feb 2013, 22:24
One believes the whiskey is a single d, while Pippa is a double d.

Many find both to be lovely.


18th Feb 2013, 23:12
Pippa is a double d
Must be shome mishtake, Shirley?

18th Feb 2013, 23:15
I have toured the Midleton Distillery in Cork, and left with my head out the sunroof accompanying The Pogues on the car stereo at max volume*. Marvelous place, great whiskey.

*Mrs F3WMB-at-the-time kindly (and indeed wisely) drove. and that was them and me both at max volume. I have fallen a long way from grace with God, but boy was it fun


Tower Ranger
19th Feb 2013, 07:16
If you have access to any airport duty free there is usually plenty in there. Failing that I'd recommend Busmills 21year old as a very suitable replacement.

bar fly
19th Feb 2013, 08:03
I'm going to try a few of the department stores and specialists today, and failing that I'll have to trust one of the online stores for quick delivery.

19th Feb 2013, 13:37
How far are you able (read prepared) to travel to get it? I know they have it in Schiphol airport. Yes I know that sounds daft, but a cheap flight over there and you've got it.
Alternatively, there's a wonderful whisky shop in Covent Garden, that has a fantastic range of old and rare malts. Could be worth a trip down to London too.

I can't think of anywhere in Manchester that would specialise in rare whiskies, but that doesn't mean to say there aren't any.

19th Feb 2013, 15:01
These people have it, and can do next day delivery

Midleton Very Rare : Buy Online - The Whisky Exchange (http://www.thewhiskyexchange.com/P-5792.aspx)

bar fly
19th Feb 2013, 17:31
Thanks everyone. KWM wine and spirit had it on stock so I ordered it online today and paid a little extra for 24 hour delivery. Total cost £112 so I'm pleased with that. I hope it is well received and that my friend likes to share his birthday present!!!

19th Feb 2013, 17:38
Was going to suggest Selfridges as they have a good selection - but I see you have sorted it.

Ah, The Britons Protection, got to be one of the finest pubs in England...


Milo Minderbinder
19th Feb 2013, 20:00
If you'd fancied a day out, Byrnes at Clitheroe may have had it -they usually do.
One of the best ranges of spirits and wines you'll find, the shop is like entering something from early Victorian times
D. Byrne & Co - Spirits (http://www.dbyrne-finewines.co.uk/spirits)

bar fly
20th Feb 2013, 15:56
Thanks Milo, that place looks great.

DW, sadly Manchester Selfridges doesn't sell alcohol any more, and Harvey Nichols next store didn't stock it either. Thank the whiskey gods for the internet!

bar fly