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18th Feb 2013, 11:43
Good Life - I trust it was Richard Briers 1934 - 2013 RIP

One of the few men that I've envied (Felicity Kendal Aagh!!!)

PZU - Out of Africa (Retired)

18th Feb 2013, 11:48
Very sad news.

18th Feb 2013, 11:48
Very sad indeed.

I really enjoyed The Good life.


18th Feb 2013, 11:54
He was also a rather fine Shakespearean actor. RIP.

Big Tudor
18th Feb 2013, 11:56
Checked his biography on Wkipedia. One hell of a varied repertoire. Playing Tom Good (Good Life) and Hector McDonald (Monarch of the Glen) on TV (and a number of other less well-known roles). Narrating Rhoobarb & Custard (kids cartoon) and voicing Fiver (character in Watership Down). Playing various roles on stage in Shakespeare and George Bernard Shaw plays and a number of radio productions.

Always came across as a man who was enjoying life to the full. Will be sadly missed.

18th Feb 2013, 12:10
Was gutted to hear about this just now.
Not a lot of thirty-somethings knew his name, but his voice was on so many children's programmes when I was a kid and as an audiobook narrator, he was one of the best!

A sad day.

Cyber Bob
18th Feb 2013, 12:11
and never bleated about his smoking contributing to his condition, Emphysema. A gentelman's gentleman

18th Feb 2013, 16:04
I was never a great fan until I heard him saying in an interview that he disliked the Tom Goode character he played in The Good Life and that he would move house if he had to live next door to him. Mark of a good actor to be able to play what was to him an unsympathetic character so well.

Never much of a Barbara (Felicity Kendall) fan, but Margot - mmmmmm!

tony draper
18th Feb 2013, 16:40
Likewise Mr Tanker, big fine lass was Margot.
I remember him as Bardolf in Henry V.
Salute Mr Briers.

18th Feb 2013, 17:04
A real loss to the entertainment world where his talent shone.

Something else I like(d) about him was that he never whinged about the effect smoking had on him. Doubtless there will be some seeking to capitalise on it though.

18th Feb 2013, 17:20
Oh crap :(


18th Feb 2013, 19:43
Never hugely rated him as an actor until he played Sir Clixby Bream in an episode of Morse ... he was so malevolent and creepy; quite, quite scary ... and that, I thought was a true mark of a fine actor - I forgot it was Richard Briers acting.

Probably best known for his least best roles ... a sad loss to our screens.


18th Feb 2013, 20:29
R.I.P. Richard. Thanks for the memories.

18th Feb 2013, 21:14
He appeared at Mid-somer too, and in the oft' forgotten 'Ever Decreasing Circles', with Penelope Wilton, among others.
RIP Richard.

18th Feb 2013, 21:34
Interesting resumé:- The secret of my Good Life? 50 years of marriage and being paid to hug Felicity Kendal! | Mail Online (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-229847/The-secret-Good-Life-50-years-marriage-paid-hug-Felicity-Kendal.html)

19th Feb 2013, 08:29
Like many here I was a kid when "The Good Life" was broadcast and loved the show. As Whirlygig brought it up I saw that episode of Morse he was in and couldn't believe how sinister his character was - he was much older then of course but it was hard to imagine who I saw as Tom Good in the 70s was that evil character in a Morse episode. Brilliant actor and all round good guy.

I saw him live in a show in London in the early 80s. It was a school English lit trip to watch George Bernard Shaw's "Arms and the Man". He was brilliant and made me actually study the play for once. He actually forgot his lines at one point and had the audience laughing with a quick joke about it. Wish I could remember exactly what he said...

I didn't realise he was ill and it's a real shock to learn he's gone.

19th Feb 2013, 09:46
More tribute:- BBC News - In pictures: Richard Briers' life and career (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-21497174)

19th Feb 2013, 10:31
I have the complete set of 'Ever Decreasing Circles' and even after watching them numerous times they still make me laugh. A much better series than 'Good Life' imho, and Richard Briers was fantastic - anyone who can make a 'jobsworth' character symapthetic has to be a great actor.

19th Feb 2013, 16:47
Whatever I might once have said, or ever uttered mostly spontaneously together with suitable expletives after watching many of Richard Briers' performances in a BBC comedy program etc., that is all now between me and him. I don't really believe he's currently looking down at all of us now "from above", seeking praise or recompense either. What is the point after all of expressing anything "after they're gone and no longer able to appreciate it...?!"

However, I wish I'd had a grandad / uncle etc. like him. Might have changed me whole life.