View Full Version : Thanks to the PPRuNe Tech Crew! (PPRuNe on new server)

PPRuNe Dispatcher
21st Apr 2002, 12:47
After much gnashing of teeth, biting of fingernails and vicious swearing when I found out the ISP had installed the wrong version of the database software, we're back online.

The new machine should be able to handle about twice the load of the previous machine. In practical terms this means we shouldn't have to upgrade the hardware for another 12-18 months or so... :cool:


PPRuNe Dispatcher
21st Apr 2002, 12:48
Oops! I haven't told Danny yet!:o

22nd Apr 2002, 12:10
Serious PPRuNe withdrawal symptoms developing over the last 48 hours!!

Thanks a bunch for all your hard work. Much appreciated.


22nd Apr 2002, 12:11
Well done Mik. Many thanks for spending lots of time doing the upgrade. It is very much appreciated, it really is. Thank you.:)

22nd Apr 2002, 12:28
I'll drink to that!:D

Hersham Boy
22nd Apr 2002, 12:52
Hurrah! No more "server too busy" notices at lunchtimes!

Good work, fellas


Tricky Woo
22nd Apr 2002, 13:02
What colour's the new server?


PPRuNe Radar
22nd Apr 2002, 13:05
Bright dayglo pink. Flaps 40 chose it.:D

Biggles Flies Undone
22nd Apr 2002, 13:25
A big round of applause to all the hard working chaps and chapesses who make this wonderful site happen.

Feeton Terrafirma
22nd Apr 2002, 13:30
Is it just me or is this thing SO MUCH QUICKER??

Well done Mik!

22nd Apr 2002, 14:15
Dunno if the new server is actually faster or not yet ... time will tell I guess. But I gotta say that, anything that Flappie has anything to do with has just GOTTA be good! Hence my use of her favourite colour, in her honour! :D

And thanks for all yer hard work Mik! Well done!! Feel free to celebrate yer birthday a second time -- but DO try to NOT take soooooo much time off work in future, huh! :D

22nd Apr 2002, 14:16
I'm already drunk to that...:D

DX Wombat
22nd Apr 2002, 14:22
I agree. Unfortunately most of my drink got spilled I had the shakes so badly. fortunately I had used what little common sense that had survived and it was only a coffee. Cheers! :D :D :D